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If you go to the room (sorry I'm not sure what it's called but it's to the right of the greenhouse) you will see a flower in a vase, Use the rejuvenation potion on it and capture the drops from the flower in the empty vial. That's what you'll use for the potion.
Being a fan of the Dark Parables series, I bought this game without even bothering to see the demo or preview.

I did have a moment of concern with the volume of splash screens upon opening the game and was quite glad to see that weightiness lifted once the game began.

As far as the game goes, in addition to the usual basics we've come to expect from this series...

- Good length
- Lots of things to look for (click EVERYTHING in every scene)
- Map can transport you rather than just indicate scenes
- There is clear information about how many items of each set you are looking for. ie: King of the Sea has 3 pieces to find.

- Motion images are a bit grainy and not up the previous splendor we've enjoyed
- No morphing objects to find. Instead we have hidden objects in scenes to locate. (I miss my morphing objects, I liked those)
- Story line feels a little incomplete at the end and ends a little suddenly
- Repetitive games
- Not enough FROG scenes

I have no idea why Eiplix are involved with this series but I hope Blue Tea have a lot more involvement in the next installment. They ruled with this series thus far.

All in all, the gamer will enjoy this series and I recommend it. I know I will be playing it over again just to find all those wretched hidden pieces if nothing else.

And you'll love finding Felix in the scenes!
 posted in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis on Jul 3, 14 3:09 PM
Hi Fishies

This is a fabulous game. Excellent length, complexity and enough helpful tools so you won't get totally lost.

The game has two modes, casual and hard. In casual mode, the hints refresh quite quickly so you won't be at a loss.

The graphics are good and often interspersed with video which tells the story.

In addition to key pieces you will need to find, there are 18 microchips hidden in scenes for you to collect. If you are unsure which one's you've missed, go to the map and if you see a kind of little car battery shaped thing at the top right of a scene, you need to go back and find the chip.

Scenes are easily navigated using the map. It will tell you which scenes you need to work with as those are lit up in green. You can easily switch scenes by clicking on each map rather than navigating manually through the station, which is great because I got lost in the first five minutes! Thank god for maps! Hovering over each one will tell you what the scene is so you can be sure you're going to the right place before you select it.

It's a fairly complex story with a lot of HOGs which aren't too difficult although some items will need to be found interactively.

Once you see the map, you'll realize how extensive the game is. It's excellent value for money and a worthy addition to your collection.

Graphics, music, voice overs, game play, complexity, design - all rate a 9.

The one element that rates a 10 for me is the cat. I want to adopt her!


 posted in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis on Jul 3, 14 3:01 PM
It's in the docking station in the rail car, on the right side of the console.
When you are in the dungeon:

Click on the -Cursed Object #8- (the etchings on the wall next to the skeleton), then take a closer look at the scroll and book as circled below to collect the *The Snow Queen Tale 1/6* and *Rise of the Snow Queen 6/6* Parable Gems. Also click to open the drawer, revealing the SILVER ARROW.

Give the silver arrow to the archer on top of the box to left in the workshop in the courtyard (across from the dungeon). The box will open and supply you with the steel goblet.


Having played the first 3 in the series (and despite disliking the third terribly) I was interested to see what this one would bring.

It led in quite oddly, none of the usual castle scenes that we saw in the first two instalments. It could almost be a stand alone story in itself.

I got a little muddled chasing some of the items and finding where they belonged but on the plus side, there is an amazing array of scenes open to the player, more so than the last games I think.

Messing with the switches to open those boxes is a little repetitive and boring but since skip refreshes so quickly, it was quite easy to just get a cup of coffee and come back and continue play.

Admittedly, the graphics weren't top notch but they were certainly reasonable. There is a nice mixture of classic HOG and scenes where objects previously found are replaced. Fans of the first two games would be familiar with this concept already.

The bonus game was quite reasonable in length. In fact, I've seen some SE games which are about the same length as this bonus game itself!

Which brings me to game length. Skipping some puzzles and playing pretty consistently, I managed to comfortably play through in about 6 hours. I thought that was pretty reasonable considering I can finish some games in about 2-3 hours flat.

Where music and effects were concerned, I always play with them turned off in the options unless necessity dictates otherwise. I have had too many really bad voice talents over the years to risk grating my nerves yet again.

I played the game on a laptop with Windows Visa 64 bit and it played perfectly in full screen mode with no game glitches at all.

I think it's a great addition to the Echoes family and will be enjoyed by many beginner to intermediate players, CE or SE.

 posted in Haunted Manor: Queen of Death Collector's Edition on Nov 27, 11 3:05 PM
Thankee muchly. Next time I'll dye my hair brown instead of blond! Du'oh!
 posted in Haunted Manor: Queen of Death Collector's Edition on Nov 26, 11 3:02 PM
I really liked this game. Good length. Good quality. Good variety of scenes to move through. Then I came to the end and looked forward to the bonus game. What a pity it wouldn't let me get into one.

I reached the storyline about saying goodbye and the amulet seeking the next victim but I had only two options - next and skip. They both dropped me back into the main menu. Neither dropped me back into the game screen to continue playing in bonus mode.

I know someone else has to have encountered this one. What was the solution?
 posted in Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse on Sep 17, 11 10:47 AM
I actually really liked this game. The game was of good length although ended a little abruptly.

The puzzles were easy enough to solve once you thought about them but there was no simple explanation given to tell you what to do and sometimes that was an issue.

For example, the puppet on the door to the toy shop. If you observed the sign closely enough (get up close to your screen because you cannot zoom in) then you knew what you were trying to recreate on the door. The book however has no pictures to give you a clear reminder.

I found the most enjoyable challenge to be that of hunting for all the items I needed. Quite apart from the HOG scenes, there were numerous items to collect via the fairy's abilities and later, the dragon's. Finding them all was the REAL challenge.

Thank god they also muted the fairy. No more annoying "Yay!". Truly, in the first game she was absolutely getting on my wick!

What I most dearly loved about this game was the scene where the troll died. I won't spoil it for you but you simply MUST click on the river first before you pay the troll. Then you'll truly appreciate what you see next. Just inspired!!!! lol

Enjoy! I was glad I got this one.
 posted in Dream Chronicles ™ 2: The Eternal Maze on Sep 14, 11 10:36 PM
One key is in underneath the gramophone.
One key is on the books lying near the window in the gramophone room.
One key is located in the grate of the fireplace in the gramophone room.
One key is located in the middle of the floor of the foyer

Discs can be found at:

Middle shelf far right near gramophone
Door to gramophone room - look in the dim shadows just at the entry
Behind the large picture on the wall to the entrance of the house. It has an image of a man on it and is behind the front door.

Not sure which one you're missing but that should help you account for them all Or did you perhaps mean the little hexagons? If so, they are at ...

one at floor to left of gramophone
one middle shelf to centre of bookcase
one top right shelf next to locked box
one in the lower left locked box (unlocked with a key from either the top of the books near window or grate front left of the room as you enter)
two on the floor of the gramophone room - one near books at window, one near door
one on the landing at right on the steps leading up to the gramophone room
one on the steps at left leading down to Merrow's lab
and one outside near the fountain.

Hope that helps.
Go back to town and then to the left just outside the Library. There is a lampost in the foreground to left. The card is at the top of that.
You don't need the book. You only need one page within it which will tear out and be added to your inventory.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Collector's Edition on Aug 29, 11 6:46 PM
When you say you stuck... does that mean the game froze? Look at the cursor when you are trying to move in the scene. If it remains decorative, then you still have the game active. If the main cursor freezes and you have a small white one moving, then your game has crashed. This could be the cause of your issue.

Uninstall the game, restart and go to your account, then purchase history to reinstall the game. It will pick up where you left off. It could be that your copy of has simply become unstable on your computer for some reason.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose on Aug 28, 11 4:48 PM
I remember hearing that a lot of people had issues with this when the game first came out. It may be how you're doing it or it may be the system.

To begin with, redownload the game over the copy you have. That may clear the fault. If not, uninstall the game, restart and reinstall. You shouldn't lose your place in the game.

If the problem persists, contact tech support.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose on Aug 28, 11 4:46 PM
No, not mentioned. There's an additional game and artwork etc. No mention of either of these elements though. You haven't missed a thing.
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades on Aug 28, 11 3:05 AM
When you say you're stuck in the attic, does this mean you cannot move forward through the trap door nor back downstairs or that the game has entirely crashed.

If it has crashed, try redownloading it to see if that will clear it. Even try uninstalling and reinstalling. You may not lose your place in the game.

If you are able to move around the environments then you have simply not collected all the elements you need to complete the acid. Keep looking in other areas.
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When you have finished playing the shell game (with thimbles) upstairs, you will be given a red eye. Take it downstairs and insert it into the bird bannister to the left of the stairs and a section of the forehead will open. Within is the corkscrew and a playing card.
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades on Aug 21, 11 7:12 PM
The food for the raven is in the barrel just inside the barn door. Not all games come with a map showing active areas to explore. In this particular game, the lack of that map adds to the level of challenge. It forces you to explore your environments to locate not just cards but elements. I actually really enjoyed that challenge for all the angst it gave me on occasion.
Go back across the water to the town and keep clicking at the bottom of the screen til you enter the building where you first started.

Just inside the door you placed a stone ball to the right and retrieved a key. If you look the left of the door on the wall, there's a broken section. Use the axe on there to retrieve the knights head so you can complete him.

It's the last thing you'll need from the town. Go back across the water and complete the knight so you can move on in the game.

 posted in Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone on Aug 18, 11 4:08 AM
You need to put it on the barrel and keep clicking rapidly to move it. It will move.
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