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I, too, have purchased and played MCF games for a long time. I have been playing "Escape from Ravenhearst" for several days now and miss the the excellent art work and challenge of the hidden objects. The occasional morphing panel is fun, but I find this game to be overloaded with morphing panels and short on the truly hidden objects in drawings. The preponderance of morphing scenes makes this a tedious wait-and-watch game. Because I have always enjoyed MCF games, I trusted this one to be of the same format. It's my fault for trusting "Escape" to be in the same format. Wish I had sampled it. I wouldn't have bought it!
Juliesgames wrote:I have played games at Big Fish for a long time and have anxiously awaited the newest MCF game. Didn't even try the game, bought it right away. Unfortunately,
this game is a huge letdown. Do not like the morph part of the game AT ALL.
I don't know about others, but I prefer the search and find. Just not up to par with previous MCF games. Wish I hadn't purchased.
I'm having the two identical problems.
sjbrite wrote:When I used the metal detector I would find the right spot, shovel would dig the hole, but in two of the holes I didn't get the coins. The hole beside Cooter's and the hole beside the Cottage. The thrid hole by the tavern gave me the coin and the 20th card.
In the third novella, I have completed all tasks through cutting the branch into smaller pieces. However, I cannot pick up the stick; and when I click on hint (with the close-up of the cut pieces, the message appears that there is nothing to do.
Ditto on the safe! I've done everything, dialed numbers correctly numerous times and NOTHING HAPPENS. No SKIP option, either, no matter how long I wait.
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