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 posted in Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition on Feb 3, 13 12:59 PM
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 posted in Flux Family Secrets: The Book of Oracles on Jan 3, 13 3:47 PM
Where was I when this came out? ...

Why didn't I at least demo it? ...

Why am I asking you? ...

Happy New Year? ...

It is a buy for me...
 posted in Nightmare Realm: In the End... Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 13 1:53 PM
Definitely a winner even at CE price and to make it even better the New Years sale brought it down to SE price. Can't beat that!

A buy for me.
 posted in Theatre of the Absurd Collector's Edition on Dec 28, 12 1:28 PM
I just finished playing this (CE) on my Kindle Fire, a Christmas present from my daughter, and enjoyed it, even on the small screen. As I recall all the HOS had zoom enabled except 1 or 2.

It surprises me that I had not bought it for my PC. If I had not just played it on the Kindle I wouldn't have come here to read and post a review. I don't know if I would have bought the CE but the SE would have been a certainty.

I wonder if purchasing the game for the Kindle platform affords me any advantage on the PC... I'd like to compare the PC vs Kindle versions to see if they have identical game content just running on different platforms. (I suspect the game content is identical, I am just curious, but not $13.99 curious)
 posted in Twilight School on Dec 22, 12 12:31 PM
I agree with this game looking dated and sort of bland. I think this is a no-buy for me.
 posted in Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter on Nov 30, 12 2:41 PM
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 posted in Mystery Of The Ancients: Curse of the Black Water on Nov 30, 12 2:25 PM
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 posted in Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love on Nov 30, 12 2:23 PM
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 posted in Strike Solitaire on Nov 26, 12 3:14 PM
I like this game. It is relaxing and the graphics are good. I did find the tutorial somewhat intrusive because I wanted to play but had to follow the arrows first.
I am also very pleased there isn't a stupid beaver/gopher snickering and laughing maniacally.

I will buy this.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 21, 12 11:10 AM
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 posted in Ghost Encounters: Deadwood on Nov 19, 12 2:35 PM
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 posted in Rita James and the Race to Shangri La on Nov 17, 12 1:33 PM
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 posted in Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood on Nov 17, 12 1:25 PM
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 posted in Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood on Nov 17, 12 10:09 AM
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I'm sorry to see the decline of a previously highly regarded developer. For reasons already stated, it is a no buy for me... I cannot consider this as worthy of CE status, maybe as a SE, but as a DD I'd buy for sure.

E.R.S. really needs to update their vision for future games. I think it is really sad that a game house with proven talent gets the "same-o-same-o" reputation. The "s-o-s-o" reputation doesn't happen over night... It is earned over time and hard to get rid of once you get it!

I would think stale releases must really hurt sales, especially when competing against some of the current high-end publishers.
 posted in Rune Stones Quest on Nov 13, 12 2:37 PM
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 posted in Zodiac Prophecies: The Serpent Bearer on Nov 13, 12 2:28 PM
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 posted in Judge Dee: The City God Case on Oct 30, 12 9:50 AM
I think I'll give this one a pass.
Graphics are sub-par and it just isn't worth it to me with such a plethora of better games to choose from.
 posted in Girls with Secrets on Oct 19, 12 11:51 AM
Though the title is intriguing, the game isn't worth the SE price and I'm not sure it's worth it at the DD price either. When it comes out as a DD, I'll have to reevaluate it.
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