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 posted in Super Granny 5 on Jun 9, 17 9:14 PM
not exactly sure about where you are. yOu have dig a hole above the tomato to get to it. It is a little tricky. If you look back through the threads you find an answer already here.-
 posted in Super Granny 3 on May 20, 17 6:15 AM
You can buy them all from big fish games. Granny 2 would be Granny in Paradise, followed by Super Granny Winter Wonderland. Super Granny would be bought from ****,.
 posted in Super Granny 3 on Apr 21, 17 6:19 AM
When you go from park it will show the ticket as being sold out. You have to rebuy it for each park. When you get to the last one be sure that you have the jet pack,
 posted in Super Granny 4 on Oct 24, 16 6:29 PM
thejrock143 wrote:I found a video on youtube................

Most of the granny series have videos at you tube.
 posted in Granny in Paradise on Oct 21, 16 9:45 PM
Up at the top just above the key drill down to it, Be careful that you do not press down on the space bar too much, because you will have to let the robots catch you so you can start over.
I was just watching this level at you tube. Part of why I never put answers up on my own message board is because most of the levels can be viewed on you tube.
 posted in Granny in Paradise on Oct 21, 16 9:30 PM
Some of those levels have a bomb and a jackhammer. If there is a bomb remove the barrier so when you use the jackhammer you will be able to get the key.
One of those has a key with no way to get it, because you do not need it. Look for other ways to get to where you are going.
 posted in Beetle Bug 2 on Oct 16, 16 5:36 PM
You can push the rocks so that hit a battie.
 posted in Beetle Bug 2 on Oct 16, 16 5:34 PM
When you play this level, use the rocks to kill the batties. Just push them sideways or up and down.
 posted in Granny in Paradise on Oct 16, 16 5:31 PM
I don't remember posting an answer to this level here. at one time I had a lot of answers here but removed them to post them later on my own message board.
I would start by taking all of the kittens home. Sometimes a ladder will appear.
Is there a fall thru or a bomb to where the key is. I would also look for a umbrella that will take you over to where the key is. Some of the fans that move the umbrella are hidden, you have to look for them.
If I can help again just pm me.
 posted in Super Granny 4 on Oct 16, 16 5:24 PM
I don't recall them being any set order for them. I remember it being very frustrating. I would try writing down on a piece of paper where to go each time.
 posted in Super Granny 6 on Sep 30, 16 1:25 AM

The best advice that I can tell you is to watch the video of this level being played out on you tube. Just type in you tube, super granny 6, do it like tarzan.
On the next page I left an answer as to how to play this game.
 posted in Super Granny 3 on Sep 14, 16 7:22 AM
When you play this level write down on a piece of paper where you go. Some of levels have a fall thru so look for that.
 posted in Super Granny 3 on Aug 4, 16 7:00 AM
If you are referring to the circles with the cane across them, they are not secret levels. there aren't any levels that you can't play.
 posted in Super Granny 5 on Jun 19, 16 9:05 AM
Most of these have a blow torch to get through the barrier. There is one level where you do not need the key.
 posted in Granny in Paradise on May 31, 16 3:34 AM
Granny in Paradise can be tricky at time, because it has little fans that will blow the umbrella of the exit. There are quite a few so look for them.
 posted in Granny in Paradise on May 31, 16 3:32 AM
Hi. It took me sometime to figure this one out. Lure the gorillas down to the level where the dog is. If you stand right at the bottom they will follow granny.
When I started, I blew the barrier went down to go thru the portal. When you get back to the top, jump down and blow the barrier leading down to the kittens.
before you do the above step dig a hole for the gorilla. go back thru the portal and blow the barrier do down the ladder with the kittens. dig a hole above the meow, jump down and go thru the portal.
Now to get one gorilla to the level with the dog. Watch where he comes out and then dig a hole for him to fall thru.
Go back down to the portal so you can blow the barrier to get to the other kittens.
Watch for the gorillas to come after you when the ground appears. Dig two hole for two gorillas. Now go after the kittens. If you hurry you will be able to dig holes for the gorillas go down the ladder to the meow One of the gorilla should follow you. You should have the gorilla on the far left, left. Take the bomb to the exit, stay right there and fall thru.

I was looking through some my replies to messages and I found this so I thought that I would post it here.
 posted in Super Granny 4 on May 13, 16 8:09 PM
Try looking back through the threads. There might be a reply already here.
 posted in Super Granny 6 on Apr 26, 16 2:09 AM
I wish that I had an answer for you. I have a laptop that I put windows 10 on. I never replayed Super Granny 6 on it. I do know that on some of the wider screens, Granny cannot move unless you play the game in windowed mode.
Super Granny 6 took so long to play that I have never replayed it.
Best of luck to you and I hope you get it working.
 posted in Super Granny 4 on Apr 16, 16 4:29 PM
It would help to know where you are.
 posted in Granny in Paradise on Apr 11, 16 1:29 PM
Have you tried redownloading them I have a number of grannies from here and have no trouble redownloading them.
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