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 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 27, 09 6:11 AM
I'm at the crash site. I know that I need to get 9 green crystals to activate the totem and destroy the large green crystals formation that are blocking my path. My only problem is that I cannot find the 9th gem. I've been looking since yesterday. I even tried redoing the level hoping I missed one. I still only have 8 gems.

HELP. Is there a map of the green crystals? I got the crystal next to the large green crystal formation blocking the path and the one from blowing up the smaller orange crystal formation.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 27, 09 5:54 AM
An Easier Way to Get the Red Bubbles

I tried the method with the tower and dragging the a person to the fourth location of the red bubbles. I was never able to the person there before the tower was complete. I found another way to do it that isn't as frustrating. You just have to be patient for a few minutes. The two southern Red Bubble locations near the lake/pond place the scout and army flag there. For the two northern Red Bubble locations place a hut at each location. Then just wait, the map will make a noise and shift as soon as the chest appears. The people wander around their hut when they are bored, inevitably a person from each hut will end up wandering into the bubble zone near their hut at the same time causing the chest to appear.
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