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 posted in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort on Oct 7, 11 1:32 PM
I try, but its all the same. I was playing during 1:15 hs., (I don't care if I can reach the expert mode), but it's all the same. I put 13 buses, all the buses goes for every bus stop and every building, a lot of fountains, but nothing, happines level was allways 60, 90 , the max. was 280. I think this is imposible to play. Can you help me? I want to pass that level, please.
 posted in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort on Oct 7, 11 2:58 AM
I will try that, thank you!
 posted in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort on Oct 6, 11 3:39 PM
I can't reach the level 500 happines. I have not available the square yet. I dont know what to do. I have 13 buses, and all the entertaiment buildings, and the buses goes for every building and every bus stop. Every house has an bus stop. I only reach to 290 happines max. Some idea?
 posted in The Tudors on Nov 17, 09 2:36 AM
I have problems with this game in the first chapter. I download a demo from another site, and 5 minutes later, I uninstaled it. In the list of objects to find, there is an axe that I can see, but I can take. I click a lot of times over it, but I can't take it.I click the hints, to see what happen, but the hint mark the axe that I can't take. What 's the problem with this game? It have good graphics, and promise to be a good one, but I can't play it.
 posted in Law & Order - The Vengeful Heart on Jun 9, 09 12:27 PM
I have recolected evidence, but only have 6 . I speake with all the people, but they have not more to say. The hints says to me, that put evidence in the profile, I do this, but the profile is Medio (scuse me for my english). Then, i can't do anything, and i have no hints.Help me, please
 posted in Finding Doggy on May 3, 09 3:29 PM
I have the same problem , in Endless mode, I can't pass the level 11. It's imposible!The timer run quickly than in others levels, i think.I play the normal and relaxed time, without problem.
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