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 posted in Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds on Jan 16, 12 3:14 PM
I'm playing the timed mode and I cannot complete the rice mice level.
No matter what I try and no matter how fast I move I cannot get past this level.
Any strategies I can try?
 posted in Letters from Nowhere 2 on Jun 12, 11 3:25 PM
I played the unlimited mode and beat the ace times and the best times as well.
But there are three stamps that I didn't get--the 1st stage in unlimited mode, the 2nd stage and the 3rd stage. What exactly do they mean by "stage"?
 posted in Jewel Quest Solitaire 3 on Sep 11, 10 9:00 AM
I'm having the same problem with Peru level 7. Had a similar problem earlier in the game but kept playing and somehow the card turned over. I can't get it to work this time. All my software is updated so that's not the problem. Contacted Big Fish yesterday, waiting for an answer this week.
 posted in Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla on Sep 6, 09 6:03 AM
I notified tech support as I was also having trouble with the typewriter keys missing letters.
I did exactly what they suggested. Played the game again. I now have letters on the keys
but no luck with the utensils. I know I can skip that part and play another mini game but
that's not the point. Didn't want hidden objects--wanted something different. I
didn't go any further right now but I suspect there will be other problems.
 posted in Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla on Aug 30, 09 1:48 PM
When an item on the stove needs something, such as salt, the first time I add it there's
not a problem. However, if I need to use the salt again, the item won't move. This
is happening for all ingredients and utensils. Any suggestions?
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