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 posted in Wild West Chase on Feb 7, 18 11:20 PM
Can you tell me what I'm supposed to do on the level that is called "BANDITS"? I just see 2 guns that fire when I click but there is nothing to fire at!
Found it! Be patient. Because the hint charger ends, the mouse disappears but will reappear slowly again.
Still can't find the mouse. Is he behind a rock or in a tree?
 posted in Les Misérables: Jean Valjean on Apr 2, 16 11:55 PM
I've gotten to a puzzle where all they tell you is to put the jars in the right order to get Fontaine's medicine. I tried by the color of the tags as well as by the numbers. I would appreciate any help with this.
The achievements have an award for finding a gold crown in all HOP. I cannot seem to find even one. The Guide shows where Smithsonian symbols are, Fact Cards and Morphing Objects but no GOLD CROWNS. Hmmm. Is this a mistake or am I just blind?

 posted in Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune on Oct 20, 14 1:27 AM
I'm having trouble with that too. I'm pretty sure it is in the 1st scenes. She is in the aquarium in the 2nd room but I can't find the treble clef key and how to work the mechanism to lift her out of the tank.
 posted in Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure on Jul 1, 13 8:05 PM
Just finish the game and my question is:
How does one acquire a "Quick Bonus" and a "Time Bonus" if there is ONLY RELAXED mode? It seemed a game more suited to beginners.
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