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 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on Jun 11, 17 6:13 PM
I've been a big fish game member for many years now. Seriously thinking about canceling my account. Seems that every time I get a time management game, it crashes and you can not finish the game.. And I'm out the money I paid for it. Have had this happen quite a lot lately. I usually just suck it up. But this game freezes and my whole computer freezes. Causes all kinds of issues. All I ever see in response to posts on here, in regards to this problem (and for many other games) is: Your repeated messages about Try this, or try that.. Maybe it's your computer, game card, etc., It's time you OWN it!!! My computer is in excellent shape! I happen to have a family member that is a computer wizard.. If you want continued loyalty from your Big Fish Game members, try being loyal back!!! Check these games out prior to putting them out there!!!!! Quit making excuses that it's more than likely a fault of our computers!!! This happens to me again, and I'm out!
 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition on Mar 26, 17 6:57 PM
Freezes on level 50. Have retried several times.. but always freezes just before I finish the game..
 posted in Incredible Dracula III: Family Secret on Feb 26, 17 6:31 PM
did they take this game off??? I tried to buy it, but it says it does not exist?? But yet I have it downloaded into my game section..
Having a problem with this game freezing.. Will not let me do anything except go to the menu button and exit out!!! I have currently had my video card driver updated. So that is not the problem.. This is the second game in the last month that I have purchased and have not been able to finish because there is no fix. The other game is: Spirit of Revenge:
Florry's Well Collectors addition. Windows 10

If there are no known fixes to these games, I would like to request my money back!!
 posted in Roads of Rome on Apr 16, 12 8:47 AM
bevaa72 wrote:I had this game for few months and really enjoyed it. Went back to try to beat the clock. Some I did.. and some i didn't. The problem is that just a few weeks ago, i got a black screen after clicking on PLAY. What did I do causing it? I have Dell XPS 64-bit Win 7 on very high speed internet (cable). I changed the screen to windows and tried it again. Still showed Black window but when I move curior outside of the window, the "mini" window shows background of the game! That's it! I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it again. Same old black screen! Any suggestion?

Every time I start this game up it shuts my whole computer down!!! Is there a patch for this game??
 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Oct 8, 09 6:46 AM
bought the game, but it keeps freezing up on me in the hamburg shop. anyone else having this problem?
 posted in Everything Nice on May 4, 09 9:11 PM
Got it!! Thanks a bunch!! Love this game too!
 posted in Wonderburg on Apr 8, 09 4:20 PM
I have the same problem.. At first I couldn't get it to download, than after a couple of days it downloaded without a problem. Now whenever I play it, I get almost to the end and it freezes up on me... Than when I restart it I get the same little screen. (some kind of error screen) When it finally starts up again, it has lost all my info..
Any news as to if this problem has been resolved yet???
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