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 posted in King Arthur on Sep 27, 10 10:24 AM
Same here.

moreagaara wrote:I can't even get into the game's welcome screen; all it does is make my screen flicker like it's *trying* to do something. It makes the resolution change and occasionally fills my screen with black with the usual "about to start playing" thing.

I lack the patience to sit there for 20 minutes or more while my screen does nothing but flicker.

Also, on the whole turn off your antivirus thing? No, not going to work.
 posted in King Arthur on Sep 27, 10 10:23 AM
me too.

jkuci wrote:I have downloaded the game 3 times and get no further than the welcome screen.
I get the devs and BFG splash pages and then the game welcome page but then nothing else develops. I get the impression it might just be super slow on my computer.
No main menu of the game appears with Options and does not ask me for player - just welcome screen with the sword in the stone.

It just goes no futher than the welcome and stops.

Some orchestral music - no voice.

Nothing else......

Its too bad because, based on the comments, it sounds like something I would like - lots of story.
 posted in Alice in Wonderland on Mar 20, 10 11:41 PM
 posted in Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases on Jun 2, 09 9:58 PM
i'm booted out at the same point as well each time. Very irritating. Won't be buying this one.
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