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 posted in Alchemist's Apprentice on May 17, 09 6:52 PM
i love this game. even though the little leprechan bonus game really gets on my nerve for real that part should have been left out. it has beautiful graphics. all in all i give 99.9 percent. see yah.
 posted in Alchemist's Apprentice on May 2, 09 10:33 PM
thanx bfgaegean for the tips and they really work. i was really puzzled for a minute but you came to my rescue. catching the falling tiles is really a challenge,but it will be conquered!!!!! thanx again for sharing!!!!!!!
 posted in Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey ™ on Apr 30, 09 5:17 PM
hello, i also think that this game is too easy. theres nothing to do after you get all the trophies but collect more money and crowd up your tank.!!!!!!
 posted in Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey ™ on Apr 29, 09 5:25 PM
hello everyone!!!!! i too have finished the game and i expected something new. all you do is make more money and overcrowd your aquarium,
 posted in Alchemist's Apprentice on Apr 23, 09 3:24 PM
skyfreedom you are the bomb !!!!!! thank you so very much for the info concerning the characters. i tried it but i have to get a hang on it which wont be long thanx again for sharing.
 posted in Alchemist's Apprentice on Apr 22, 09 5:35 PM
i know there is someone out there that knows how to catch the falling tiles to get to the characters. i too have been clicking them and that doesnt help. please somebody please help us. thanx
 posted in Alchemist's Apprentice on Apr 20, 09 2:51 PM
hi im confused at how to catch the tiles falling to get a character. can someone tell me please!!!!!!i have gotten all of the trophy but that one for the characters. thanx.
 posted in Alchemist's Apprentice on Apr 15, 09 7:20 PM
how do the mini games work ? how do you catch the falling tiles? please reply thanx .!!!!!!
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Mar 25, 09 9:13 PM
seems like quite a few people are complaining about how to swap that token from on top of the wall in carthage level 9.. somebody should know, please help us!!!!! THANX
 posted in The Rise of Atlantis on Mar 19, 09 8:02 PM
conchy_brasil wrote: Hi every one!!!!: I am with serious problems with the "Interchange" tool (herramienta de intercambio). It doesn't work when I tray activate it to put any bonus away of the wall, so, how I can to make work it?????
 posted in The Rise of Atlantis on Mar 16, 09 9:18 PM
could some tell me how to get the pieces off of the wall. the swapping dont work for me. help im stuck on a level. thanx
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