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 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 18: Explore New Colors on Jan 11, 17 10:33 AM
Like the purple!

Agree with others that a timer should at least be an option.

As for me, I don't need to chase time, nor require hints or sound. Wouldn't mind if it was a bit more difficult.

As Valkara said, "...It's nice and relaxing...." However, since I only play to pass time, it's cool enough for me. My favorite of nonograms.
 posted in Elven Legend 3: The New Menace on Jan 1, 17 11:50 AM
Game freezes on level 7 for me, even after starting the level over repeatedly, just freezes at different points. 2017 and the game still has issues.
 posted in Dark Parables: Goldilocks and the Fallen Star on Dec 26, 16 12:08 PM
Question: If the Review thread is locked, how are we supposed to post our reviews?
 posted in Dark Parables: Goldilocks and the Fallen Star on Dec 26, 16 12:08 PM
Question: If the Review thread is locked, how are we supposed to post our reviews?

Edited to add: Something is seriously wrong with this/these forums. I posted ONE time, and it shows up twice.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules VI: Race for Olympus on Dec 18, 16 10:55 PM
Level 4.3. When the unlimited people are used, game freezes and have to run task manager to close the game.
 posted in Clutter VI: Leigh's Story on Dec 11, 16 1:28 PM
Thought I'd play the game a while, play my favorites a couple times through, before I answered.

I like most of the games, just not always enough to play all that is supplied, and then of course, my favorite, of which there is never enough. I like the new variations, too. I love being able to move pieces away when playing take 2, leave one. Sometimes one piece would get buried in the old style, and one would never be able to complete the game without starting over. So moving the leftover pieces is good.

I love doing sliders. Are there enough? Never. But I do have some comments about the sliders in this game. Book pictures. I just don't get that section at all. I mean, why is it even there? It feels like enough pictures of things couldn't be found, so let's put in things that were used to make the game. So there are pictures of drawings. And pictures of notes. And I'm here to tell ya, some of the sliders just don't hack it. Some are not puzzles anymore, just an exercise in moving pieces around. I like puzzles, not something that I just have to move around until they fit. There are a couple puzzles that are typewritten pages, and there is no way that it can be "puzzled" out - they are in out of focus blocks that just get moved around. It's not a puzzle.

And I was very glad to read the boxes and color of dots explanation in another thread! What I'd like is simply a place I can see if a puzzle has been finished or not. Pick up there and go for it. But no, I need to decipher colors of dots. I still don't know if I have completed a puzzle or not, if it picks up where I left off, or what!

Are the games unique? Yes. Are they "mostly" fun? Yes. But with these items of disappointment (I won't detail any other examples) of my favorites, I doubt I'll be buying any more Clutter games. I'll enjoy what I have, but that's it.
Well, while it may be fun for some, it's not fun for me. 5 minutes into the game I had to find jewels. With some, a rock had to be moved. So, you have to figure out which rock, which item needs to be moved to find the jewel. But then, you are penalized and can't move your cursor because you were clicking too much! What one has to do is You can't just click click click! I have better things to do than try to find out which objects move and which don't. It also seems pretty picky on just where on an item you can click and actually have it work. I clicked on one gem 4 times before it selected the item. Not for me - no buy.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six colors in Wonderland on Aug 28, 16 2:07 PM
While I like the Fantasy Mosaics games and really prefer the relaxing one color at a time format to the all colors at once one, it feels like this one was tossed out to fill the request for more colors without any real thought to it. Most of the puzzles that have 5 or 6 colors in this one just have one or two spaces to fill with the "extra" colors like a blue space for an eye or a brown one for a nose. There are no puzzle elements to these, just an extra grid to fill in the blank. Seems rather unnecessary to me. I'd rather just have 3 or 4 colors and have real puzzles than a "fill in the blank" grid just to say there are more colors. I don't think FM 16 is up to the standards of the previous ones.

I couldn't agree more! Not only do not all the puzzles not use all 6 colors, the ones that do more often than not have only 1 or 2 blocks with the 5th and 6th colors. Some even do it with 3 of the 6 colors. I just finished one level that had mostly 2 colors, the rest (5 colors total) only had a couple in each.

Yes, it looks and feels like they just put in a couple to get the game out and to satisfy 6 colors. Nah, ain't gonna do it for me. Sorry I bought it.
 posted in Elven Legend 3: The New Menace on Aug 27, 16 5:16 PM
I was looking forward to purchasing this game, but III seems to have some issues. Level 3 freezes on me. Cursor is floaty if you don't use the system cursor.

Sorta sad because I find it a fun game. However, it appears the same issues that plagued the CI still gives this one problems. In the Collectors Edition 17 was level 17 that broke the game for me.

So, while I find this a fun time management, it's a no buy for me. Even at 60% off.
 posted in Elven Legend 3: The New Menace on Aug 27, 16 5:13 PM
Game freezes on level 3 for me.

However, for those having issues with the cursor - if you remove the fancy cursor in options, it sometimes help to make the cursor more manageable.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six colors in Wonderland on Jul 9, 16 12:34 PM
Wow - I was ready to buy #16! I'm glad I read the posts here - I immediately went to try out the other suggested nonograms. I downloaded a sample and tried it with all the colors at once. That makes a HUGE difference! And in my opinion a bit more of a challenge. Could be just because I'm not used to playing them in that manner, or it could mean they really are a bit more challenging. I suspect a combination of both. So I'll finish my sample hour on that game, as well as on this #16. I may have to get both!
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six colors in Wonderland on Jul 9, 16 12:22 PM
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 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 14: Fourth Color on Mar 30, 16 11:00 AM
Well, this isn't good. I thought after 13 there would be no more purchases of this game series for me. It was getting boring with only 3 colors. Now, here we are with a 4th color (and it certainly took long enough to get it!). Yes, it takes a bit of concentration with the 4th color, and that's good. I'll buy it, have fun with it, but -- it's still a mind numbing game! How do we get so addicted to these?

We still get the same pictures in the end - for example, a tiger but with more colors. I'm sure as I work my way through the puzzles (at least I hope!) we'll get different subjects than in previous puzzles. I agree with mrm2006 stating: "...regurgitated game play....", and I would also like being able in the future to use these gorgeous backgrounds as screen savers, or even wallpaper. Since I don't play with sound, I do not have an opinion on the music.

On the more positive side, it keeps those logic cells working in the ol' brain. And speaking of logic, I wonder who gets better scores - male or female. It is well known that men tend to use the logic side of their brain more than the female, and the female uses the more artistic side of the brain. Of course females have what is "right," while males just have what's "left."

It is certainly a buy for me. Yay! it's a sale day!
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 13: Unexpected Visitor on Feb 17, 16 1:38 PM
I was looking forward to this next griddler. While I enjoy working a puzzle, these are starting to get a bit old. The reason for "was" is because I was hoping that for the first time they might actually listen to their customers and make one with 4 colors. Might make it a bit more interesting, and even a little difficult. For the first time I may actually not buy this griddler.

 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Jan 10, 16 10:14 AM
I purchased this game some time ago and thought I'd give it another go for a change of pace. While the last time I played it there were issues with it (pieces not being credited after collection, wrong pieces instead of what they were supposed to be, etc.) I was glad to see in the forums here that there was an update to the game in January 2015! Yes - I'd certainly try it again.

Alas, there are still issues. While play of the game proceeds much like the previous two Hercules games, it is saddening that there are still major issues with collections. For example: On level 4.5 there are numerous places to collect food and gold. Only 2 places to collect wood - and one of those gives gold, not wood.

There is only 1 bush to collect food, in spite of the fact that there are at least 4 locations that food is supposed to be distributed, but in fact all give gold.

Bottom line is, only one bush in the whole level gives food, and one location gives wood. Everything else gives gold. Waaaaay more than what is needed.

This would be a good game for whiling away a couple of hours, if it weren't for the poor design of giving what is supposed to be different supplies. Would I purchase another game that were to follow this? Absolutely not. Would I recommend it for purchase by anyone? Absolutely not.

Thumbs down on all accounts.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature on Jan 2, 16 7:32 PM
Hmmmm. And still we wait. I think it has all been forgotten, and screw the purchasers.
 posted in Rainbow Mosaics: Christmas Lights on Dec 23, 15 9:30 AM
While this is enjoyable to while away some time, it doesn't hold a "Christmas light" to Fantasy Mosaics.

You can basically do much of the same, (STILL) with only 3 colors. I'd certainly like to see someone ramp these mosaic puzzles to 4 colors.

One thing that is different is that you cannot drag your cursor across columns and rows to mark columns/rows as not filled. I sorta like that option.

On the positive side, when you scroll a row or column, the number shows - in the color you are using! So if you are marking a blue square, the number shows up in blue! As well as the numbers at the top and sides indicating the number of spaces to be filled. So on the left horizontal or the top vertical you will see red, yellow, blue, or whatever color the square to be filled in is. I really like that idea. It helps one to remember, "Oh, I'm filling in red, not blue..."

Still, the Fantasy Mosaics seem to pull me more to completing their puzzles. It feels easier to move around the board. Best idea is to blend the two games! (And start using 4 colors!)

 posted in Tasty Blue on Nov 30, 15 9:31 AM
@ Demiguise: No, it is not like Feeding Frenzy. This is just aimless feeding of one fish eating another fish. At least in Feeding Frenzy you have goals. See my review in the Review Thread.
 posted in Tasty Blue on Nov 30, 15 9:27 AM
This game doesn't even last 2 minutes for me. I can see where children would get bored with it very quickly. Same thing - over and over, eat smaller fish, jump out of the fish bowl and shazaam! You're in the ocean. Again - eat, nothing else to do. And, if you position yourself just right, you don't even have to move - the fish just keep coming and you sit there and eat them up. Don't even have to move the mouse!

I do NOT recommend this game.

 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 10: Time Travel on Oct 10, 15 5:53 PM
To Bribling: Yes, there is a relaxed mode. Once you assign yourself a name and go to the first grid it asks if you want relaxed or not. If you mean whether you can save a grid no, but there is no timer.
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