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 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 15 5:09 PM
If you're a paying BFG club member you receive a credit every month. If you have two or more on your account, they will apply automatically when you go to purchase a CE. They are not the same thing as coupon codes (either for sales or through the punch card program). Perhaps that's where you are confused?
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 15 4:56 PM
Michal95, I'm pretty sure you're talking about Emily's Childhood Memories... that's a different forum. This is the brand new Emily game, Home Sweet Home.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories on Jun 27, 15 11:40 AM
It seemed like these games were simply being released in reverse order, but they definitely skipped over True Love... Perhaps the Mod can tell us why???

And also -- everyone take a deep breath and sigh in relief... Home Sweet Home is today's (Saturday) TGT!
 posted in Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Collector's Edition on May 21, 15 5:19 PM
I can't seem to swap at all... the center isn't rotating unless it's empty. Anyone have a solution for this? Or can the two PP's outline how they are "swapping"? Any progress would make me feel better!

UPDATE: Solved it!!!

Firstly, I figured out that to rotate it, you must click outside the lines/circles, not on them.

Secondly, I discovered that you can "swap" a symbol in the center circle with any other symbol on the outer circle if you line the two symbols up. In other words, the position you are placing the symbol in doesn't have to be empty.

Hope this helps!
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Dec 23, 14 3:11 PM
Is this possibly one of the hinted at "Knock Knocks"? Supposedly there are four of them?
 posted in Awakening: The Redleaf Forest Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 14 11:28 AM

After re-opening the game, the witch's sigil did appear in the spot it was said to be. Perhaps simply exiting and re-opening the game could help with the butter issue as well?
 posted in Awakening: The Redleaf Forest Collector's Edition on Jun 22, 14 5:40 PM
This is similar to the butter issue - I am also in the bonus chapter. (I did pick up the butter!) I followed the strategy guide because I was a little stuck, and when I used the "long hook" to open the scroll/map on the chalk board, the "Witch Sigil" never appeared. Now I can't follow the little girl outside... Playing on PC. Does anyone know if uninstalling/reinstalling will fix this issue? Will I lose my progress?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 11, 14 4:39 PM
Hi All,

I just started this game and would love to have some friends! My name's Kathryn and my code is 152118. I'm level 7 and am playing quite a lot and am happy to help out when I can!
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose on Feb 1, 14 3:43 PM

Are the CE's really worth it? I hadn't gotten into Dark Parables, because I tend to get annoyed with HOG's, especially since there's a new one practically every day. But after reading the FB posts about the new one coming out and how complex and intricate the story line is... I'm intrigued. Mainly, I wonder how essential the bonus chapters are to the storyline...

 posted in A Princess' Tale on Feb 1, 14 2:01 PM
Glad you figured it out!

FYI, in almost every other place where you have to jump, the ground looks different to indicate where you can jump. Don't ask me why they didn't do that in the caverns.
Silly developers!
 posted in A Princess' Tale on Feb 1, 14 10:06 AM
You need to be wearing the Adventurer's Jacket. To change clothes, go to the menu and select items; the jacket should be in the list. Then walk up to the edge of the water (near the waterfall) and hit space bar or enter. That should make you jump. If you're using the mouse, try switching to keyboard. I read somewhere that some people were having trouble jumping with the mouse. Also, sometimes you have to walk around a bit to find exactly the right spot to jump from.

Hope this helps!
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jun 26, 13 11:05 AM
I have only the one family. I just started Gen 3 this morning, she has $17,079 in the bank and 55 trophies. She started with a little over $18,000, but I bought the washer (and a few other things) right away.

Just out of curiosity, lorie56, how do you spend your money? Your peeps have so much in the bank, so I wonder what your house looks like? I try to buy the upgrades and renovations as they are available, but I usually don't spend much more than that (except on food and medications, of course). I do buy things I think they need (like the washing machine) and some things as a reward for promotions and such. If possible, I buy rewards that will also earn trophies (grill, mp3 player, etc) or use the career room upgrades as rewards.

Anyway, I hope my bank account grows up to be as big and strong as yours!
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jun 14, 13 11:01 AM
Glad to see this thread, because I have a question.

I just had my (only) first generation parents both die. They have four grown children and a young child they adopted late in life. Now my adopted child is 9 years old, depressed, and alone in the house.
My question is, can she live there by herself until she's college age? I'd hate to kick out an orphan with nowhere else to go (plus she's the cutest of all my kids!) But I'm afraid CPS is going to come by and pick her up or something!

PS- Parents left a $10000 nest egg, and the house is as upgraded as possible for gen 1, so money *shouldn't* be a problem.


***ETA: Just saw the answer to the question on another thread. Am planning to allow my adoptee to live in the house for a few years, then do the time warp upgrade to age her up a bit, then let her stay til 18. Will probably inherit with her too, she's a cutie pie! Actually, she reminds me a bit of Pippi Longstocking! Appropriate, no?***
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jun 7, 13 6:20 PM
I just saw my six year old girl "squeezing a pimple"!! Why does my six year old have pimples?!?
 posted in Outta This Kingdom on Mar 6, 13 9:34 PM
It would help to know exactly what you were having trouble with, as this level seems fairly straightforward. That being said, here's a quick run-through:

Your first goal is to upgrade the two houses at the bottom, one with the shield upgrade, which keeps it from breaking down, and the other with the simely face upgrade, which allows more people to live in that house.

Your second goal is provide two farms and a tavern. One farm is already in place, so demolish the ruins next to it and build a second farm. The tavern is also already in place, you just need to grant access to it. You'll need the pickaxe to the right of your tent. Use it to get to the torch at the top of the screen. Use the torch to melt the icicles blocking the tavern to your lower left.

Finally, you need to upgrade all your remaining houses with the smiley upgrade to achieve the population goal. Then upgrade your houses (with stars) to achieve the income goal. You'll probably need a sawmill; there's a set of ruins still next to your farm, so build there. That should do it.

Hope this helps!
 posted in Outta This Kingdom on Mar 6, 13 9:21 PM
Not sure where you might be having trouble, but I would suggest double-checking your goals tab. This level also requires building an information center. Also, make sure your income is $10,000, not your available cash. And, as always, make sure none of your buildings need to be repaired.

If you've done all that, then it may be a glitch. I would start the level over to see if that fixes it and if not, post it on the technical issues thread.
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Feb 4, 13 1:42 AM
If you mean what I think you do, there's a place where you jump across in front of the flower, and there's a trail (downwards, I think) on the other side. This is on the screen with the temple and the goat, I believe.

Hope that helps!
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Jan 16, 13 11:31 PM
Curses! I have the worst luck with RPG/Adventure games. No matter what game I am playing (Aveyond, Ella's Hope, Leah's Tale, Millennium, etc) sooner or later the game starts ignoring one or more of my arrow keys and my party usually ends up stuck in a corner I can't get them out of. I actually made it through 10 hours or more of gameplay in this one and I was thinking that maybe I might get to finish without this annoyance, but no such luck. This has happened to me on every RPG/Adventure game I have played over 3 or 4 computers, so I'm sure it's not a hardware issue. And it looks like I may not be the only one with this problem. I really want to avoid un-installing and re-installing if at all possible - my party members are all over level 40 and I'd hate to lose all that progress! Is there any hope for me, or should I just give up on the idea or RPGs all together?
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Dec 26, 11 4:41 PM
Down in the caverns, beyond the room where you meet Hederick, the castle mechanic, you meet the Alchemist (he looks like he has a bird's beak for a nose). There's a HOS to his left - that IS his carpet bag. You should be awarded the cabinet key when you complete the HOS.

Hope this helps!
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 15, 11 5:19 PM
I finished the whole game in just a few hours so I would agree that it was too short. I like to be engrossed in a game for looong time (several hours at least) so I was disappointed after purchasing. However, I will play again, probably several times.
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