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 posted in Wanderland on Dec 30, 14 3:20 PM
If you are going to create a game and have it on your web site you might make sure it is playable.
Not spoil game.
I got to a point in game where have to open a new area.
You need certain items to open it.
In order to get the items needed you have to play another area that needs 3 keys to open it.
So I played the area you get the keys from.
Short story after 2 days still did not get what wanted.
No problem most hog free to play games are similar.
The problem I leveled the area I was playing to level that has a timed mode of 1 min I managed to get thru it once with a hint and 4 sec left I am not new to these types of games play found awakening agency 33 midnight castle.
You might want to fix this as soon as possible or remove from game site.
 posted in Toy Defense 3 - Fantasy on Jul 18, 14 8:53 PM
found the game somewhat easy on normal working on hard then again im tower defense hardcore and played both other toy defense as well as the free to play
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 27, 12 8:25 AM
nvm i counted wrong
but the pathfinder achievement
will not complete is it a bug
or do i have to do something else
to complete it
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 27, 12 6:54 AM
how many are there
reason i ask is that i have an acheivement award
that says open 15 areas
but there are currently only 14 on screen
do more open up as you level up
and if so at what level
 posted in The Promised Land on Jul 12, 12 2:51 PM
nice game i enjoyed it a little short finished in like 12 hours worth the money beats 4 hour hogs
 posted in LandGrabbers on Jun 4, 11 11:06 PM
i am enjoying the game if you like this try king mania
 posted in Magic Life on Mar 7, 11 10:50 AM
yes i know
but if click on your opponents in the game
they are moving closer the red ribbon while i am not moving
you have to see the screen to understand and play a couple days game time to see it
not a big deal still enjoy game just do not like not knowing
best score25990
 posted in Magic Life on Mar 6, 11 1:41 PM
still do not get this one played past final duel and next quest is have fun
if click on other characters there is a checkered flag with red ribbon
was trying to get most expensive items
tried singing dancing etc
tried fighting in the tournaments
still the other characters are beating me
anyone this far into game with advice?
 posted in Magic Life on Mar 5, 11 3:56 PM
nice game enjoyed it been through to first place twice now nice variation from life quest
question about the have fun quest at the end was playing for awhile just getting some the more expensive items
notice the other characters seem to be getting closer to finish
but what do you do to have fun ?
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 13, 11 1:18 PM
nvm was bug had to log off and back on they work again
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 13, 11 9:49 AM
i have the eagle and got it fairly early in game as near as i can tell they show up randomly still waiting on 4 of mine
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 13, 11 9:42 AM
i know you need one of the god powers
and i have ? about trophies as well
one in particuliar the start fire 50 times is this even possible
every time you start a fire it lasts 10 hours on fast
is there a way to put the fire out
or do you have to play 500 hours
if so the last trophy is right
as well are the twins and triplets still random
or is there a way to get them
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 13, 11 9:33 AM
have completed all the puzzles but one do not have the lake one do not have the energy to do
was waiting till last hut was built and was working on trophies and
refilling the food with blossom
and find that my god powers no longer work
did i do something wrong
is this a bug in the game
or what?
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 9, 11 4:50 PM
not for beginners to virtual villagers not much for tutorial or help played demo
will most likely buy as have played all others
but first impression was made for fans
if was not familiar with vv would have been lost
 posted in Behind the Reflection on Feb 5, 11 2:13 PM
i have heard that it is short
it is not short
it is far to easy a game
well done graphics interface story
it is just that it is not a high level hog
it is for newer players to hogs and games like this
expert players of hogs can go through in 2 hours
but still a really well done game
at least not hunting for Asshaash shovel
 posted in A Girl in the City on Feb 2, 11 6:47 AM
gotta be in my top 10 worst games list
 posted in Westward Kingdoms on Jan 17, 11 1:03 PM
yes but you have to click a few times on the stone i got six messages that char was not strong enough
 posted in Westward Kingdoms on Jan 17, 11 1:01 PM
had same problem only solution i found was going back to a save point
then i clear all blight and spread 4 seeds out over the area not where the audrey was
not sure if a bug or that i just needed to spread the seeds farther apart
 posted in Westward Kingdoms on Jan 17, 11 12:54 PM
finally found it
it is not attack an eggplant farm
it is employ a dragon your own at a eggplant farm
right click on a eggplant farm when you have your dragon selected
and then dragon destroys the the farm and dragon fruit appears
took forever no idea why i never right clicked
 posted in Westward Kingdoms on Jan 16, 11 1:43 PM
k3 is full of glitches this is you first
there is no reason you should not be able to build other buildings
start with stone mine south of castle
where you find duke
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