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 posted in Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic on Mar 31, 10 5:44 PM
MargieB wrote:
turbotoe wrote:With due respect to the BFG crew, my walkthrough is sooooo much easier to follow and understand. It's good that they finally have one on this site, but man some of theirs is so crazy and unneccessary.

I'm not sure which version of the game you used to write your walkthrough but I just want the players to know that if they PM you for your walkthrough several areas will be inconsistent with our version.

The Big Fish Games version of the game varies from the retail versions of the game.


Margie B

Well Margie,
from looking through the posted " walkthrough" the only differeces between the store bought game and this one is, 1 you've added a few extra H O scenes ( which is nice), 2 changed the cominations on the coffin and locker, 3 changed a few minor details such as in the store game it is scissors in the hidden compartment, a bamboo stick instead of lipstick (which makes no sense at all) and just a couple other changes.

Basically the game is the same. With the extras that were added, I see why it took longer to get the game available on here. Reguardless, I'm happy it is here. I just want people to know the difference between our walkthroughs.

I appoligize for the confusion. Mine is designed for the store bought game.
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I personally enjoyed this game. It is much better than the 1912 Titanic game. I got throught the entire game, both endings in no time. It has its quirks as far as reasoning to some of the tasks, but over all a good game.

I spent months trying to get this game posted to here and to gamezebo, finally both are available. I built my own walkthrough for this game, since there isn't an actual true walkthrough available for the PC version. I see now that someone else also put one together, that is a little more confusing than mine, and has extra unneeded steps. However I am glad to see one posted. Mine was finally posted on gamezebo, after weeks of trying to get it on.

I think this is a good game for beginner **** players, who like to think to solve problems. It is also lacking in **** games and mini puzzles, like most other games, but does have a good story line.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic on Mar 31, 10 12:22 PM
candyman31144 wrote:cant get the bird to take the lipstick. I am on my hour trial. and I am running out of time

It's not lipstick, it is a bamboo stick. You need to click one leg of the bird first to get him to raise it, then click the bamboo stick on the lifted lag, then click the other leg to get him onto the bamboo.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic on Mar 30, 10 10:59 PM
pysanky13 wrote:The demo just cut off while I was trying to get the combination to the crate. I looked at the walk through and would really like to know how you got that combination. The conversation overheard through the mirror said the lady used her birthday-month, day and year. there is no way 16 is the month of July so the code put the day first, then the month and then the last 2 digits of the year of her birth. This seemed a total misdirection. did I miss something? I would really like to know as I usually can figure things out eventually and of course knew it was July right away and just needed to find the day. tia

The conversation said if you took the number of letters in the month times itself you would get the number, July = 7th month 4 letters in the month name 4X4= 16 and the year was 67, so combo is 71667
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic on Mar 30, 10 10:06 AM
With due respect to the BFG crew, my walkthrough is sooooo much easier to follow and understand. It's good that they finally have one on this site, but man some of theirs is so crazy and unneccessary.

Mine is posted at another site,PM me to find out where, if you can't figure out where that is.

If anyone would like mine, let me know. I will help anyone who needs it still. Just PM me and ask.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic on Mar 29, 10 12:31 PM
I see they finally decided to get this game here, WITH walkthrough. After I was told that I couldn't put mine on here. Oh well, it's still the same one. Now we just need you to put up Whitehouse also. Thanx BFG
 posted in Hidden Mysteries - Civil War on Feb 11, 10 7:33 AM
thecox wrote:I just bought this game for PC. And I am unable to install it at all on the computer. I have Windows XP & follow the instructions but nothing is working.

thecox, I also had this problem when I first tried to install it. I found out quickly that since it was very slow loading, almost seemed to be frozen, that I had to shut down my spysweeper program and load the game, then restart the spysweeper program. For some reason there was a minor glitche between the two. Once the game was loaded, everything worked great together.

If you have a similar program, try this and see if it works.
I have also started a discussion for this game to help people with hints and walkthrough. There is no walkthrough available at this time for the PC version, but I am in the process of trying to build one. Unfortunately it is not currently listed under the alphabetical listing, but you can search it on the chit-chat corner or PM me and I will answer, if need help.
 posted in Slingo Supreme on Feb 3, 10 7:21 AM
I see many good high scores posted, but lets add to this. How many spins were these high scores done in? My first good score was 393,720,700 in 12 spins, which didn't last long as I was beat out on that shortly after BY A SIX YEAR OLD!!! who had 393,928,900 in just 10 spins. My new high since that is now at 852,922,900 in just 6 spins. I love watching that score climb when it gets into the whole mad bouncing slingo routine. This score was done with devil protection, joker cells, reel nudge, instant slingos, power shots, super multipliers, bouncing slingos, and hard patern. Had 34X multipliers when finished the card in 6 spins.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Titanic™ on Jan 31, 10 8:14 PM
the box that you opened to get the tweezers out of, you need to close the lid and use the tweezers to open the false bottom. The small button on the right side of the box.
 posted in Slingo Supreme on Aug 14, 09 8:12 AM
I personally have found that trying for this award it best to do it in the classic mode and not worry about the score. Start by trying to leave BOTH diagonals at first start, then worry about just one. It CAN be done without leaving a diagonal, but it really takes mostly pure luck on this award.I got real frustrated at this award the first time through, and took hours to get it, but the second time through, I got it in under an hour.( about 45 minutes to be more accurate) Quit out many times when got a slingo and restarted hundreds of times, but got it.
 posted in Slingo Supreme on Aug 14, 09 8:03 AM
I love this game, all the little mini-games with the devil, the power-ups, it makes this game fun. Especially when you get the powershot, instant slingos, and bouncing slingos. The points really rack up. My only wish to this game is that I wished it had a powershot slingo, one that gives you a slingo in 2 directions of a powershot pick.
 posted in Mystery P.I.: The New York Fortune on Mar 15, 09 9:39 AM
I have been playing these HO games since mysterycase files huntsville first came out. Have everyone of them in that series. After playing RTR, I was like others and figured I would be disappointed by others I tried. This one was a fairly good game. It reminds me a lot of the early MCF games. I like the spot the difference mini game, ( I loved doing these when I was younger). I was however disappointed i the fact of the mondain repetativeness of the scenes.Considering this sounds like a latter sequel to other PI games, it kinda let me down on this fact. My biggest complaint was that ANNOYING hint pop-up, when your trying to look for several objects to link click for higher scoring. This should be allowed to be turned off. Overall though I liked this game. I think it will be a good learning aide for my 5 year old nephew.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 24, 09 12:16 AM
Well considering the way the game scene ended, you could go with something like Ravenhearst Rebuilt, Victors Revenge. The manor itself may have went up in flames, but not all the underground areas would have, plus there is always the lighthouse and cottage that could be used also. Remember lighthouses are used in horror films and games all the time for this kind of stuff, and it does have a LARGE power source for such a plot.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 23, 09 11:58 PM
I absolutely loved this game. It was challenging, but not bad if you pay attention to the fine details and reread the journal alot. I can think of several different ways for the sequal game to go. I just don't know where to give my ideas to. Any help is cool. I have all the MCF games from start to finish. Love them all. My 5 year old nephew is getting into them and liking them as well.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 23, 09 3:28 AM
Both of these puzzles I have found work differently on different speed computers. The wack-a-troll works better on slower computers, the memory tile match works best on faster. On slower comps, the wack-a-troll plays slower and allows you to make the 100 points to win and get the coin for the telescope. However on the slower computer, the tile match game doesn't reload tiles fast enough to make the matches in the alotted time. I am trying to find a pattern for the tile match to help on slower computers.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 23, 09 2:36 AM
I have this game on different speed computers, I like to play it on each one, but with the slower one, the memory match puzzles has the problem. Is there a set pattern to them? I can get through fine on the faster comps becaus of the reload ability when tiles flip, not on the slower one because the second pick either doesn't show or just dissapears when a match is made. On tthe slower one I always run out of time due to this.
If there is a set pattern to this puzzle where can I find this cheat? This is the only one I have trouble with on the slower comp. ( it's the whack-a-troll on the faster, it's to fast. hahah)
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tigerlover1947 wrote:I too am having an issue with the "memory" door. Not only do some of the tiles turn white, but on occasion when a match seems to be made one of the tiles locks and will not turn again. HELP!

Try playing the game on a different/ faster computer. This happened to me the first time I played it, I put it on my laptop and it never happened again. The slower the processor, the slower the puzzle plays and reloads. The second tile of a match may show white or not show at all.
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prpldva wrote:
nantyglyn wrote:I've been doing fine until the matching puzzle. I thought there weren't any timers in RTR! I cannot possibly do the whole matching game in one minute, especially as it keeps turning and you have to wait for it to stop. Is there anything I'm missing here?

I had to do this one several times. At first I didnt realize that it was timed, until it ended. I freaked when it turned the first time.

I have found that different computer speeds make a difference on different puzzles. With this one in particular, I had to go to my laptop to figure it out since it was a faster processor. I tried it many times on a slower one and couldn't get it in time because the second pick would not show the picture. I went to the faster laptop, and got it first try, before it changed/moved the first time.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 23, 09 2:10 AM
I love this game. I have found with this game that depending on which computer I put it on, some locks are harder/easier to do. The faster the computer, the harder some of the puzzles are, while others are much easier. The slower the comp is, the easier the puzzle. I have this game on 3 different speed comps, and go from one to the other just to figure out each puzzle. I love it.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 21, 09 1:16 AM
Belive it or not, this was actually one of the easier ones for me. It is all in a manner of looking ahead of yourself. Also note the puter jumper wires, these are important. I actually wound up going around the inner area first, zig zagging as I went, then with the aid of the jumper wires at the right time, was able to complete this puzzles in about 10 minutes.
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