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 posted in Make it Big in Hollywood on Apr 27, 17 5:18 AM
Customer service is not replying to my inquiries (they sent the usual "try this and this" mail, I replied that I already tried everything, as I detailed in my initial inquiry. They didn't get back to me. I wrote again, nothing back from them).

I can't play the game. So what to do now if neither forum not customer service are providing a solution?
 posted in Make it Big in Hollywood on Apr 23, 17 8:24 AM
I can play the game just fine until I'm half way through the third location. Then is crashes on new levels. I could get around this by playing the level before, but once I finish the third location, I get a blank screen when I try to play the first level of location 4. I contacted customer support and hope they will provide a working version of this game, as so many people here reported problems with crashing.
 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Feb 16, 17 4:49 AM
I'm playing on Windows 8 and the game crashes. I don't think my system is the problem, I downloaded the demo from another website months ago and the game ran very smoothly. I wanted to buy it from here so I waited for it to come here. Fortunately I downloaded the demo first. If the game doesn't crash when downloaded from another website, but crashes when downloaded from here, with all other computer parameters being the same (and with people using different systems reporting crashes) maybe the problem is in the file, not the computer? It would be great if this could be checked out, because I really want to buy this game from BFG.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Christmas Carol Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 16 5:56 AM
I agree that Paige was a major setback for the series. I always enjoyed the storyline for these games, but once Paige was there, it revolved around her and the quirkiness was gone. In this game, she is so extremely awful! Self-centered, rude, demanding - it ruined the whole storyline and it's also a bit of a disappointment that Emily is such a doormat as a mother (Patrick was always a wimp). I want François back, he is the best character in the game, and I also like Emily's direct family. Patrick doss nothing for the game and Paige spoils the whole storyline fun. Can't they do a flashback game to pre-Patrick and especially pre spoiled brat Paige times? More François!!

Usually, when a new Delicious game came out, I bought it without trial. When Paige appeared, I started doing trials first. This Christmas game is the second in the series that I didn't buy after the trial and the first where even the trial hour seemed very long, I only kept playing through the hour to see if it would improve. I find that quite sad, it used to be the best TM series around. I hope they find back to their earlier form.
There is a - partly - Christmas themed game in the series : Emily's holiday season.

As for this game, it's fun to play and I'm glad the series found back to its old form after the disappointing Hopes and Fears.

Graphics are lovely, so much attention to detail, especially with the birds and rabbits, and the nicely drawn food items. Pace is also good (bit quicker would be okay as well) and they manage to keep the series fresh even though the actual game play never changes much.

I miss Angela and there's not enough of Francois, but way too much Paige - she has been getting on my nerves ever since she first appeared in the series. I hope the next game will focus more on the entertaining characters again.

So, it's fun to play, a great combination of new and well-known stuff and very painstakingly and lovingly created, like all the Delicious games.

 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Sep 23, 14 12:24 PM
What about the people who couldn't finish it due to not getting the new gypsy scene? I don't appreciate that I lost all the time and energy spent on the scavenger hunt and then missed out on the awards due to a mistake in the game.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Sep 22, 14 11:01 AM
Hi, thanks for the tips, I kept replying the scenes again and again, wondering why items just didn't show up on the hunt list.

I tried both deleting the gypsy file and adding .old to it. Neither option works. It just gives me the old file, with the date of August 8, 2014. I don't want to spend gold to finish this hunt as I could have well finished it without this mistake, so I guess that was just a bunch of wasted time and energy. Pity, I always love the scavenger hunts best.
 posted in Farm to Fork on Feb 26, 14 12:46 PM
A very nice game. I like the graphics, the animations are fun to watch and well done. The trial hour went by in no time, there is a lot to do in this game and pace picks up quickly. As others wrote before, this is basically Farm Frenzy with a somewhat different premise and one sure has to click quickly. The only thing I found very annoying is the parrot. I'll never understand why so many TM games have to add this "chase something" thing. For me, it simply interrupts game play and with this game, one is kept busy with clicking even without the parrots. They seriously spoil the fun for me. I bought the game anyway, as otherwise it's very amusing and nicely fast-paced.
 posted in The Happy Hereafter on Feb 22, 14 3:22 AM
I have the glitch of not being able to update the warehouse and therefore not being able to complete the game. I wrote to Customer Service and got back a generic reply in the lines of "we're too busy to handle your request, here's a bunch of links we already have on our website - why don't you look at them and solve your problem yourself". Sorry for my harsh tone, but so far, the customer service has always been something I very much appreciated at BFG and I find this to be a disappointing development, especially because:

it also said to open the issue up again if the links were of no help. Fine, so I did that and especially wrote in the header and the mail that I had already tried finding a solution before I even wrote the first mail, and that it seems to be a game-specific glitch. Now, I just got the second generic "here's that bunch of links" mail!

Are the inquiries to customer service now not even read anymore?
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess IV on Feb 6, 14 9:28 AM
I think it's nice that they tried to come up with some things to make the series a bit fresher again. The graphics are fine with me, I have no problem with them and think they look quite nice. They are clear enough for me. The island in the sky thing is neither good nor bad for me.

In the previous versions, one could pick things up at once, now one has to run three times - some other tasks also require doing something several times. It's a bit annoying at first, but I got used to it.

I really like that it's possible to chain actions - so much more convenient! In general, I think the game is nicely paced.

The only thing that really spoils it for me is the stupid dragons. I didn't like it when I had to click on some bird or similar thing in the previous versions, but at least it was just one bird at a time. Now, there's a bunch of those dragons flying around, and even if this tower that shoots at them is ready, he doesn't get them all, or at least not at once. So I have to interrupt the game for some silly clickfest. It also ruins the chaining and some of the bonus things - what good is a third worker if he stays in the house for almost the whole bonus 30 seconds because of the dragons. If I want to shoot at things, I'll get a shooter game. The dragons are far too disrupting for my taste. Otherwise, I'd have bought this game immediately, but now I won't.
 posted in Finders on Aug 17, 13 2:39 AM
I have the same issue as Mr7933 - just bought the game and have to start all over again . Why is my profile gone? The game is fun, but I don't want to play the first hour all over.
 posted in Cake Mania 3 on Jun 3, 13 11:49 AM
Hi, I have the exactly same problem. I played this game before, also from BFG, on the same computer I'm using now, and it worked fine before. Now - nothing. Black screen with the loading cursor. Computer system is Windows Vista, all other games work as usual.

As so many people have the same problem, would it be possible to check whether something is wrong with the game/game file?
 posted in Countryside Buffet on Apr 24, 13 9:07 AM
While I played the demo, I thought that this must be a very old game. The graphics look dated, the gameplay is absolutely basic, the clicking is at times erratic (picking up new guests sometimes took several tries for me). I checked it, and this game was released in 2012. That surprised me because it has less to offer than the very first Diner Dash, is much slower (it takes the waitress ages to get anywhere) and rather boring. No colour combos, no chain bonuses (chains were erratic as well, especially when getting new stuff from the kitchen), nothing but seating customers, clearing plates, filling the buffet. There are some nice touches, as the expressions of the customers changing when you pick them up, or the food on the buffet getting visibly less, but that's about it. Ten years ago this might have made a nice TM game. But today, it's a disappointment, at least as far as I'm concerned.
 posted in Tiny Token Empires on Apr 14, 13 6:14 AM
As to the tutorial, it only is used during the first three levels, and you can skip levels, even go to the next civilization. So maybe you want to try if you can skip to level 4 directly.

I just played the artifact mission and came up with exactly the same result as you. I upgraded Athens to Capital and I made sure that all items were gathered by the hero, not purchased from the hermit. So there has to be a difference between items and artifacts, as you mentioned. I looked at the help section in the game and it does mention items most of the time. The only time it mentions artifacts is when it explains the padlock challenge. So maybe artifacts are just those items that can be found in the padlock challenge, not those that are bought from the hermit or gotten after a victory over a magical creature?
 posted in Tiny Token Empires on Apr 13, 13 4:23 AM
Ah, now I found found a video showing how it works. I looked before I posted here and couldn't find anything, but just after I posted the question, I found the answer.

Just in case anybody else runs into this issue, here is the solution: click on each unit on the ship so that they show the little arrow on the top left corner and then you can move them all at once.
 posted in Tiny Token Empires on Apr 13, 13 4:04 AM
Has anybody found a way to attack islands with several army units at once? As far as I can tell, they can only come off a ship one by one. On Crete, there's a big creature ready to fight as soon as I place my first unit on the island. Even though it's a general, the creature is so powerful that she finishes him off while hardly being harmed itself. The only feasible way to bet it would be to fight it with several units at once but I don't know how to get them on the island in a group. Has anyone figured this out already?
 posted in Tiny Token Empires on Apr 10, 13 12:26 PM
I enjoy this game a lot. Fortunately, I don't have any cursor problems, as I know from other games how annoying that could be. The game runs smoothly on my computer.

I enjoy the texts, which are funny and a bit cheeky, the tongue-in-cheek approach towards the historic information is great, as far as I'm concerned. Neither do I mind the tutorial (the game scored its first point with me when I saw that there is an option to skip the tutorial - not advisable for first-time players of course, but great when replaying). The tutorial doesn't fully explain all aspects, there were some I had to find out gradually, but it does a good enough job.

I'm not a big Match 3 fan, but I like the Match 3 games here because they are not just about matching. One has to keep an eye on what matched the opponent needs and which matched are helpful for oneself. One also has to decide when to attack rather than continue matching. It's fun.

As far as I can see, the Match 3 bit is the biggest factor of the game, though there is more - some strategic decisions have to be made, some units have to be moved, but it doesn't take too much planning, at least not in the beginning (I have played about an hour now).

I didn't expect to like this game, but I do enjoy it a lot, it's a nice new twist on known game genres, and a definite buy for me.

PS: It seems the tutorial option can only be skipped when completely starting a new game. Once you decide to go through with the tutorial, it can't be turned off, at least I haven't found an option.
 posted in Airline Baggage Mania on Feb 7, 13 6:00 AM
I read the many bad reviews before downloading and almost didn't even try the game, but I was so desperate for a TM that I decided to try it anyway. Well, as others already said, this is just click-click-click and a rather mindless one at that. I might have played a bit to see if it gets better, but then I suddenly couldn't click on anything anymore, so it appears this game isn't even working properly.

I'm kind of relieved that there are still TM fans out there. With hardly any new TMs here, I thought it was because people didn't buy them anymore. It's why I ended my suscription here two months ago. I still have six unused credits because absolutely nothing good has come up for months . BFG used to be the first site I checked in the morning, now I hardly come here. It's a pity because this used to be such a great place.
 posted in The Game of Life ® on Oct 24, 12 10:56 AM
I didn't even bother to finish the demo. I was just so incredibly bored. I love the board game and was pleased to see a computer version here today. However, it is not a good version at all.

1. No full screen. I checked the technical issue thread when I couldn't figure out how to get this game to play in full screen, and there it said there is no full screen option. Why not? I could see everything, but why have the game window smaller than necessary? Besides, it's irritating to play this way.

2. One never gets to see the whole board which means I never knew where I was. Not that it impair the game play, but I found it annoying not to see whether I was almost through or still at the beginning. The whole perspective was just unsatisfying.

3. In my opinion the fast forward option didn't really change the speed a lot. It was excruciatingly boring to sit there and watch the computer players take their turns.

4. I'm no fan of big tutorials, but there is not enough information on how to play. Like another reviewer before me, I didn't know how to pay back my debt and it wasn't explained anywhere. Quite often, me or the computer players had several turns at once. Why? There were just a few things that made no sense and it would have been nice to have them explained, especially when they were different from the board game.

5. The events are shown on the bottom of the screen, rather quickly (also in normal mode). They kind of bypassed me, I didn't get a feeling for them.

So basically, most of the time I didn't really know what was going on, I spent a lot of time watching the computer turn the wheel and I only got to see part of the board. Not entertaining.
 posted in Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga on Oct 14, 12 8:51 AM
I just finished the game and just wanted to amend my previous review a bit. I now share the frustration with the map. There are, as I mentioned before, occasions where a ghost will open up a window that leads straight to another scene, thereby saving a lot of moving from location from location. But that turned out the exception. Which makes sense before there wouldn't be much thinking required if a window to the next location would always open up automatically.

Still, throughout the game there were so many locations that it became tedious to walk around all the time. So much clicking just to get from one place to another. Then, like others, I often didn't remember where to use what. Again, with so many locations, that's tedious. I think games like this would greatly benefit from a map that would get one to another location with one click.

Graphics remained great, though the last scene was a bit hard to watch due to the very bad acting. But then, it's a game, not a movie, so no big deal.

The story became a bit too much for me in the end, so many new locations opening up just for one visit, hard to keep track and they were spread all over the place.

Still, all in all it was entertaining, of reasonable length, at times too easy (but then again, I chose the easy mode) and I don't regret buying it. With a clickable map it would have been close to perfect.
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