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Please please, anyone who knows the name of the "opening song" tell me! I have even written to ERS to try and find the original tune.
Also have asked BF and they don't know.
Many thanks if anyone can come up with the "name of the tune".
 posted in The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure on Jan 9, 14 3:30 PM
The ladder is just beyond the lantern on the pier by the tree. Then go to the bedroom and open the vent thingy up high, it will give you the top to the lantern in order to insert the green bulb.
I forgot to put the negatives in order and now I'm stuck down in the basement with the safe. Strange playing game. All sorts of probs.
Good luck!! MLM
 posted in Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus on Sep 9, 11 3:32 PM
Wow, this is the third time this week I have complained about the games. What is happening?
In this game, half-way through the hints etc and conversations have changed to a foreign language!! It looks like Greek (really) but I can't read it or interpret it so-o-o another game that I am unable to finish!
What a disappointment BF is getting to be, for me.
Can anyone help me? All I get from BF lately is form letters.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition on Sep 8, 11 8:43 AM
What a disappointment. I finally just stopped playing half-way through. There is no fun in trying to foresee glitz-es and starting over then falling into more problems.
Please warn your fishes about games like this!
 posted in Unsolved Mystery Club ®: Ancient Astronauts ® on Aug 18, 11 8:54 PM
The arrow head is around the leopards/jaguars neck, just click on him by the fountain.
 posted in Timeless: The Forgotten Town on Aug 14, 11 9:26 PM
I think this is technical! I have tried 0000 of times to capture that dang piece of paper with the hat! There just isn't enough time. I click on the paper then the hat and the hat jiggles itself twice and by that time the paper has landed. Frustration galore.
How am I to get the door code, the dacbfe doesn't work.
Ps hate the new GM it is slow and too many "step" to get to the game.
Other than all that, I love you BF.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector's Edition on Jun 14, 11 7:38 AM
Not the CE, just the regular Raincliff. I was disappointed with the hidden objects, they are almost impossible to spot and sometimes are mis-named? And there is no logic to the traveling in the game. Just random from here to there. I used that poor little frog so he was worn out!!
Plus, the last three days the games offered are just terrible. Please get some more Christy or other novel works?
Thank you, in all my gripping you are still the best!
Myra Martin
 posted in Fallen Shadows on May 8, 11 8:11 PM
Love ya BF, but this game is the pitts. I can't see to find any objects and when I use hint I don't recognise most of them. No walkthrough? No directions? Thank you for the hints or I would have quit long ago. No more of these please!
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Mar 30, 11 7:26 PM
You are all so wonderful at BFG may I request that when music is included withthe games, please, please,please do NOT REPEAT and repeat and repeat!! There are some really beautiful full scores that can be used I'm sure. Keep on keepin' on
 posted in Kuros on Mar 12, 11 6:13 PM
Thank you, but I am giving up on this game! The pictures and objects are way too dark and hard to find, the instructions are terrible and the walkthrough did not help me even a little bit. Sad, because it began as an interesting game.
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Oct 20, 10 12:35 PM
Bg Arno, disappointment, I have had to go to gamez to get the correct directions or hints!! You are so much better-----What happen?
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse on Mar 30, 10 8:42 PM
bfgTigris wrote:Need some help? No worries!

Check out the walkthrough for Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse on our blog!

To get to our blog, click on the Big Fish Games logo at top left to go to the home page, then click on “Blog” under “Featured Areas” on the left side of the page. On the right side of the blog is a link to all of the walkthroughs we’ve posted.

Or you can click <a href=>here</a>.

Happy Gaming!
I am so sick of this game! Many items are too small or dark and I can't even see them. EX. the snail, I am on inv. 7 and stuck in the dinner trying to find one more cake and one more moth!! The walkthrough doesn't help at all, it is as dark and small as the original and sometimes wrong. I have written to the Big Fish people but to no avail and they are usually so good..
How do Ijoin a discussion? I asked prpldva but now I don't know how to access my "mailbox" in the forum.. Thanks!!
 posted in Undiscovered World: The Incan Sun on Mar 31, 09 12:24 PM
I am late coming to this game, but after the 3rd of 4th chapter, the curser began to shake and wobble and I had a great deal of trouble controling it! The game also slowed down and things would hardly move. The puzzles were almost impossible to do because the curser wouldn't move the pieces! Disappointed.
 posted in Insider Tales: Stolen Venus on Mar 25, 09 8:43 PM
I have been playing the game and have noted a lot of "glitches" but it's a fun game so I just get a hint and move on. Big Fish is very good to try and solve the problems with a game or credit your account. Yea!!
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