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 posted in Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio on Mar 25, 14 4:39 PM
I am unable to pick up the locket frame. I have tried several times and no go. I got the buttons in the right place and cant get that darned frame.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 10, 14 8:18 PM
I found them this level is really difficult
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 10, 14 12:23 PM
here I am again. I cant find 1 more seed and none of the beans or 1 spearhead Help please This is in the conclusion chapter
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 8, 14 9:10 PM
I am stuck on this last chapter I cant find the last feather and where do I get the other boats I found the first boat but I am floundering Help please
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 5, 14 8:21 PM
got it thank you for your help
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 5, 14 12:43 PM
thank you found the beehives and I have all the seeds but the catch is that I have all the seeds in my back pack but don't remember what I am supposed to do with the seeds Am I stupid or what.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 4, 14 1:09 PM
I have looked everywhere for them and cant find them Help please I love this game
I have played the same level over & over. I finish the level and it goes right back to the same level. 6 times in a row. what is up with that. I uninstalled and reinstalled and problem still there. Is it me or is it this game
 posted in Farmington Tales on Oct 20, 12 2:49 PM
thank you for your help
 posted in Farmington Tales on Oct 18, 12 3:48 PM
when I get to the mini game of finding the animals I am totally lost. I dont see any animals where are they
 posted in Three Musketeers Secret: Constance's Mission on Jan 24, 12 10:18 AM
Becca_jxxx wrote:I also thought this game just looks like a Spot the Difference game so I will be waiting to see what others have to say about it before downloading.

I actually like this game. It takes some thinking in places and I love the graphics. Wish they had more of these.
 posted in Crossworlds: The Flying City on Jan 8, 11 10:28 PM
A walkthrough please3!!!!!!!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 22, 10 7:44 PM
I am having the same problem with the ladder. When I click on the ladder it just takes me to the main part of the station. Help please.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst ™ on Sep 15, 10 11:37 AM
I never received an email for my free game of ravenhearst. have been a member for over 2 years. What can I do.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream on Sep 3, 10 6:33 PM
I am having a problem in the spring room. I am trying to clean the tank and I put the first handle up and then the second one up. I got a message saying that the water is flowing. I get the lttle gears going on the tank. when I take the brush up to clean it, nothing happens. I have the bottom lever in the down position. what am I doing wrong. I have tried the levers in all positions and still nothing. HELP
 posted in Gardenscapes on Mar 12, 10 11:32 AM
I love this game and would like to see more like it. Very entertaining. I have played both modes and like the relaxed mode the best. Great jog on this game.
 posted in The Serpent of Isis ™ on Mar 1, 09 6:38 PM
I am trying to find the letters (6) in the postcard. Your walkthrough shows the postcard that has 7 letters.twice. Must be a repeat. No picture of the postcard with 6 letters. I found all of the letters but 1. That is the "I". Can you correct the error of the pictures? Thank you . I love this game but am frustrated right now.
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