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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 14 5:10 PM
I think that one is in their dreams or just wishful thinking . I haven't seen any of the new eggs ........yet .
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 22, 14 5:23 PM
There is no way for me to do 30 a day not having to go to the same HOS 2 or 3 times with an hour wait between now I have to go to the DICE TABLE twice at 12 diamonds each and I only have 12 . all of this is to win THE FIRST ACHEIVEMENT . I finished the new flower achievement pick 1st. 20 flowers in 60 minutes , 2nd . 20 more to make 40 3rd 60 to make 100 . I got 3 Diamonds .It seems they slowed down the morphing for this but when I finished the morphing speeded up .
Yeah , I have to agree , it's another way to try to get us to spend money we don't have .That's why I work 5 days a week and I'm still broke .
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 22, 14 4:50 PM
I was a bit surprised with this new update I got food that I really needed and did not have . I hope they fix your problem .
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 22, 14 2:00 PM
My guy is MECHANOLE the ENGINEER . He makes PET MEDALLIONS to craft the new pets with and it looks like we are going to lots .
Sorry Ladies , but SKULL PETE STILL DOESN'T LOOK LIKE Will Turner
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 22, 14 1:46 PM
Yes , I have . My guy has 4 quests 2 to the RAVEN'S STONE , 2 to the BROKEN CARRIAGE and looks to be 12 hours on the timer . I get 50 coins and 2 PET MEDALLIONS when completed .
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 14 11:37 PM
Hi ! I have a Dragon egg if you want to trade I play as JOEY 73232
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 14 11:05 PM
Ya'll could try updating your browser . I was having this same problem e-mailed CS , no answer so I updated my browser now it works fine I do have a glitch with the flowers and no coins lost 110 coins and 55 flowers .
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 14 2:34 PM
The only tip I can give on Market Master is to buy the items you need . If you need to open the ROAD SIGN and you need a Styx Charm and you have 3 diamonds you can buy it by pressing the plus button by the charm . You have to buy a certain number of items to get the first trophy . The next trophy you have to buy say 100 , actually you only have to buy 92 . I buy items when I have enough most items are 3 or 5 diamonds unless you are buying from the Lab then the items are more . Don't buy from the Lab if you don't have to.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 14 2:09 PM
Sometimes the rewards change , but the last few times I have sent it off I have gotten the same item Pink Piggy food and a rare stamp
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 14 5:25 AM
If you have quests to complete you can use those as part of your crafting achievements , also . That is what I did to complete my 10 and I may do this to finish the achievement .
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 14, 14 3:37 PM
I do have a glitch . When I collect the flowers and the coins are suppose to come down on the screen they don't and I do not get the flower count or the coins this has happened about 10 times now and again today I've lost 100 in coins and 50 flowers .
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 14, 14 3:03 PM
My flowers are reddish pink with yellow centers . Yes, I have had eggs on the wheel and I have won 2 Emerald Dragon Eggs , Manticore Egg ( hope that's spelled right ) . and a Flopped-Eared Puppy Egg . I live in the U . S . , TUCSON , ARIZONA
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur on Mar 17, 14 10:31 AM
You didn't say if you found and clicked on the shield . I found it on the outside of the cabinet on the right side when you close the door .
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur on Mar 17, 14 10:04 AM
Inside the castle on the right side of the screen is a picture click on it , take the hammer from inventory , hit the tail of the Dragon . One Obsidian Claw . :
 posted in Brickshooter Egypt on Mar 3, 14 9:01 PM
Shoot and undo until you get the color you need . There are three bricks to each row EX : RED , BLUE , GREEN shoot RED if the one behind the GREEN is not GREEN UNDO shoot RED AGAIN . Do this until the color you want comes up . There are 8 different colors . Red, Blue Green , Yellow , Purple , Black , Brown , and White . If , you win and play the game again these are the only colors you get no matter how many times you play this game . I know this because I've played it about 10 times and will probable keep playing .
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix on Mar 3, 14 7:21 PM
Go to the windmill it's between the 2 large stone steps . Take the steps on the left , there are 2 doors you want the very top door .That is the Laundry Hope this helps , TOOTLES
 posted in Cursed Memories: The Secret of Agony Creek on Oct 22, 13 7:58 PM
Hi ! You will also need to insert the electric switch into the track switch station . That is the yellow building at the back and on the right side of the screen . place the switch in the slot on the right side of the panel
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