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 posted in Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast on Jan 12, 12 8:07 PM
First off..I enjoyed this game immensely..I was sad when it ended..

Graphics/HOG--4/5 ****

I found the graphics to be well done..engrossing..The scenes were visually stimulating..
The HOG scenes were well done..They went with the ambiance of the game..In other weren't looking for eggplants, artichokes..and the like..Unless it was in a root celler..and all the objects..were of the same ilk.
A few of them were difficult to find..But I always leave a hint for the last object either way...
I especially liked the Beauty's voice the beginning of each HOG scene..I think I'll look in here...Or..It doesn't hurt to take a closer look--if it's a scene you have completed prior.
They're weren't too many HOG's...Near the end of the game..You come across more..and they are a bit..back to back....I enjoyed finding the 20 roses scenes.

Voice/Sound/Ambiance 5/5 *****
The voice overs were excellent..and is a must for me in games. They realllly added to the ambiance of the game..especially his and hers--Beauty and the Beast.
The Pinocchio..was just awesome..The little fairy..Loved her laugh..
Music was perfect..


The puzzles were relatively easy..But I did enjoy them..I don't care if they are easy..Just throw alot of them at me..And I'm a happy camper..
There is a question mark you can click..for guidance..So for those of you, who like to guess at how to complete them..You don't have to click it..
However, they are no-brainers..
For instance; There was a quiet a few of the swap puzzles..[Where you click one picture to switch with another, to complete a picture..or puzzle..ect]

The spider game/puzzle..was incredibly well done..and I loved it..

There is a map in the let you know if there are any other objectives.

Every now and again..If you are walking around..She will say..There's nothing left to do here..I should explore elsewhere-- where you can look at journal/map..

There was a widescreen option-which I found to be excellent..!~

*Some games..I enjoy playing them..even if the puzzles are on the easy side..simply for the Classic nature.*

I doubt any other gaming company could top a remake of this..for it was that well done...and a lot of work put into it~..

OverAll 4.5/5
KBEAR2045 wrote:

All in all I am satisfied with my purchase and feel it is well worth the money. The only complaint I have at this time is the full downloadable version (what you buy) was not available when I bought the game. Same problem BFG had with a recent CE. Hope they fix it fast.

When you download a demo..;

Simply go to your Startmenu button..and find the game.[wherever you installed it--]--usually program files..and click Unlock game..

It will then prompt you to enter in your it will unlock..

In other words, downloading the actually downloading the entire game..
 posted in Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge on Oct 28, 11 12:58 PM
Hopefully you have completed that puzzle..It was a royal pain...I hated it.

I can't tell u how many times i did it....

They should really leave an SKIP button alternative for the puzzles...If I wasn't so stubborn..I would have given up on that one..never completing the game..


Anyways..What i did to finally get past it...Find the walkthrough with the picture of the puzzle..Save it..Then print it off. You need a color printer for this.

This is the Cheat..

I completed the center bigger STAR first.. that all the way around the star.
Then move into the inner that all the way around..

Then, I took one wedge of the pie..Starting from outter edge..Go around the top of the wedge.


Go around the entire pie...doing that...completing the outter top edge of the

It's the center of the wedges that are the trickiest..
If you want..Do the bigger pieces each piece......
Then do those smaller diamond looking pieces..
By then u are only left with the smaller ones in each wedge..

I hope that helps..When i did it this way..I actually had time to spare..But I had to have the picture beside me..After doing it so many times..U memorize some of them..

 posted in Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge on Oct 27, 11 1:27 PM
Here is a youtube video that might better explain how this game works...It helped me...The designs at the side...are actual shapes..Similar to what u might see in TETRUS..

And you imagine fitting those shapes inside the box...They can only fit in certain places. Take one of the finished pictures..For instance--Bear/Sandwhich..and..imagine where it should go...Then from there, the other shapes..go ..You can't overlap..

So if the Bear/Sandwhich goes in the middle of the box..Another finished picture..can't replace it...

If you see a any of the other shapes..It might be that one..But not something that is a finished picture..For instance a RABBIT/SANDWHICH.

.Once I understood that the shapes a tetrus game...Then i got it..

Although the video is long...
You'll only need to watch..maybe a few seconds of this understand the game..

 posted in Nancy Drew - Curse of Blackmoor Manor on May 16, 11 1:51 PM
If anyone knows how to get past the Wind puzzle...Am i supposed to land on top of each wind...It starts me over..when i do ? I assumed i had to jump on them..similar to the game u play with jane...with the tiles..


Ok...It seems when you are landing on one of the winds..You have to make sure there is no other wind that can take u out...Basically when none are around..make your move..Be sure that one can't blow you into a black tile...while u are jumping on another one..
 posted in PuppetShow: Souls of the Innocent on Jun 24, 10 12:58 AM
HI there!~..This is my review

Graphics-5/5- Excellent..Finding objects, ect.. was all good..Alot of work was put into the graphics, I can definetly appreciate that~

Gameplay-3/5 ---Gameplay was a bit of a dissapointment for me..
Getting around..finding your way back to other was good~
It's very similar to MCF later RTR or DireGrove-in terms of moving from scene to scene..
However..the interaction text messages...gave away too much..

For instance..;
When I found an object..Ex. [rope]..
The messages would tell u; I need scizzors to cut this rope
Then u would find a HOG scene..[usually within the same screen] ..Taking some time to search and finish the scene..finding the scizzors, then knowing exactly where to use scizzors..took alot of the fun out of it..
For myself..simply putting as a message..I could use a piece of this rope-- is perfect..I can deduce from there..that i'll need to cut it..or i can try my inventory objects~

I just found that the game had far too much guidance..

Storyline--4/5 I myself loved the storyline
The game..storyline..and the graphics were fantastic..Alot of work was put into the making of the i can definetly appreciate that~ However, the ending felt rather rushed..and was a bit predictable~

Puzzles-2/5--Way to easy-
I found the puzzles dissapointing.. ..
They was no challenge..I myself love mini puzzles..
When i'm thru searching a few scenes, it's what I look forward to the most when playing IHOG games
For instance..; Most puzzles were just a matter of opening the door..with pressing any buttons, or if any interaction was needed after placing an object- it was guided and far too easy. That being said..This would be a great game to introduce to someone who hasn't played IHOG games~

Music/Sound/Ambiance--4/5 Very Good..I liked the wasn't repetitive...
If this game had voice overs for the cut scenes and intros--it would really add to this game..I'm a huge fan of voice overs and Audio in a game.

The game is really nice..and i did enjoy playing it.. I would definetly recommend it.
I am really looking forward to there being a 3rd part ~
*I should also mention that I played in Relaxed/Regular mode..perhaps the game is more challening in the other mode~

 posted in Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion on May 15, 10 9:46 PM
Another ND game..I love ND games..they take me a few days to finish..if played casually~
This game is just like her other HER Interactive..I believe its one of the 2nd ones ever made?..

All in all...I liked the end..there is a nasty Slider puzzle..So for those who may be tired of playing..and just wish to may want to close it down..and do that another day..

I hated the slider puzzle..I'm usually pretty good at those..but this one..was a pain..

GameMasters should never put those in a game..without a skip option..i.m.o.
All other puzzles were rather doable..Other than her famous piano puzzles..I look to the walkthrough for those..i don't want to learn piano in a day/hour~

The one thing i did like about this game as well...hardly any reading..For the most part in her games..she has books all over the game..and they can be anywhere from 2-5 pages..I myself hardly read them..I skim them..But for those who never played one of her games..could easily get bored reading books..This game was only 1 page..or paragraph..which was nice~
The character interaction was minimum as was the dialogue..

So for me..all in all..other than the slider puzzle..Good Game
 posted in Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches on Mar 7, 10 1:15 AM
BUG in the game to be aware of; I experienced this..Not sure if others did or not..~

Normally with most games..that play in FULL Screen mode..If you want to pause the game...;
you can simply hit the Start-Menu button the keyboard, [the button next to ALT, it looks like a Windows icon]... minimizing your game to the desktop---pausing the game~

With this soon as u hit the Start-menu button on Keyboard, it freezes....

What i recommend is this;
Then try and use the Start-menu will freeze..But then if u hold down- ALT and tap F4-on the keyboard..That will indeed reduce it..[You may have to do this a couple of times]

With trial and error..this worked for me....
After hitting ALT and minimizes..then when u are ready, u can resume clicking it on the taskbar...or..;
Use CTRL ALT DEL-[bring up the Task Manager-] chose the game, and --End TASK -You can do this, cause your game is saved already..this is why i recommend saving it first.~

This method is for those..who want to pause playing...and maybe take a peek at the WT.. while having the game minimized it to the taskbar/desktop
 posted in Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches on Mar 4, 10 5:45 PM
maggotUK wrote:Hi
Can anyone clever out there answer my problem!
I want to delete my saved games, and start over, I tried binning, and reinstalling but the blighters where still there, I saved so many times, and would like to start over, so how the heck can I delete the sticky little things.
Cheers everyone!

I sent u a pm..
 posted in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy on Mar 2, 10 12:24 PM
My review of this game;

Game play--
Although the storyline was interesting..I found it a little hard to follow..If she doesn't explain what the end..I may have ended it not really knowing..what it was i was chasing..more or less...It is indeed one of her longest games..I found..It took me quiet a while..I had to consult the walkthrough a few times with this one...lest u walk around for ages..looking for something..
A good thing..for those who may have found it difficult to maneuver in her earlier games--It's not near the maze..and not near the same amount of characters..You really only have 4-5 to deal with..


Puzzles--I had to consult the walkthrough with this one and a few of the puzzles..the hints were very obscure..I still didn't understand the star puzzle..and Thank God..I took a picture of the 50 states puzzle before..[Not sure if the game tells u to do that or not..I just happened to have done it..before i dissembled the bird] The puzzle falls u are left putting the pieces back together..The furnace puzzle was diffucult to see..The end puzzle with the round circles...I just got sick of being i went to the walkthrough for that one..The piano--walkthrough...who wants to learn piano in one day..And never mind the square piece puzzler on the building with dragging ..with right-clicking...Putting the websites together got to be a bit tedious-could b why the game is long~
There were some i did enjoy..ex; the Graphs, DNA wasn't too bad, Closet Door/room puzzle..Loved the table hockey..and the Snackbar.

3/5 for me..I've never had to look to a walkthrough for almost every puzzle in ND games..

Music; 4/5..I'ts fine..
Graphics...; They are definitely updated..and look great..

Overall...I would give this a 3/5 for ND game...Not my favorite one..It's almost as though they tried to out-do all of their other games with the they made them rather obscure..If u are into figuring things out and reading alot..then u may love this game..I wasn't a step ahead on this one at all..myself..


Hope that helps some..Maybe others won't have to consult WT..but i did in this one..

 posted in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy on Mar 1, 10 7:33 PM
There's an error in the puzzle cement pieces outside...they don't rotate>>??? via right clicking--and drag.....they wont move...

There have been other ppl saying the same thing..Anyone else have this problem...>?

How frustrating to get this far..and not be able to finish that silly puzzle..


I figured it out...U have to hold down the left button...and then click right..and drag..Both buttons should be pressed...silly really
 posted in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy on Mar 1, 10 7:27 PM
..will anyone answer this..

Right clicking the pieces won't do anything..?????


keza58 wrote:cant rotate pieces please help tried right mouse button didnt help

I figured it out...U have to hold down the left button...and then click right..and drag..Both buttons should be pressed...silly really
Hi there, I hope it's ok to post here...If not, I apologize..and ask to please guide me where to make such a post..

The first level close to the end---where u give the ghost his treasures[memorabilia]-

Once you find the items..and they are in your inventory;

1 Ring
1 Broach

After you give him the one of the chests, the ghost tells you to go and look for pieces of his broken heart..downstairs in behind something..

Instead of going get the heart, I gave him rest of the my inventory, with full intentions of going downstairs after giving him all of his items-

None the less...I rid the attic of the ghost-- I advanced to the next level--without having to give him his heart...and am now looking for a Yeti..

I pray it doesn't interfere with game play in another level...and you need the pieces of his heart to then proceed...>>?

Just thought I would let the gamemaster case perhaps there was a mix up in variables..or it was intended gameplay
I pray i don't get to a level and need the heart..

Good game so far..!~

 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Jan 17, 10 6:22 AM
Hi there, I just wanted to mention, I hope I am posting this in the right place, please forgive me if not..

I just wanted to mention that if u play thebook--the one u get when u open up the safe in the Library--[ It's an additional book to play..] It's the one where u enter in the words, "MagicBook" -It then gives u the Frankenstein game to play..

It's behind the picture in the Library~

Anyways, if u play this after completing the entire game..and your only option at that point is to save and exit after--There will be an error..

So I mention this, so someone knows to play the extra book..before ending the entire game--the very last book..

Have it so u play that one, perhaps before ending the entire book collection on the shelf

This book i speak of, is located in the Library..behind the picture..

Hope that helps..:d
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Jan 6, 10 1:47 AM
eric32 wrote:
zoeyjean wrote:HELP!! What am I doing wrong. Trying not to give anything away here, but can any one tell me why painting that thingie in that correct place with turquoise paint isn't working?

Did you find out the answer to this - I'm stuck too!



As you head back to the cliff where you came in, pick the reed next to the termite hill and the peas growing on the bush

Go up the cliff face to the landing. Send Jep along the cliff to Leonardo the painting

Have Jep groom Leonardo. You can groom him several times to get his anger meter a

Give Leonardo the turquoise paint. X-out and when he turns to paint, go left and use your pointed stick get the lizard

jump to the palm tree and quickly recover what you can. If the monkey didn't take anything of value, he will just chase you off

You can also give Leonardo the red paint to help his anger meter.

Watch what Leonardo draws. Go back to Mina and hug then join her and go back to the
plant by the cliff.

Once you are by the plant you planted, in the inventory get the reed and the knife and
combine them in inventory.

Dip the paint brush into the turquoise paint and paint the symbol that the monkey painted.

Be patient and a button comes out of the cliff wall. Click on that button and you enter a new tunnel. Save game

Please tell me if this is a 360 view game..!..where u spin from angle to angle..I get motion
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Final Scene on Jan 6, 10 1:18 AM
sharieanne wrote:how do you get the puzzle peices to turn, the box ones????? I can't open the box, as I cannot flip the peices. Can anyone help Please.

On each puzzle piece..if u hover over the top left corner of the piece itself..U will see a small turning arrow..Click that..and it will turn the piece..

It's rather small..the turned up arrow..
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Final Scene on Jan 6, 10 1:16 AM
bkjanelle wrote: i need help i am almost done with the first day but i have no idea where the projector room is can anyone help?

You can get to the projector room at the top of the stairs on either the lobby..

Just go up the stairs..and past the double doors..either left..or right..Depending on which stairs u go up..But they both go there.. It's a small door..
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Final Scene on Jan 6, 10 1:13 AM
Good game..I enjoyed it...

I was stressed right out near the end.....some timing to be done

but that's always the case in ND games..

The voice over for the cop..was hysterical...job well done.. ..Especially the first phone call..funny stuff.....Couldn't ask for a better voice over..imo..


In case anyone wants to know..this is HER interactive..and is like all other older games i've played of Nancy's..I enjoyed it..~
 posted in The Magicians Handbook: Cursed Valley on Jan 4, 10 3:55 AM
What Genre of game is this...? HOG..Adventure...puzzle..Could someone compare this to another for me..please.. and Thanks
 posted in Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone on Jan 4, 10 3:25 AM
This was an interesting game...very good..All elements where there to make the game fun..

However if i had to find one thing wrong with it...I would say the voice overs..they were terrible...Only one voice actor thought to do an English accent..and in that era..I think that would have been important. He took his time in speaking..and added the right quality to the game
Also, some background music while the voice overs were speaking would have been more effective..It's almost as though the actors didn't read their script..but only read it once..and that was it..You could tell they were reading as they were though the next line was a surprise to them as well in some places..

Out of 10, I would rate it a 7..

The ending was a bit predictable as well...But I enjoyed it none the less..and I'm glad I played it..

Graphics ***** 5/5
Gameplay *****5/5
Atmosphere ** 2/5 --Voice overs kinda wrecked it for me a bit..
Music ***** 5/5
Animations ***** 5/5
Puzzles **** 4/5 were a bit easy..but fun..doable..and enjoyable.

I didn't need a walkthrough at all...The only part I did struggle with a bit..was the gears and weights..

Over all..a fun game..and i enjoyed it very much..
I hope in the sequel..the voice overs will be better...

I hope that helps..
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