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 posted in Help Felix Find a Cure on Oct 16, 10 1:00 PM
I'm concerned that there's no link anywhere on the BF homepage. How is anyone supposed to know to donate unless they happen to go into the forums?!

Cookie234 I am appalled at your being angry! Doing a good deed or giving to charity is not supposed to be about what you GET! It's about GIVING, making a little sacrifice of yourself! Otherwise what's the point, it's really just buying something for yourself if all you care about is what you got out of it.

As for the gift you were given, it's clearly laid out on the donation page so there's no need to gripe.
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Oct 11, 10 12:41 AM
I did the beta for this game nearly 6 months ago and have been eagerly waiting for it ever since so I was thrilled when the SE finally came up.
This game is visually beautiful and all in all a GREAT game but I have one big beef with the developers. They make gorgeous, interesting games but would it kill them to find some original music?! I've heard this soundtrack at least 2 other times now (I believe in both Puppetshow games) and while it was nice enough the first time, now I'm miffed to be hearing it yet again. For lots of people the music is part of the gaming experience and for games like these that have so much thought put into them to just have the same old music thrown in is quite a let-down.
 posted in Wandering Willows on Oct 10, 10 9:15 PM
Yeah, I already went to all the trouble of making a latte for him only to have it not do diddly-squat! I was so miffed! LOL I think in the end I just gave him a bunch of rum and he was happy with me.

I don't think I found a use/reason for the green lilies either. And the recipes...I thought I had them all (finally broke down and bought the ones I was missing) only to find out there are still more you can't buy! I was so surprised to get more.

What do you mean you don't get the same food or clothes? Do you mean the patterns or the requests from the people?
 posted in Wandering Willows on Oct 9, 10 2:23 PM
No worries about Chacha or the robots, I managed those ones early on. My elusive ones have been Rao, Furgie, Swirlie, Loopia, and Ningo (who I finally got 2 days ago).

You mentioned playing a second game so I'm curious about replay value. Do you get the exact same tasks each time or are there some changes to keep things interesting?
 posted in Wandering Willows on Oct 6, 10 5:48 PM
I would give anything to buy some of your eggs! I'm still missing 5 very elusive ones. There are 41 total, including the one you have with you at any given moment. I wonder what you're missing...
 posted in Wandering Willows on Oct 6, 10 5:44 PM
I'm guessing then, since no special tricks were mentioned here, that there really aren't some magical secrets to getting the eggs. **sigh** I had high hopes that I was just missing something. I've been trying for a week to get the last 5 elusive eggs. Not only are these animals very rarely even seen but while I can get 10 eggs in 2 minutes from ANYTHING else these rare ones usually just give me wool. I've tried everything. I use the pets that help charm eggs. I have my pets well fed before trying to charm. I use high level charm collars on these pets. I hang out endlessly in the few areas where they are found. Still nothing.

I'm always curious why developers create fun games but then make some of the goals take endless unproductive hours to achieve. Where I was enjoying the game and would have recommended it to people, now I'm just feeling POed and frustrated. I think goals in games should be able to be achieved in a timely manner to fit more closely with the natural ending of the game or they risk putting a sour taste in the player's mouth.

Just a note, while the walkthrough on GZ can be a great help, the areas where certain pets are located are actually wrong in several cases (at least in my game) so try to remember where you saw some elusive animal rather than relying on misinformation. For instance, Swirlie is in section 3 and Furgie is often in section 7 (as well as 6 and beside the top left of 6's oval) and I've seen Ningo in section 7 as well. These are in the grasslands, btw. I've only ever seen Rao in section 3 of the tropics. And the list goes on so keep your eyes peeled!
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Oct 4, 10 5:22 PM
Wow. Geez thanks for jumping on me! I'm simply doing what the post was created for and noting a technical issue. There was no need to be rude.
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Oct 3, 10 11:02 PM
I only played a few minutes of the demo, which worked fine, before deciding to buy the CE full version. I started again with a new profile and was about 5 minutes in when I got a black screen and a spinning white square after clicking something in the room at the end of the newly lit tunnel. Not sure if it matters what I clicked but it was a piece of paper, I think, on the far right side of the screen. Once I got this spinning square nothing worked. Even Ctrl+Alt+Delete wouldn't get me out of the game. I'm going to try again but I'm pretty concerned after reading all the problems people have had. I had hoped waiting this long after the release that there wouldn't still be tech issues.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Sep 21, 10 10:57 PM
As of last night I finally got gold on all levels! YAY! I thought levels 4.10 and 4.11 would be the death of me. I must have played 4.10 about 30 times. I don't know about any extra levels with cute prizes but I've got all the gold trophies. Are those the prizes being referred to? I wish that beating the developer's score came with some extra little something on the flags so I would know which ones I still have to beat but oh least I still have a challenge to keep playing for while I wait for the next installment. I'm with everyone else that said how much they hated the mini-games. They were completely annoying and pointless...not to mentioned I don't enjoy the violence aspect, especially towards animals.
And the guy berating me with "what are you waiting for, the clock is ticking" I kept wanting to yell at him "Does it look like I'm just standing there doing nothing you idiot?"
But all in all it turned out to be a good game and I look forward to the next one.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Sep 1, 10 11:05 PM
Thank you for the improvements in the update!

I haven't gotten far enough in the game again to tell what all was updated but from the other comments it seems like several of our complaints were addressed so that's really great. But my own biggest personal complaint after playing the demo was about how underdressed Arthur and Helen were and I was VERY pleased to see that you went back and put some more appropriate clothing on them. It may have seemed silly but I found it distasteful in what should be able to be a family game. So thank you very much for fixing that issue.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Aug 25, 10 1:57 PM
Much to my dismay I thoroughly enjoyed the original MKftP. (I don't normally like this type.) So I was excited after reading Mudrock's list for this week. I too am left feeling a little cold on this one though. The first glaring issue was the cut scene of Arthur and Helen...what the heck happened to the cute characters?! Now they are just anorexic teenagers in barely there clothes! I found that very disappointing. I loved the adorable cut scenes in the first game but these were just a pathetic attempt to throw some S-E-X into the mix.
I truly thought this sequel would have the enjoyable gameplay of the first (which it does) but enough creativity and uniqueness to justify a second game. Far as I can tell they just copied and pasted a lot of game screens (or at least it looks that way) and added a couple twists (baddies and helpers). They couldn't even be bothered to change the word "castle" to "town" for the "you've expanded your..." bit. And I'm with everyone else who can't stand that new voice. It's no where near as charming as the original narrator and it's constant and annoying throughout the game with no way to turn it off.
I don't know if I'm going to spend money on this kinda bummed me out.
 posted in Ranch Rush on Aug 24, 10 1:34 PM
I wouldn't hold your breath unfortunately. While there may be plans in the distant future for another game, it took the developer something like 2 years and several delays to finally get Ranch Rush 2 out. But who knows...I guess we can dream!
 posted in Flux Family Secrets - The Rabbit Hole on Jul 3, 10 2:46 PM
I was having the same "wide screen" issue as you all are mentioning here but as I really wanted to buy this game for the sale I was determined to figure out how to fix the problem. I didn't realize I'd actually need to do anything to my settings since I have the auto-correct thing and usually that takes care of any sizing (resolution) issues. I especially thought it would be fine because when the game was loading it did start resizing the screen. However, there I was with less than full-screen and what appeared to be text being cut off so back to the drawing board. Here's what worked for me and maybe it'll work for some of you too.

I found that if I changed my resolution to the first "wide screen" option in my properties (1280 x 720) I got the game in actual full screen. I played around and nothing seemed to be missing from the screen using this option. I'm fairly certain all the text was where it was supposed to be.

So, while it's a gigantic pain in the behind to have to remember to change your res for this game, if you really want it maybe this idea will help. Good luck!
 posted in Artist Colony on Apr 13, 10 1:37 PM
First and foremost more information for the player. I spent months (and gave up a few times in frustration) not knowing why my artists wouldn't create even though everything was right for them. It would have been nice to see a note pop into that message area that simply said the gallery was full, try again later. A counter that shows the number of pieces in the gallery would have been good too. Information about why your characters are doing or not doing certain things would have been helpful.
Second, make the characters do some things for themselves. It's not a fun game when all you do is drag people around forcing them to eat and sleep.
Third, it would be nice to have more types of art. Even the game's tree logo had other types but they were not in the game like writing, drama, and instrumental music. Along with that it would be cool if the characters actually looked more like they were dancing instead of just wiggling around. And the songs they sing get very monotonous, some variety would be great.
Last but not least, as many have said, more spaces in the gallery.
 posted in Artist Colony on Apr 12, 10 11:38 PM
I was sure there was tons of room in the galleries but then your question cdae, made me think about that "full 40" a little differently than I had before. And it turns out that may have been the issue. I'd always thought you got 40 spots for each type of art, not 40 total for everything. What a joke! You have to constantly keep counting in all the galleries and being frustrated. Geez, would it have killed the creators of the game to at least put a little counter on the gameplay screen?! Or at least have a little note at the top (where we see the other endless notes) that says the gallery is currently full. There are such simple things the creators could have done to take out some of the frustration of this game.
 posted in Super Granny 5 on Apr 11, 10 1:27 PM
As a diehard SuperGranny fan I must say I'm very disappointed in this latest installment. I've been eagerly awaiting this game and was expecting something on par with SG3 and SG4. The gameplay is ok and I don't mind that some of the levels are extremely easy though on the whole it wasn't the challenge I was expecting. One of the really fun things about the previous games was Granny's hilarious comments and sadly this game is mostly repeats from the other games. And then there's the graphics. **sigh** I don't even know what to say there. The previous games were pleasantly whimsical but this one is way too cartoonish and childish. And was there really a need to make Granny look like she's so young?! I loved the fact that she was this funny little old lady but now she looks like she's had a serious face-lift!
I guess I feel like it comes down to "if it ain't broke don't fix it." They should have built on the previous success and given us more of what we loved.
 posted in Artist Colony on Apr 5, 10 11:43 PM
Could someone please help me figure this out?
I have all the upgrades. My people are inspired, fed, happy, energized, trained, etc. There appears to be tons of room in the galleries (unless previously bought pieces count but I don't see how they could). For the life of me I cannot figure out why they refuse to create masterpieces. I get them all perfect and primed to create and they just walk away. Meanwhile someone who doesn't need to create just waltzes in and takes up space. I have everyone set to the appropriate preferences (like cleaning) but as we all know that doesn't help the stage hogs! LOL This is driving me nuts! I gave up on the game months ago in frustration but thought I would have another go at it only to throw up my hands in aggravation again tonight. There's got to be some info I'm missing as to why this isn't working.
 posted in Gemini Lost on Dec 31, 09 1:07 AM
I know this game's been around for a bit but I'm hoping someone pops in to answer this.

Is this game heavy on the astrology aspects or are the signs of the zodiac mainly just used in a constellation sort of way?

Thanks for the info.
 posted in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting ™ on Dec 30, 09 10:14 PM
Still no word on whether BF is going to get this game?! I did the beta too but would prefer to buy from here.
 posted in Artist Colony on Dec 12, 09 11:12 PM
I keep having my artists be inspired but I don't know what to do with their inspiration. We're told early in the game where to send Ben, a painter, but where do I put the other types of artists? Do I have to do extensive restorations first?

Also, does the game automatically pause when you exit?
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