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 posted in Atlantis Adventure on Aug 15, 14 7:43 PM
Glad I am not the only one. I have tried the amulets and most of the helps. This level has caused me to loose interest in the game.
 posted in Slingo Quest Amazon on Sep 25, 11 2:39 PM
vpizarro3 wrote:has anyone got full card on jungle welcome i can not pass this level

Don't feel alone. Some have gotten to the canopy level but I am not sure how.
 posted in Blood and Ruby on Mar 30, 11 1:38 AM
Short game, but a lot better than the past few days. Easy ****/puzzles. Almost to easy. I like the map feature so you're not wandering aimlessly from scene to scene.
 posted in Bird's Town on Jan 19, 11 10:30 AM
How many levels are there?
Which levels gave you the most trouble?

I am at level 70 and the 4th or 5th set of improvements. I enjoy a basic marble popper so this is a fun game.

If you are stuck needing a certain color of bird, just keep playing they happen.
Fly on-L
 posted in Banana Bugs on Jul 24, 10 12:03 AM
I am on 450... and not done yet. Worth the 7 bucks for sure. *update There is 476 levels.. it ends unimpressive.
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Oct 23, 09 12:11 PM
sixmilecoss wrote:i don't know if its a downloading issue or what. i have the trial version and got to the island. i did the only thing it would let me, which was click on the arrow and it goes into a bunch of pictures and then goes to a screen that says thank for playing.

I think the trial is only the first chapter. But if you finish the first chapter in 15 min and there is only 5 chapters. Kinda tells me the game is about 90 min long at best.
 posted in Route 66 on Oct 6, 09 9:48 AM
Sorry game. As others I finished with time to spare. Hints are easy to get, not much use when you can find everything.
 posted in Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer on Apr 25, 09 8:31 AM
The subject matter aside. The game itself sucks. I FINISHED it within the hour trial with 6 minutes to spare! If you are in to hidden object games that keep you guessing this is not the game for you. Highly dissappointing!
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