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 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate Collector's Edition on Sep 28, 15 5:08 PM
Downloaded the trial and after 6 minutes it said the trial was over! No buy until I can have a decent trial.
Day 13 and still no reply to my CS ticket w/Felix file attached regarding this game! Still unable to successfully download and play it.
I remember the days when Mods were assigned to watch over posts and problem solve or at least tell us what was happening. Or Paul would pop in and apologize and explain what they were doing, like contacting McAfee. So I'm very disappointed that the technical issues in games are no longer addressed in a timely manner. I put in a TS ticket but no word yet.
biscuitsmama wrote:My McAfee found the following Trojan and quarantined the file:


Said something about screen puzzle 1. I have never had this happen before. I thought BFG guarantees that all their games are virus tested and that these types of files are not in their games.

I sure hope this doesn't cause any issues with playing the game but will soon find out as I am off to start playing now.

Downloaded and played the trial with no problems, bought the game and both my Malewarbytes and McAfee have flagged it with the Artemis Trojan and quarantined it!
Laptop with 8.1 Windows!
 posted in Kingdom Chronicles on Apr 8, 14 6:38 AM
Purchased this on a DD and just got around to playing it. At first it played fine but now periodically I'm getting the sound but a totally black screen comes up and it won't even let me view my task manager sometimes and I have to just shut down the computer. I am using a new computer with touch Windows 8; I haven't had any problems with other games. Has anyone had this problem?
 posted in Esoterica: Hollow Earth on Jan 7, 14 9:09 AM
Stay warm Penny!

Just demoed the game and agree at the fun! It seems to be done around prohibition period and it's a bit rustic in game play. Really enjoyable perhaps because it so much reminds me of the old Sienna game of Laura Bow! Now we need a King's Quest! Definite buy.
 posted in Fairway Solitaire: Tee to Play on Jun 5, 13 6:20 AM
I own both Fairway and Fairway Solitaire - so I was extremely excited to see a "new" Fairway offering but after a half hour of play I uninstalled the game. For those who've never played the game - buy either of the first two they are fun and you don't have to pay money "for the same" game money earned extras.

Windowed version only no full screen capabilities
Same stories and jokes from the other game, really looked forward to more humor as I loved this in the other games.
Paying for items that you can earn in the other games.
Sneaky gopher didn't show up as much in movies - must be later
Settings - a bird for ocean sounds control - REALLY!
The ocean sounds were not pleasant ones and even off you could hear them and it sounded like wind!
Settings in general seemed to have a problem.
The way the golf club purchases were done was not as nice as the previous games.

Choice of deck of cards was the only thing I liked.
 posted in Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Collector's Edition on May 13, 13 8:30 AM
Please note unless you purchase the CE you have no ending. Unfortunately this developer chose to not give an actual bonus but cut off the games ending and use it in the bonus.
 posted in Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows Collector's Edition on May 11, 13 12:17 PM
The game love story is intriguing and I want to know how it plays out. It's kind of an old school graphic type game with the same slowness. The double arrows are directional arrows as far as I could tell. I was playing the game and time ran out looking for six more coins for second box and was glad to hear there is an SG and a map for the coins (which I didn't see either) but I didn't check on the menu label.

Love/hate type of game - you'll either love this type of older play or not. Had there been a member's 50% sale I would have purchased the game today. Since there wasn't one I'll wait for a sale or the SE.

Found no occult items in an hour of play and the mini-games are challenging at times. Need directions on some.
It is always a pleasure when you show up to chat - thank you! I have most of the games and all of this series so far and have enjoyed them. The vampire and puppet show did not purchase because of all the occult symbolism. I believe like the Dark Tales scary can be achieved without resorting to it. So far I've been pleased that both CE and SE games have an "ending" - I am no longer purchasing games from developers who do not put a proper ending in the game itself. Bonus should only be an extension of the storyline or even a separate game.

Absolutely love the adorable kitten and collecting toys for him/her. Would be good to name and use to help in the game as well. I like the interactive office as well. The scale of justice will be interesting. Bear was a real cutey!

Many items, especially in HOGs are way to small for me to see so if you could enlarge them or even include a magnifier that would be excellent. I didn't use the map but once (to busy playing with the cat) LOL! It would be good if a picture we took could be placed on the map location for identification. I enjoy the camera and only went back to same them once in a while - good to be able to delete as well.

Mini-games - giving a choice of playing them or match or choosing at the beginning of a game if we desire hard, medium, easy or even no skip would be good as well. Naturally keep the skip available.

Thanks again for a wonderful game!
 posted in European Mystery: Scent of Desire on Apr 12, 13 6:13 AM
Based on finishing the CE -
Valdy has excellently given the basics of the game.

Additions to his review -
You are a detective who reads about the mysterious murders of young women and that their dehydrated bodies have been found. You travel to Paris during the time of cholera to help solve the mystery. (Note a few semi-gruesome bodies) Story as it plays out is excellent and the voice overs well done, as are the graphics for the time period. Several well done videos enhance game play.

Special note - the game finished semi-satisfactory but the bonus truly added to the ending and was quite long in it self. No occult.

Achievements - 20 one of these is to find 35 hidden symbols through out the game - including the bonus game. They are difficult to locate and often quite small - a small "X" will often reveal where the item is.

Mini-games available in CE after you finish bonus game.

Part of game play is to gain a box of "scents" and a collector vial. This box is used to further your endeavors to solve the mystery. Won't reveal more but it really was fun to find and mix the ingredients. Cleverly done.

Map was wonderful - not only could you see a small picture of the scene but the map had small flags indicating where you needed to fulfill a task. Many places you will travel too.

Journal and SG very helpful.

Excellent game - really enjoyed it once you get over the shock of the first body!

Based on CE trial - played casual. I really enjoyed the first Empress and not so much the second, The third so far is just ok - haven't gone far enough to say one way or the other. The continued fight between the sisters - a bit childish in presentation. Graphics are beautiful and inventive locations, mini games interesting. You have to find and unlock the journal and other special items to use. Once you receive the gem you must find fairies in each area to power it and unlock a special area.

Cats - love them - when one pops in click on it for a special coin to open up areas you can jump to. So far haven't opened an area available - not sure why this isn't part of the map - revealed I'm sure later in the game. There is a door at the beginning which will need to be opened to lead to a bonus game.

In the casual mode (possibly the others) large popups tell you what your mission is and when fulfilled opens and checks it off.

Strategy guide 3 chapters - personally I found it useless. HOGs can be difficult and it doesn't show where anything but the one "hidden" item. So you have to use your hints.

Journal - large writing which was good and some help with codes you've gathered. Must open Journal to get to interactive map - but so far it has been useless. One should be able to jump from area to area within the area you are working.

Bonus material - indicates a match 3 game and Zen game; art concept unlocked after you finish the bonus. So far nothing makes me want to purchase CE.
 posted in Fear for Sale: Nightmare Cinema Collector's Edition on Apr 4, 13 7:32 AM
Based on Trial - This is third in series and far superior then the first two. Graphics are not the best but does create a spooky atmosphere. The developers are getting better with each game. Storyline - you work for a magazine and a girl has called you to help find her fiance. Different with people disappearing at a theater showing by ticket invitation.

One thing I really liked was you had three options of play plus a customize your game play in choice of hint clicks, sparkles/no sparkles, skip etc. Wished more developers would use this method.

Collectibles, 66 morphing items, rewards, achievements are many. You have to find five Tarot (fortunate teller cards which were found in the first hour). Many occult items scattered through game but not much interaction.

Interactive map but the scenes need to be clearer so you could identify the place, good thing it had a legend on each. Diary as well.

HOG - quite a few and they are interactive (25); some items very very small like finding notes for music sheet and dragonfly wings. Instead of HOG you can put together a puzzle and they aren't that easy but you can skip back and forth - which is good if you can't find the last object.

SG - I was able to do all the mini-games and play without hints or SG so forgot to check.

I did not like the first two because of graphics and occult but will probably buy this one on sale after viewing walkthrough to see how much occult interactions.
Based on demo: Retired detective is asked to find out why women have gone "missing". They are found dead and dehydrated in a time of cholera. A mad man is trying to kill you and has killed others. So the atmosphere is not a pleasant one that you have arrived in. However because of all the things you are doing and the basic graphics of the game being brighter it's not as dismal as it sounds. Albeit I'd have preferred no death and mayhem. Game is more adventure then HOG. Great mini-games so far. Interactive HOGs.

Only 2 chapters were available in the integrated SG and some locations of the 35 hidden symbols "fleur de lis" . Spoiler: "look for X markings as well as the item. " Prefer to see number of chapters and if the game gets overly violent.

Interactive map, which you can turn on or off. Journal.
Lots of achievements and awards.
Extras: Wallpaper (9) some nice ones, music, concept art, all available upon purchase. Mini-games (game directions so far very good) and HOGs No skip in mini-games - but so far haven't found I needed them. No clicking penalty - yeah!
Some of the interactive characters are more mannequin quality; felt they could have been better. Accent of speaking characters do not coincide with the place and era of the setting.
The inventory can be locked in place or hidden - however the journal, scent box and catcher block part of the center of the picture and are a bit annoying.
the lag time between scenes and certain parts of game play - very annoying.
Need to have larger fonts on HOGS and in some wording; also the "X" very small for those of us with older eyes - or at least add a magnifier.

Over all the developers have created a good game; I will most likely purchase CE over SE because of the availability to replay mini games and HOG. No occult found in trial.
 posted in Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition on Mar 7, 13 8:04 AM
Review based on trial: 4th in the series - The first two were very different I enjoyed immensely - they were a definite challenge. The third was so so for me. Unlike the ERS naysayers I have really enjoyed this 4th trial and it will be a buy. Not that there aren't a few corrections needed to make the game play better.

Choice of three modes of play and a strategy guide that stays in play and a map. SG doesn't give a clue as to number of chapters

Bonus Items:
Azada Colorbook - very interesting - not sure if the blank ones could be printed.
MY PET - A Companion that you can customize type - cat, dragon, panda - etc. and even dress by collecting coins throughout the game.
3 screensavers not impressed with and not available until after you play the game.
Concept Art and Wallpapers (6) not impressed - but then in any game I don't think unavailable screensavers and wallpapers are worth the price of a CE.
Mini-games and HOGs will be available after bonus.
Collectibles are coins for costume for your pet and various types of curious animals along the way.

Love the pet and the bubble is fine - but the unintelligent language is terribly annoying and unnecessary.
HOGs so far the colors are a bit strange and whomever chose the colors needs to get glasses. Extremely difficult and unpleasant to read - I mostly had to click click to find things.
Need some comment when you click on mini-game that tells you you are missing an item. Plus directions were haphazard.
on the mini-games themselves were very good and someone had a definite sense of humor.
the results aren't in on that magic bottle yet - sometimes it was plain annoying.
Storyline, characters, animals so far are good and intriguing. Plus the handsome guy showing up now and then doesn't hurt! Whoever thought the dog was ugly - I thought it was funny and creative.
So far no occult - thank you thank you

GRAPHICS: Very imaginable and beautiful

I don't know if the game has an ending that would make it game complete in an SE or if you must have the bonus. If that is the case - I think it is poor marketing any game company to do this. Each game should be complete on it's own and the bonus should be just that - either a separate type storyline or an extension.

 posted in Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones Collector's Edition on Feb 21, 13 6:44 AM
Valdy and Poutoule have really said it all quite efficiently! Thank you!

Based only on trial, I'll wait for sale of SE. Agree about the wow factor - just not there compared to Otherworld game. The Music, Art concept, wallpapers are useless except when playing game to immerse one's self since nothing is released until after you've played the bonus - useless.

Loved the Historian Raven with the glasses. Funny comments when asked to help. Spooky atmosphere is broken up with skeletons and remarks. Some IHOS had small items others overly large. The 22 goblins you collect are difficult to find at times. I played the whole trial and found 8 goblins - but no morphing items. Some one else said they found one. Lots of frogs. Elephant games have great graphics and this is no exception.

So far no occult items or interactions - thank you.
 posted in Motor Town: Soul of the Machine on Feb 12, 13 10:48 AM
Based on trial - two modes of play - casual and expert.

Journal - no map.

Mix of puzzles and IHOP - both very good to play; made you think but not so much you become exasperated. Not the same old standbys. Hints were good. I didn't run into a click penalty but understand others did if you click on same item 5X.

Storyline grabs you and keeps you intrigued and is very different from the norm - great idea developers. Keeps you on your toes.

Two negatives - one was it necessary to put a voodo doll in the HOG - only occult item I saw during trial. 2nd - This house is a bit creepy but more because it is filthy dirty to the point of making one sick. Dirty dishes, sheets, pillow cases, floor, etc. These guys didn't miss anything except maybe animal feces to make it worse. So be prepared - if it wasn't for the intriguing storyline - I would have quit after walking through the main floor.

That said - I'll buy the game as soon as my queasy stomach settles and there is another sale. Want to check the walk through to make sure I can handle it.

 posted in Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition on Feb 5, 13 6:38 AM
WebsiteBoomzap, Sara, Christopher and everyone at BoomZap. It is so wonderful of you to drop in on us and know you care so much about your consumers and company. Sara - welcome - another wonderful game.

I love the Awakening games - they are so awesome and I remember the shock I was in when I first trialed Otherworld and thought you'd gone to the darkside. Thanks to Tex, Val, and Cherub I was convinced to play the whole game and revise my post! Mom (85) and I really enjoyed this second in the series! The Scarecrow is a riot and the mini games are a challenge. Loving it and will be purchasing ASAP!

Again thank you for lovely games!
 posted in Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition on Feb 5, 13 6:26 AM
BoomZap - thank you for a fabulous game and especially for memorializing one of our own.

Hespera - so sorry for your loss - she was a wonderful lady.
 posted in Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories on Feb 4, 13 1:16 PM
Hi ColorBrushStudios - so nice of you to drop in. This is based on the demo:

First - there is a technical issue with the brightness and one must reboot after playing the demo.

Storyline is interesting and I'll purchase the game in the future. It draws you in and so far no occult, dead bodies, vampires, spirits or blood - a real plus. However I just saw Amy! Waiting to hear from those playing the full game.

Voice - I had my system and the game volume up and could not understand or hear the person talking.

I could read the diary but the titled words and words in HOGs was very difficult for me to read. I've noticed lately many studios are using yellow and white for words and those of us who are older or have vision problems cannot read the smaller fonts or see the words in those colors.

Radio static - drove me nuts; the teapot (of them) caused me confusion on where to find it. There being 4 in two places.

Directions - poor; because of the jumble of stuff in the buildings and HOGs I couldn't tell when I was in a HOG or just suppose to look for something - found this frustrating and confusing. Once I figured it out - I was less annoyed; but ending the scene when you have found an item would help immensely and you wouldn't have to keep using the hint button.

For your first game it's not bad and especially not having a big studio behind you with all the bells and whistles in graphics and artists. The main thing here is the storyline draws you and keeps your attention - the rest can be adjusted.

Good luck in the future.

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