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 posted in Egyptian Settlement 2: New Worlds on Jul 1, 15 9:55 AM
lym_1609 wrote:

2) What happen to link to forums? NO BFG "decided" internally within their own staff that they needed to "teach" fishes how to type on their searches. Thus u now have to search for forums, NO MORE LINKS to forums
Anybody irritated about that? You need to report an issue, click on forums to read reviews/read about other fishes issues/solutions coz u ran into issues yourself. What happens? Oh yea, first click on Game Forums from BFG drop down menu list. Then TYPE OUT at least the first few unique names for that game. So imagine if its a series? OH boy u even have to either type more not just eg "Dark Parables" but also the ENTIRE title of that game. If not, prepare to scroll up/down trying your eye's best to scan and search for that games forum

The link to the game forum is up at the top of the white description block. There's a Facebook share button, a Google share button, a Tweet button, then a Get Game Tips link (just click on the words} and a Gift This Game link.

 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 17, 13 7:31 PM
I haven't had any new quests since the ones that happened with the new island. None with this Christmas update. Am I missing some?

I'm not meaning the timed quests or the new floaters but the ones that come up on the left hand I missing some new ones with this Christmas update?
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 15, 13 6:34 PM
This rate is worse for me than the Halloween collection. It wasn't as bad before the Srinch appeared but now it's terrible. Maybe they could make a new category for the fireworks and decorations where we can deposit 100 of each at a time and get something for it? Think they'll go for that?

I finally found one garland and about 4 snowflakes at (of all places) the wrecked airplane. Tried the School of the Assassins but it was as stingy as the other spots for me. Guess it's just a try and try again game to find the snowflakes and garlands. Sigh.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 15, 13 3:10 PM
I've had an awful time getting Snowflakes and Garlands from sites. Are there any specific ones where you've found some luck with or is everyone having the same problems? Every place seems to be giving me chocolate grenades today. Help!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 11, 13 5:04 PM
I have great news for you! A new update for Found: A Hidden Object Adventure is now available, as of December 3, 2013 (For PC). The update includes some Holiday surprises!

All I have are the elf, fairy and the well. No new quests or the two additional floaters seen by others.

Will they arrive unexpectedly (like Christmas presents) or is this a glitch that needs to be reported?

**ETA to clear up question...this is about the correction update that was issued 12/11/2013
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 5, 13 9:57 AM
That happened to me also. I lost a Christmas Tree and the Christmas ball (or whichever it is that is the first one in the collection). It's tough enough for me to get anything to drop from him for the collection and to have it just disappear like that is frustrating!

Not sure what will be done but I'm waiting until someone tells me there's a fix before wasting any more hats on the elf.
 posted in Save The Prince on Nov 30, 13 6:37 PM
I'm going against the flow here and say that I'm really enjoying this game. The goblins can get irritating but sometimes I just ignore them and let them get some of the goodies rather than stressing about whacking them. That said, I play on relaxed so I can afford the time to do that.

One thing I wish to say to the developers. Thank you a zillion times over for letting us repeat the game again without having to click on each individual level. It adds SO much to the enjoyment level while allowing others to also click on the level they wish to play. That is an issue that I wish all the devs would utilize and one that ups the replay value for me a LOT! So thank you!

This has become my new go-to game and if the clicking area was a little wider I would give it 5 . I'm still going to give it 4 because of it being a really nice game with some unique twists and great replay value.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Nov 30, 13 4:23 AM
big_red_r wrote:You've got to be kidding. There is no way I've just been missing the vultures on the first island. I've been playing this game for months. 50 levels. I have over a hundred rockets all ready to use if I ever see a vulture. Is it possible that I have some sort of glitch? I haven't seen Alcatraz either. There are no updates waiting in my Big Fish screen.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Do you have floaters for the other locations on the first island? Like the snowman, wolf, yogi, snowman, etc.? Is it just the vulture that you're missing out of all of them or is it more? Are you getting the super-floaters from the ones that you do have?
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Nov 8, 13 4:53 AM
These are both from remembering my second game so it may not work for you but it's worth a try.

Zoppy, If the soaring mountain is available to you now (the lock is open) then buy a carpet from that pop-up to open it. It should only need gold to buy it. That should open up the other places to get it from.

bt1151, I think there are singular quests to find one tarot card and find one talking mirror. Hopefully those quests will come up for you soon.

HTH and good luck!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Oct 29, 13 4:26 AM
trixiebubbles wrote:It takes 100 times finishing a location to advance from Expert to Sensei. To advance from Newbie to Sensei it takes 250 times.

The experience levels for the locations in order from lowest to highest are:

Newbie 20% 5 times to advance
Apprentice 18% 6 times to advance
Trainee 15% 7 times to advance
Experienced 12% 8 times to advance
Old stager 10% 10 times to advance
Explorer 8% 12 times to advance
Detective 5% 20 times to advance
Professional 3% 33 times to advance
Master 2% 50 times to advance
Expert 1% 100 times to advance

This answer was given to an earlier question and I thought it was excellent so I am reposting it here in hope that it helps you too.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Oct 25, 13 4:03 PM
I have 29 ginger deads and no candy apples. I'm getting pretty disgusted with the drop rate for the apples. I spend about 1600 energy per day and get only about 3-5 apples. It's sad.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Oct 10, 13 11:01 PM
The manual download may work for you mommacheatham. Just click on options on the upper right on the game manager. (It's beside of where you click to sign into the game manager. ) Then click on the downloads tab. You'll see "Game Updates" and you can choose to do a manual update. Hopefully it will pick up the new update to Found for you there.

Don't forget to change it back to automatically once you're done.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Oct 7, 13 12:45 PM
The flying carpets are found in the Portal now. They don't drop as often as they used to, for me anyhow.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Sep 20, 13 5:14 AM
The amount of energy needed to search each spot needs desperately to be lowered and the energy faster in this game. Once you reach levels over 50 the game becomes more frustration than fun. Waiting for energy to regenerate (once a day) only to be able to seach 3-5 spots before you're out of energy is not fun. It's not cost efficient to buy diamonds at that point because you still are stuck with the spots costing 100+ energy to search. When you get a honey pot that's still only 8 to 10 searches before you're out of energy again (depending on the site). For me that's only 10-20 minutes before I'm done. Using diamonds to buy honey pots is just not worth it.

I realize you're in this to make money. That's understandable. Eventually though at this current exchange rate of money vs time, the game ends up just being frustrating rather than fun.

Once the enjoyment factor stops so will the I really hope that you'll consider some sort of changes. Even without quests it would still be enjoyable (if nothing else but to collect more items to use) if the game was a little more customer oriented.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Sep 5, 13 8:59 PM
judy1689 wrote:Thanks Doobiebear . . . but it seems that doing that will delete my current game and I don't want to do that . . . I've spent a lot of time (and money) getting to level 122, after 3 profile corruptions . . . and I'd like to continue with it. I would just like to be able to start a new game, but be able to switch back to my current profile when a new update is available.

Oh, I see it didn't say what to do with the files in your current game.

1--Make two (or more) folders where you can remember where they are at (I used my desktop). Be sure to label them with a name that indicates which game. (I used Found 1, Found 2. (I'm SO original )

2--then go to Start menu, personal folder, appdata, then roaming

3--keep going till you get to Elephant Games, Found-Free to Play

4--Copy and paste each file (from the Found-Free to Play folder) into the folder on the desktop (or where ever you chose to keep them) and you have your game saved and a new profile is ready to be played.

You copy and paste the new profile's items (when you're done) and copy and paste all the old files back into the Elephant Games, Found-Free to Play when you're ready to play your old game. Just change them out to play the different profiles.

I admit that I saved my old game settings in 2 different spots when I did it just to make sure that I did it correctly. But it worked on the first try. It's a little bit of work but it saved my interest in the least for now.

Hope it helps!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Sep 5, 13 8:50 AM
Judy, here's the instructions that I followed..... I have Windows Vista and it worked like that on it too. Hope it helps!

Rumbitothecore wrote:Hi Jestafull

I deleted my saved game. I use windows 7.

Click on the start menu and select your personal folder (it's just above documents and will be the name of your PC)

Click on appdata, then on roaming

You will find a folder labelled Elephant Games, open it and there will be a folder named Found - Free to Play.

When you open it there will be 2 documents... save and settings... if you delete these, you will start the game over.


Robin, yeah, but I was wanting island specifics that you can go to the island only to find those quests. I'm probably not saying it like I mean. (I do that a lot!) By island specific I mean just keep all the islands separate. The items to look for and the collections items also. Quests pop up but they are popping up regardless of whether I'm playing on that island.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that each individual island be a "game" in itself that's totally different in every way from the original island. I realize that would probably be a big pain in the behind, but I was really disappointed when it wasn't done that way. I've completed all the quests that are available to do now. The game is just not what I was so hoping it would be on the different islands...that's all. It just is boring to me to have so much carried over from the original island.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Sep 4, 13 6:54 PM
I was disappointed to find out that there isn't island specific quests. I'm hoping that's a feature that will happen when the rest of the second island is finished. It's kinda disappointing to be searching for the same stuff that we've been searching for all of this time...and that feeling is still there even though I've started a new game (to keep my interest going) so I'm thinking it will be an issue with future players also. I really, REALLY like the idea of not only specific quests but their own items to search for, achievements and collections. I realize that some of those have already been implemented but some haven't. Anyhow that's my 2 worth.

For those stuck in boredom land, try starting a new game. I can't explain how to do this myself but there are instructions in the forum that I found previously to do it. It helped to keep my interest and I haven't had the impatient feeling with the new one that I did with my first. Just a thought.

ETA: By saying start a new game, I mean to keep the old game's files and just start a new profile. That way you can switch back and forth from new to old. It helped me and I hope it helps those of you that try it too!
 posted in Times of Vikings on Aug 6, 13 4:15 PM
FunIt wrote:Game runs fine until level 29, where everything is gray and you can't see what you are doing. Bug?

JenMcC wrote:Game is freezing on the "Village" screen once you've completed enough levels to earn all the buildings. "Back" button won't work. Have to CTL+Alt+Del to force close.
Others have posted same issue in other threads in this forum.

Both issues happened to me as well. It seems more of a game problem this time rather than our individual computer problems since it happens on the same exact levels.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Jun 28, 13 9:36 AM
bella81762 wrote:the devs announced they are doing a update with a relaxed mode, no pay to go to next chapter,,, and some other issues

Thank you bella for that information!

I did a search yesterday and found that the devs had released it for the Ipad which would make more sense for the purchase of diamonds, etc. in order to get all the attractions in the game. It doesn't work that way with a PC game and honestly I think that they should have corrected all this before they released it as a PC game. I'm disappointed that they chose not to do so. Hopefully they will have an update soon to make it more compatible with a PC.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Jun 27, 13 8:54 AM
There is a purchase in the store that allows you to chain the tasks. Not sure if people noticed this since it also took me awhile to realize it.

The timer really is extremely fast. I think if the devs had allowed an extension after the bronze (and not given out diamonds for going over the bronze) then that would have helped sell the game since most people (including me) like to just enjoy it at times rather than be rushed to complete a level just to advance the story.

It would be really nice if the devs gave us an improved update to incorporate some of these issues that most definitely would help their game to sell to many more people. If they don't then I really, really hope they will in the sequel.

Other than those issues it really is a cute game and I did enjoy it even if I only got bronze. Makes it extremely hard to purchase items in the store though so I never got to check out anything but the chain tasks and the farm and wood shops.

I really like the idea of trying to get the extra stuff which is really cute, but there's just no way I can enjoy it like it deserves to be enjoyed with the demanding timer it has.

Please devs....give us some extra time or at least allow us to continue the game with no diamonds after the bronze time ends. Thank you!
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