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 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 13, 08 1:35 PM
beckiev... I thought the same thing.. but go ahead and hit Play... and then the option comes up... I ,too, thought I was doomed.. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did...... now that you aren't pressured.

 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 13, 08 7:12 AM

I just re-bought this untimed game as I had dumped ityesterday out of sheer frustration... but now have just completed it and it was great fun. Yes some of the things were so teeny tiny but the hints saved the day and didn't penalize you. I actually skipped some games and sailed thru this.. Yipppeee !!
Maybe one day when I get brave I"ll play the regular version.. but for now I want to THANK the makers of this for listening to our concerns. It is so much better to be able to choose the level of difficulty we want... and the depths of insanity we want to plunge into. Thank you , thank you !!

So whens the next one... ?? Waiting patiently... tap, tap, tap..

Celeryhart ( a BF addict )
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 12, 08 1:05 PM
LOL.. I can understand why the distance.. ! I"m doing this on my lunch break...... what a fool...But your instructions were perfect..and I did it.... but you know what... I still ran out of time... and now they want me to go thru all that again.... for the third time... !! Not bloody likely...... this is a stupid game.. period. To top it off they throw in different things to find so I lose more time trying to find them. Sheesh... !!

I lose 10 min on the moving pieces...) cause I can't do all three of them ) ... then on the mirrors...( which I don't have a clue what they want from me there ) ... so just those 2 take 20 minutes off my time...... and the clock keeps ticking... ! If I try to do it later.. it just comes back to haunt me... who needs it...? This game won't even let me go to another room to see what I can find there... oh no.. I"m stuck on one place while the clock counts down.... Really sucks... !! Bad bad planning for a game.

I"m not geared mentally to withstand this abuse....LOLO. I have enough deadlines in my real job to subject myself to this time limit in a silly game...!! I play for fun not self induced punishment...and mental anguish..!!

Bye bye, I better go before there is Murder Among Friends........ I don't want to play the game anymore....... !! Smile. Good luck to you die hards that can manage games like these... have fun.. ! I may check back to see if everyone else is surviviing... LOL


 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 12, 08 11:30 AM
You are so sweet....I did sound like a banshee didn't I...??? LOLO. Not having fun is an understatment.....LOLO

I had to get to work so was rushed...but I"ll check out your solution later... I maybe shouldn't have started this at 4 am........ I"m at work now and haven't had a chance to ask for my money back yet... so maybe will give it another try under calmer circumstances.
I guess I did sound savage... but thats the way I felt and I hold to my always wanting an escape.. !

Thanks my dear... and I do apologize for sounding ballistic.. but not for how I feel... Smile.

 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 12, 08 8:59 AM
MURDER AMONG FRIENDS... seems an appropriate name for this dumb game. I"m about ready to kill somebody...!

I"m outta here !! Why ?
Because even though I finally solved the ball and cross game... I was penalized 10 minutes on an earlier game where you move the pieces ... I only could do 2 of them out of the 3... so I opted to skip and was docked 10 min. That caused me to lose the whole chapter by 6 lousy seconds when I couldn't find the last piece. Ask me if murder was not on my mind.. !

So I had to start the whole chapter all over again. Are they friggen crazy....? Well, I"m back to the same ball and cross game AGAIN... and I refuse to subject myself to that all over again... and probably still lose the whole game in the end. I'm no glutton for punishment.. !!

I guess I"m a whinner... and a wimp... but I just refuse to support a game that is causing me such agony. Untill they learn to let me decide if I can solve a problem or not... and give me the chance to move forward ...... I just don't need them in my life. Not all of us have the patience or ability to twist our minds around these puzzles...... so let us decide if we want the challenge or not. The rest of the game was fine... but I can't move forward... so I'm moving out and getting my money back.
I absolutely love these's the first thing I check every morning.. ! I Loved Treasure Masters and Ancient Magic... but thanks go Gamezebo... I was able to work my way thru them... and was never "stuck" I"ve played them both twice now and will certainly go back to them.
So makers of Mystery Chronicles...... I"m not the least bit amused by your clever games....... and will not purchse them unless you can recognize that not all of us enjoy these puzzles that entrap us.... give me an OUT... For heaven sakes show some mercy. Unless you give me an out ( without having to play the whole chapter again) or provide a full bottle of valium....... you've seen the last of me.

I know some of you find these puzzles easy or challenging... but I"m not one of them... I sure sound like a battle axe... but actually I feel like one after this game.. !
I'll eagerly await my next hidden object game.... those are the only ones I buy.
Todays game was a huge disappointment... at least to me.


 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 12, 08 7:48 AM
OH thank you.... !! I"ve got to get to work.. but this puzzle is driving me nuts.. and I want to solve it... For the life of me I can't get it to work. I couldn't skip it either... or if I could have ... I can't now because I opted to play it later. Now that it has come up I'm stuck........ double darn...I was hoping to heck it would just go away !!

I"m tearing my hair out.... and I no longer think this is Being trapped like this raises my blood pressure to astronomical heights.....and I mentally plot to destroy the game makers and wish them all kinds of bad luck... LOL. Man, it really brings out the beast in me.... and I'm such a nice person.....LOLO

I will still try to solve it... but will watch for your instructions in case I can't. Am I the only imbicile that can't figure this out...? It ain't easy being stupid... !!
 posted in The Stone of Destiny on Sep 8, 08 6:33 PM
Whats with this game..? I"ve played it once and it worked fine... Tonight when I opened it.. my cursor had a mind of it's own and was all over the board. I can't use it to turn the music down or put it full control at all.

I"ve had to control, alt, delete to get out of it...
Ok, so I gave it another chance and opened it again.... same thing happened. My cursor goes nuts... ! Control, alt , delete.... gonzo.. I want to play this again.. Any suggestions.?

Whats up with it..?

 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 6, 08 10:57 PM
I went to Gamezebo and didn't see anything about the pipes....... I"ve been struggling with this for so long I've forgotten which book I"m even on..... which ever one the red, blue and yellow pipes are in. Man this is way too frustrating.. !
I"ve read people's responses and they aren't helping... I have some brown on the top but it isn't brown all the way down.. and I don't see why it isn't...
 posted in Treasure Masters on Sep 6, 08 7:37 PM
I played it twice just so I wouldn't forget the process...... course I needed a bit of help from Gamezebo....many thanks GZ... you saved my sanity. Treasure Master also gave me plenty of coins for hints so I was never stuck.
The only problem I had with it was when I went to click on something close to the edge of the screen..... it would make the screen disappear ( minimize ) so I was constantly having to open it up again........... wonder why...? Anybody else having that problem..?

I sure loved the game though..... Nice job.. ! Wouldn't hurt to have a "skip" feature on some of those mini games though.. they were not easy.

 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 6, 08 4:09 AM
For the life of me... I can't get them lined up. I did get them brown at one point but they weren't lined up with the bottle. Is there a screen shot of how it is suppose to be. I"ve been at this since 2:30 am ( and half of yesterday ) and I"m contemplating suicide..........LOL.. Please help..........!! And please, please... creators of this game... give me an "out"... don't make me agonize over this hour after hour... !! I love these games but I can only take so much frustration...... ! If I"m a coward and need to whimp out.. please give me that choice ok...? I don't mind hanging my head in shame... !

I hope somebody has a screenshot ... as I doubt I"ll be able to solve it on my own.. I"ve read peoples instructions and they don't seem to be helping me. Well, back at it and hopefully I"ll hear from someone soon.......LOL

Thanks.... I"ve gotten this far... I can't quit now.. !

 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 2, 08 5:55 PM
Please, dear Azada makers, let me choose to bail out of a mini game before the last ounce of sanity escapes and renders me a vegetable... ! Punish me if you must.... send me to my bedroom without dinner.. take away my allowance....( ya right.. I"m 63 yrs ) ... but please don't leave me in utter frustration by not being able to solve a puzzle. When I've had the biscuit .... please release me .. let me go.. !! Let me decide when I"ve had it.. !!
Heck not even just the mini puzzles........ I"m stuck already. I"m knocking on someones door... there is a bird bath.. I have bread, a knife and some bark and I might as well kiss the game goodbye cause I don't know what to do... Sigh... !!

For those of you who don't need the escape or skip button you don't need to use it... but for us that need it...... at least we can continue the game. Maybe a bit defeated.. but at least finish it. I hate using my hints and use them sparingly .... but I used one and it just went to the front door and didnt' help at all...... I can't get anywhere by knocking on the door.... he keeps saying nobody is there... etc.. ! Well, it's me you twit..... help me.. !! LOL

It would be nice to know and be shown where we went wrong.. so we can play it again and maybe not have the same trouble. Is that possible ?

This is my first post on the forum and I don't even know where to find help. I see others having trouble but I don't see many solutions..... What am I doing wrong..?
Grrrrr............... I love these hidden games but they are going to shorten my life span...... !!
As far as the first Azada game......I have it.. I never play me " it sucks"... I don't care for the puzzles but love the hidden things and even solving small things in the game.. but those puzzles irk me..... I need an out.. !!
Guess we are all different eh..?


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