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 posted in Time Stand Still on Sep 2, 08 10:46 AM
Hi; I can't find the pylon, either! How did you figure it out?
 posted in Time Stand Still on Sep 2, 08 9:40 AM

My experience is that if the next 'phase' doesn't show up, it means there's something still missing.

If you're unsure what you missed, I found the best solution is to start over.
Let us know how you make out
 posted in Time Stand Still on Sep 2, 08 9:36 AM
Hi; You need the knife to 'break into' the wall behind the cabinet. The knife can be found on the 'walk' around the herbal garden.
Use the knife twice on the wall and it will break through.

The key to the shed, I believe, is behind the pictures on the wall in the large sitting room on the left hand wall.

Hope that helps
 posted in Time Stand Still on Aug 30, 08 3:54 PM
Hi; I'm nearly at the end of the game - at the docks. But, I can't find the pylon!?
Can anyone help?

I just realized I'm probably asking the question in the 'wrong' place. Sorry about that. I do appreciate the instructions, though. Thank you.
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