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 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 4, 15 1:00 PM
bfgWaimea wrote:Hi boyboysmom,

This is definitely a tough level, and it took me several tries to pass. I finally did this by making two Lightning Blast boosts and combining them with Combo or Line Leaper boosts. If possible, try to make pink Combo or Line Leaper boosts, as that will help you with clearing enough pink gems to pass the level. Another equally effective strategy would be to create pairs of Combo and Line Leaper boosts on each side of the board. This will clear the four clusters of stickied tiles faster than just clearing gems next to them.

I hope this helps, but don't hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team <a href="">HERE</a>. Our Reps are always glad to do what they can to help.

 posted in Gummy Drop! on Sep 16, 15 1:43 PM
have tried so many times.
 posted in Golden Ticket: An Amusement Park Sim Game on Nov 15, 14 1:31 AM
does anyone remember how to get the magician?
I want to try and have 2.
just curious. I don't post to much, but all your hints have been helpful.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jun 24, 14 8:26 AM
I have tried breeding for shugabuzz for weeks?
 posted in Pioneer Lands on Aug 10, 13 12:52 PM
I believe we should all sign a petition to have a pioneer lands two.
I love the challenge of micro timing all this stuff!
please oh please oh please
enjoy thy day!
 posted in Moai: Build Your Dream on Jul 14, 13 12:23 PM
i am so silly. it helps if you truly read the clues, and rev up on some coffee.
enjoy the game peeps!
 posted in Moai: Build Your Dream on Jul 14, 13 11:11 AM
i know it is so obvious probably, but i do everything, including the three 2 level huts, but it wont let end...
 posted in Campgrounds on May 23, 13 7:24 PM
kitbit wrote:That did help! Thank you!

Now that just leaves me trying to chase a gold star on levels 58, 59 and 60.

Any ideas?
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Feb 25, 09 2:52 PM
i lov the game! but even with all the ingredients to make the first pizza, it wont let me? am i missing something?

i amaze myself at how dorky i get- i am glad i can laugh at myself!!! i figured it out.

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