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 posted in Egyptian Settlement 2: New Worlds on Jun 30, 15 9:37 AM
Just thought I'd let other know, since I couldn't figure out how to collect food, how to do it. Or in case anyone like me also that thinks there must be some sort of glitch because the little guy disappeared and workers, nor collectors won't gather food.

First you have to hire a worker to live in your main house and collect rent. After you have 20 gold I believe? You have to hire a collector. Then once you have 50 additional gold. Click on the button for building. Then click on the arrow, hire an explorer. He's the one you send to disperse the fog, and gather food. Took me forever to figure that part out and it makes the game so much more enjoyable when you know what you're doing.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 15 6:05 PM
I have played it with several combinations of flowers and always get over 1400 and no diamond. So it definitely has to be a glitch.

Edit: BTW I've also tried it on different levels of difficulty as well.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories on Jun 23, 15 11:24 PM
I just don't understand why we're getting them in this order? Shouldn't True Love have been next since we're working our way backwards. I understand since they just released Home Sweet Home we probably will not get it for awhile, but we completely skipped True Love and went to Childhood Memories.

01)Delicious: The Winter Edition (We don't have)
02)Delicious: Emily (We don't have)
03)Delicious: Emily's Tea Garden (We don't have)
04)Delicious: Emily's Taste of Fame (We don't have)
05)Delicious: Emily's Holiday Season (We don't have)
06)Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories
07)Delicious: Emily's True Love (We skipped)
08)Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding
09)Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise
10)Delicious: Emily's New Beginning
11)Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home (New release.)
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Jan 2, 15 3:43 PM
Now bring us them all Big Fish, you can do it!
 posted in Family Vacation 2: Road Trip on Sep 2, 14 12:10 AM
I cannot get the game to play in Windows 7 all I see is a little bigger than an icon one else is having problems getting it to run in Windows 7?
 posted in The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler on Jun 12, 14 10:06 AM
That's because you place them on their Roman # in order beginning with Rudolph, then II then III then IV then V, etc.
 posted in Ballad of Solar on Apr 22, 13 12:48 PM
I love, love, love this game. I wish it would have been about 30 more levels. I enjoyed the story line, the characters, the graphics, the voice overs fit the characters. I have 0 complaints about this game. I tried it last night and ended up buying before my trail was over and played almost into the morning! I don't mind going back to repeat what I did to try and get all the stars. I'm sure I'll play this game over and over.

It's a perfect game for those who do not like click frenzy games, the only clicking you do is to send your workers or character to do what they need to do. You can mouse over to collect what you did or go on to something else and do nothing. It will collect and count what you did without you doing anything...On frozen levels I moused over on other levels I just kept working and it collected and counted every food, wood, stone, gold without me doing anything.

ETA you do have to collect on the special items you get from the crates, as well as the water and fish after you collect it. That's it.
 posted in Ballad of Solar on Apr 22, 13 12:41 PM
lym_1609 wrote:You will get RSS of your finger with this TMG. U had to keep clicking, eg after chopping a tree, u need to click the wood. But cute characters, likeable hero, GREAT hand drawn grapics, good storyline

Similar buildings like wood, water, stone etc, with berries for food, or mill. Added fun like fairies, trolls, evil creatures?

I love it, except for the clicking thingy. Download to decide, but worth a stamp or worth buying at least. There are 2 modes, casual and hero, both with timer. So bummer for older ppl who cant click fast. Quite a lot times, they need u to follow some instructions and I think the timer is freezed at that point

This game is not a click frenzy game. You mouse over everything and it will pick it up. The only clicking is to send your workers to whatever they need to fix or pick up. You don't stand there clicking on them and you don't even have to mouse over what they chop it will count it...
 posted in Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess on Feb 18, 13 6:08 AM
Well this is a nice President's Day. I got 70+ dollars worth of games for 30+ thank you for the buy one get one free BF. Plus finally a new TM worth playing through from beginning to end. I didn't want to stop.

This is an adorable little game the makers of Royal Envoy had to have been involved with somehow. I made it through 8 levels in the allotted trial period. No problems getting the little sunshine at all. I am not a click frenzy person in the least. I would suggest that levels 6 through 8 you follow the tutorial, then restart the level and skip the tutorial it was tight there a couple of times and I definitely had to follow my own advice on level 8. You don't have to double click on everything. One click you're done, other than once you're done selling at the market you have to click on the money and wood you make from the sawmill. I really, really like that! The workers and donkeys don't cost an arm and a's just a really cute game you can relax and enjoy. If you don't make the sunshine you don't make the sunshine no big deal, you're just prettying up the throne room mostly with new coats of paint or wallpaper. If you just have to have that upgrade you can go back and do it again, but you can still continue on after the timer and in the game...I'd say if you really enjoyed Royal Envoy, My Kingdom for the Princess or any of those type of games give it a try.

One thing I did have it closed the Game Manager before it started the game which surprised me.

Edit to add: Don't forget to upgrade your castles to a stronghold after level 8 you'll need those extra donkeys and workers you can get with it.
 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Sep 3, 12 9:27 AM
Once again the little dance at the end of each level still tickles me. I like that we don't have to click on the coins and stones they go straight into our inventory, although I've found myself clicking on them several times for fear they wouldn't count. (Old habits die hard) The graphics are wonderful, and the music didn't seem to bother me I didn't even realize I hadn't turned it off when I stopped to go purchase. I've enjoyed this entire series and would recommend them to anyone who asked me about them.
 posted in A Gnome's Home: The Great Crystal Crusade on Jul 19, 12 12:12 PM
Thank you to the game developers for updating the game to allow us to continue on in it. I've purchased it.
 posted in A Gnome's Home: The Great Crystal Crusade on Jul 10, 12 10:20 AM
As a click-a-holic I do not mind timed games. TM's are my favorite. However, I will probably not be buying this game. The timer is very unforgiving. I would challenge the developers of this game to sit at a table all of them and play this game and show us after level 5 they can get gold with time to spare. After level 10 they can get silver, and after level 15 they can all get bronze. Without having to repeat the levels several times. I'm willing to lay odds against it. Unless you take the exact path the person writing the game did you're not going to get gold after the first 10 levels, and I'm willing to bet they even shaved a few seconds off his time.

I had to replay levels several times after level 5 to get gold and right now even my hand hurts. It's a shame too as this game had great potential. It has all the improvements we've been asking for in all the games. The big one being not having to send our workers to collect supplies.The graphics are why then did they do away with the one thing we enjoyed/praised about many of our favorite TM's? Allowing us to continue on even after the time ran out. To go back and beat our own scores...I think they should go back and tweak the game if they expect to sell it to a lot of TM players. Or I can see even those who've brought the game getting frustrated and tossing it to the side no matter how nice the rest of the graphics are, or the game play is.

Edit:To correct.
 posted in Youda Jewel Shop on Jun 27, 12 3:02 PM
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 posted in Shaban on Jun 19, 12 10:48 AM
I tried the game it's not for me. The graphics are adorable. Seems like a cute story line sort of an Aesop Fable. Wasn't too hard to solve the clock puzzle, although I did have to use a hint on one thing. I could not find the last hand to the clock. I'm going to leave it for now though my grandchildren love these types of games so I'll let them finish up the demo and decide if we buy it. It's a no for me, but they out vote me a lot on the games I try but have no desire to buy, and how can I resist.
 posted in Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales on Jun 6, 12 11:32 AM
Never turn down a build a lot game, and an adorable one to boot. No way can I pass it up. I play these games over and over and over. Purchasing.

Edit to Add: Does anyone know why BFG's still hasn't gotten Build A Lot Monopoly? I purchased it from the main site and lost it and my receipt because it wasn't on my back up when my PC crashed last year. It was my favorite although now I think this game will give it a run for fav's.
 posted in Campgrounds on May 9, 12 1:28 PM
HatesTimers wrote:I Then I tried setting my resolution to 1024x768, and the game Loaded!

Thank you that worked. Now how hard would it have been for someone form BFG's to come and tell us we have to reset our screen to 1024 in order for the game to work.

Which is also the reason it was trying to hog so much resources it was trying to resize the screen and couldn't.
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 27, 12 7:58 PM
Persephone77 wrote:I have uninstalled the game until BFG releases a copy that isn't maliciously running in my background! The only way to get it to end process was to completely reboot my laptop. Not even logging off user accounts worked. The fact that it was using about 500k of memory after I attempted to end it tells me something is definitely wrong here. Not everyone can have out of date drivers. Where there is smoke a fire usually isn't far off. It's an awesome game I'd like to see it fixed. Thanks

It's funny that you say that because I don't believe it was my computer at all causing the problem. I believe it was Malwarebytes blocking it. I hope they didn't try and install a root kit with their program. I don't believe they would, but I'm going to test my HD anyway. I also noticed when I did a task manage out of it there were two running applications Campgrounds 500 megs of ram. and Campgrounds barely using any ram. Why would a 100 meg program need a dedicated 1/2 gig of ram? Plus additional ram. I think for now although I would love to have this game, I'll hold off till someone figures out what is going on with it.
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 24, 12 11:47 PM
I'll try disabling Windows Aero, I know all drivers are up to date as well as Shockwave and Java. I play facebook games so have to keep everything up to date. Although it bothers me that I might have to disable something to make a game work...
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 24, 12 11:36 AM
I hope they figure it out soon too. I would love to purchase this game. It would probably work on my main computer, but I also like to put these type of games on my laptop so when I'm out of town I can play them. i don't keep a lot of games on it because it's just an 80 gig hd. This type of game though the entire family can play and enjoy so they're the best to put on it. With me going out of town every week I lunge at these types of games when they come out. I'm going to try to re-install it again. Wish me luck

Edit to add: I have vista on the laptop and 7 on the main PC. I just realized people are also having problems on windows 7.

2nd Edit: It did not work. Some sort of dos box pops up and it just jerks across the screen flashing. So I have to task manager out of it.
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 24, 12 4:26 AM
All I'm getting is little black box that pops up, then the screen flashes continuously. Then I have to use the task manager to end the process. Checked for driver updates. I have the latest.
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