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 posted in The Serpent of Isis ™ on Mar 1, 09 8:57 PM
Put the red and purple paperweights on the round circles that appear on the table when you hold the cursor over the top of the table.
 posted in Syberia on Feb 9, 09 4:37 PM
You can go in the hotel.There is an article to read you will find there.You have to talk to the innkeeper several times.Make a phone call to the office.He will then send a fax you will get from the innkeeper to take down the street to the lawyer or notary.There is also a little boy at the hotel who will drop a couple gear pieces you need to pick up for later.There is a good walkthrough on gameboomers.Just google gameboomers walkthroughs.Hope this helps.This was a very good game.
 posted in Svetlograd on Jan 29, 09 7:08 PM
I enjoy reading in the forums but I've never posted.I saw this and just had to let everyone know so you can keep from driving yourself crazy trying to get that last doll.I played this game a long time ago and it's one I keep going back to.Like all of you,I kept trying to get that last doll.I used all the power ups but was always left with one doll and one treasure to get.Finally, I wrote Big Fish to get an answer and they even got in touch with the developers.Guess what!!There is no answer to being able to open up more levels.I guess it's a glitch in the game but it's still well worth playing.So,for those of you who have it,you just can't get that last doll.
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