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 posted in Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 18 2:19 PM
Thank you, Galatrin!

I was just about to post the same problem

Have to agree with the other players of this series re.this particular addition--more challenging than the prior games, but I'm still finding it fun to play
 posted in Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead on Jan 9, 16 10:32 AM
Just finished the game, and what worked for me was using multiple jokers on the X vines to get them out of the way (I had to play the earlier levels to gain a large enough purse to purchase them). The combo actually builds from there and then you can play the regular cards until you have filled the requirement. Hope that helps
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Oct 23, 14 4:09 PM
You helped me out, too. Always nice to know you're not alone when any issues arise.

Nygiants1004 wrote:NOT BEING OFFENSIVE BUT IF YOU GUYS HAD ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT that why did u not got to FAQ ;P

As for your comment, yes, the answer will likely be posted, although many times I've found that what I'm looking for is within the first couple of pages of the forum, so for me, this is actually easier.
 posted in Fish Tycoon on Jul 28, 14 6:50 PM
Hi, skunkhands. Probably too late to share this with you, but in the tutorial, it mentions that it is running in "real time" so the simulation is more realistic. Hope that helps.
 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Oct 23, 11 3:44 AM
I agree with most of the gamers on this thread--I really enjoyed playing the game and thought it had a fair length of play. Then again, that may just be b/c I have a third of your brainpower (took me about 6 hrs as well). Oh well, to each their own

If you're looking for something considerably tougher, can I recommend you try the "Drawn" series?
 posted in Love & Death ™: Bitten ™ on Oct 23, 11 3:32 AM
I agree that the ending seemed to really set it up for a sequel. At this point, I seriously doubt it's going to happen, which I think is even sadder than the ending, but what are you going to do, hold your breath?
 posted in Tiger Eye - Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box on Oct 20, 11 9:22 PM
Just bought this as DD, and am v. psyched to hear that P2 will be coming out v. shortly now! YAY!!!!!
 posted in Tiger Eye - Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box on Oct 20, 11 8:50 PM
A definite buy for me too!

Found it funny though how BFG stated in bright green letters after summary of game: "Please note: this game contains romantic themes." I didn't realize we need potential disclaimers on that now too. LOL!
 posted in Sphera on Sep 30, 11 9:26 AM
Ok, being a total loser here, but can someone patient define "TGT" for me? Thx
 posted in Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin on Sep 21, 11 7:35 PM
I know it's been over a week since they posted as a DD. Of course, I took advantage of it, and am really glad I did. It's a nice lengthy game, and while my mom was in town, she took advantage of playing it on my laptop. I've sucked her into the world of HOGs! LOL!!!
 posted in Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer on Sep 21, 11 7:28 PM
Couldn't agree with you guys more. It's the same reason why I couldn't watch "30 min. or less" in the theaters. Agn, thx to all the players who've given the forewarning--it's really appreciated by other gamers like me!
 posted in Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer on Sep 21, 11 7:25 PM
Thx for letting those like myself know. I didn't realize they used the same victims' names. Yuck No buy for me.
 posted in The 80's Game with Martha Quinn on May 23, 11 6:40 AM
Even for a DD, no thanks. I do NOT miss the 80s. Best thing about it for me were the gas prices--national avg. $1.25/gallon for the decade.
 posted in Hotel on May 7, 11 5:52 AM
Looks like it might be a good DD, but after all the technical complaints even after the revisions that were made, I'm a little concerned about potential glitches. Has anyone recently played the game without any major issues? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
 posted in The Island: Castaway on Mar 31, 11 3:43 AM
Tried to play it on the trial, but came out v. glitchy, which is a first for me on this site. Too bad. Would have liked to play it. Alas!
 posted in AGON - The London Scene on Mar 24, 11 8:26 PM
suratsiber wrote:ohh!! This is 360 deg game. Makes me sick! A no buy for me

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm surprised more people don't end up with vertigo. I made it exactly 2 minutes before this one was a no-buy for me
 posted in Catwalk Countdown on Feb 19, 11 6:22 AM
So far, so good for me as well
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Feb 17, 11 5:58 AM
Actually liked this one (i.e. character, music, etc.... ), just wish it was a little longer
 posted in Rhianna Ford & The Da Vinci Letter on Feb 4, 11 4:38 PM
All in all, a great game. After all the positive reviews, I didn't bother to play it as a trial, and purchased it when it came out as a DD. Finally had a chance to start playing it yesterday, and was eager to finish it today. Unfortunately, I've run into the same problem that some of the other gamers have faced with Chapter XII and following the pswd & matching mini-game, no amount of persistence allows me to finish the last part of it. I don't know if this is a technical difficulty, but I'm glad I purchased it as a DD, instead of at reg. price.
 posted in Behind the Reflection on Feb 3, 11 2:36 PM
Thanks for the 411, CasualGran. Really appreciate it
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