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 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 17, 14 2:49 PM
Would it help if I mentioned that this is to open up a mini game/new area at the Train Station? The artist drew a princesses portrait and now her memory is fading, she gave me a key to her luggage but I can't open the luggage.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 17, 14 6:43 AM
Alright, I normally don't have trouble with puzzles where I have to match up the pieces to fixed tiles, but this one is driving me crazy! I've tried many, many combinations of things, and I believe I've found the right combo, but it won't complete. I'm going to have to wait to skip as I don't have enough diamonds, but this is really bugging me. Is anyone else having this problem?
I have yet to play the game, but I'm really curious about it. I wish people would do more spoilers and tell us poor (I mean that literally) people what the storyline was and how it ended. That kind of thing never deters me, in fact, knowing a bit about the story might make me save up faster to get it! I'm just insatiably curious.
 posted in PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition on Apr 10, 13 10:38 AM
Alright, this is my first ever review, of sorts, and there will be some spoilers! Now, having said that, I'll get right to it!

This, in my opinion, was one of the better PuppetShow games, the HOG scenes were plentiful, and while I didn't do all of the mini games, most were fun. The meat and potatoes of the game though, for me, is the storyline, and where it went from the last games. I've played PuppetShow since it started, I know all about how wicked Felicia is in the first few installments, and I know how hard she worked to undo her past and not be scarred forever. However, every time she has tried to do that, it's only successful for a short while, as Cricks is always out to get her and her father, and now finally, she has realized that some things cannot be undone. I personally like Felicia, at least at this point, and have always found her beautiful, even with the scar. I'm also sad to see her go, but from what I've heard on the forum, that is the impression I get, that she and her father won't be in further installments. And I do believe there will be further installments!

Now, with the end of this game, I'm beginning to wonder where we will go with Cricks. I was bothered that we never found out what the master and Gabriella Rossi fought about, and there was a part of me that wondered if she truly died, but all indicators seem to point to yes. I think she's shown a little too prominently too, as she's a relatively small character in this one. I also noticed that in this one, the puppets had much more minds of their own, they could pick a side, so I'm wondering if the next one, it will be revenge of the puppets, which actually would be a lot of fun to see!

Either way, this was a fun game, lots of places to explore, lots of good HOG and mini games, and the possibility for future episodes. The ending was a bit confusing but not at all surprising, villains are always hard to get rid of! I'm glad I bought it though and give it two thumbs up.
Hi! I'm here with a slightly different problem, that while I do not think is caused by the game, I don't know how to fix it. I restared the main game, but my monitor went to sleep, so I believe there is something wrong with my video card somehow, how do I fix this? My computer is a little bit old and while I was able to play the game before fine, I'm having trouble with it now. Any help would be appreciated, I don't know where else to turn!
I've had a few issues with the game in regards to bonus game, something pops up and says there is an error with some part of the game and so it will be shut down. I uninstalled and re-installed, but when I came back, it gave me a different error, and even though I've completed the game, it says I must complete the main game before doing the bonus game. Rather annoying, but I'm going to try un-installing and re-installing, see if that doesn't help. Otherwise? No problems with the game!
I don't know if I'm going to buy this one or not, but the voice over actor for Oscar sounded eerily familiar, am I the only one who thought that it was maybe the same guy from the MCF Escape from Ravenhearst? I know I might be wrong, but his voice does seem really familiar.
 posted in Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 12 8:44 AM
findlaybears wrote:Your hunch is correct, Ethan is Leonard's son! I don't want to devulge too much because the Bonus Chapters explain everything.

As far as Claire, let's just say that Ethan and her have met before as children. It's difficult to say anymore without spoiling the ending.

Thank you! At least I know one part of my theory was correct. As for Clair and Ethan meeting, yes, I knew that too, I just wondered what else there was to her story. Either way, I appreciate your confirming at least one hunch, now to get back to playing!
 posted in Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers Collector's Edition on Mar 9, 12 11:28 PM
Alright, I don't normally start topics like this, but I'm really curious about the ending, and whether or not my hunch is right. Our hero, Ethan, he isn't the judge's son, is he? Even though it shows a grave for the artists son, I'm 99.9% convinced that Ethan is Leonard's son, hence why he has the ability to go back in time, etc. And why also everything looked so familiar!

And where does Clair fit into the picture, is she part of the cover up, or what? I am about half way through, give or take, I believe I'm on chapter 8. Any info would be appreciated! I plan to finish, but I'm dying to know some of these things!
 posted in Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 12 6:13 PM
I've played the game before with the regular, non-CE version and while a few problems came up, uninstalling and re-installing worked with all of those. I have already uninstalled and re-installed, but I'm still having a problem raking the soil around the flower, it won't let me do it, and I've been able to do everything else fine. The game seems otherwise compatible with my computer, I haven't had any other problems with the CE, so how do I fix this one problem?
 posted in Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 12 1:00 PM
Strange problem here. I've played the regular NON CE version and was able to rake the soil in the atrium, where we need to get the special flower. However, on this CE edition, I can't, and I don't know why, every time I put the little rake to the dry soil, it rejects it. I've gotten rid of all the weeds, I've done everything else, I just can't rake and then water the flower, and I have the artificial light already on it. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the game, which has helped with most problems before, but it's not working now. What am I doing wrong?
 posted in Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light Collector's Edition on Jan 19, 12 2:08 PM
I really want to know what happens, <s>as while I haven't bought the game yet, a good, or bad ending may sway my decision!</s> I love a good story, and I'm pretty nosy.

Edit: I went ahead and bought it, but I'm still really curious, I don't mind being spoiled, so if someone would maybe pm me with how it ends, I would appreciate it!

MoDreams wrote:
j20as8 wrote:I really need help, and I feel a bit foolish with this, but here goes:I'm having trouble getting into the maternity ward. I know the code is on the toe tags, I've got all the codes, but one of the toe tags has 4 -6 on it and I can't read that line. What I have so far is: 7-4 = F 5-6 = O 8-2 = O and 8-1 = D. What am I doing wrong?

These toe tag numbers you are giving just cannot be correct. The numbers you should get from them are circled on the cards, and they give the height, such as 6'2, 4'3, etc. These numbers are then matched to the eye chart on the wall in the hallway.
Use the first number to find the row, the 2nd number to find the correct letter.

So 6'2 would be the 6th row, 2nd letter.

There are not 6 letters in row 4 (only has 4 letters), and there are only 7 rows, not 8. So check your toe tags again and get the correct numbers. Also you should be able to read the first 6 lines of the eye chart easily, when you click on it. You will need the magnifying glass to read the last (7th) line.
Just an FYI -- the eye chart reads "How does it feel to be me you little fly"

Good luck!


Thank you! I feel even sillier now as when I was looking on this section, I found others, and I realized, hey wait, I have a magnifying glass, and I'm probably getting them in the wrong order! Once I did that, it all became clear, but thank you for the tips, maybe now others who get stuck there will be able to piece it together.
I really need help, and I feel a bit foolish with this, but here goes:I'm having trouble getting into the maternity ward. I know the code is on the toe tags, I've got all the codes, but one of the toe tags has 4 -6 on it and I can't read that line. What I have so far is: 7-4 = F 5-6 = O 8-2 = O and 8-1 = D. What am I doing wrong?
Alright, I finally figured it out. You have to click on them in numerical order, from 1 to 9. The game isn't very clear in telling us that, I thought we had to press them in order according to the screen shot, from 4 to 3, but no, it's numerical order. Hope this helps everyone!
Yeah, I've tried doing everything, pressing them in the order show in the notebook, trying the code shown here, none of it works. I want to finish the game, is this a technical issue? Someone help!
I played the trial version with no problem, but as soon as I activate the game and go to play it, it won't play. It won't load at all, the screen goes black, and I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've updated everything, is there any fixes? I really like this game, what I've played of it!
 posted in Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector's Edition on Apr 2, 11 9:08 AM
I don't know if this counts as a tech. issue or not, but while I have a strategy guide, I cannot view the whole thing. At the bottom, it cuts off some pieces and I am stuck on the island at the bridge. I don't know what to do there. Someone please help!
 posted in Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition on Feb 25, 11 1:28 AM
Nevermind! I uninstalled the game and then re-installed and now it's working fine!
 posted in Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights on Feb 26, 09 7:12 AM
I'm having the same problem, and I was hoping there was some kind of fix.
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