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Just finished the collectors edition. pleasant game, not hard but not worth the $20 investment. I think it's basically like the regular games. I like to be challenged for the money. This isn't even a little challenging.
samwise50 wrote:I just finished the game and I must say that I am pleased. However I don't know if it was worth paying $20. I used the strategy guide only twice, a few hints here and there, and I skipped only 2 puzzles. The graphics are really gorgeous though. It's a nice game, well put together but not challenging enough for my taste. Nothing like Dire Grove. I think I would have been better off getting the regular version given the fact that the extras are not worth the price between the 2 versions. I give it out of 5 for concept and art. Thanks
 posted in Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon on Mar 14, 09 8:06 PM
fill the pot with water then place on the stove. put a log in the stove so the water will boil. go into the dispensary and get the tray with the stuff on it and place in the water.
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