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 posted in Flip Words on Apr 14, 14 7:15 PM
but will not open. I get the same message I often get that "oops, not quite right" when it things another game is playing. Usually rights itself with other games but not this one for many months, just shows "your game, play it now" blub blub blub "oops over and over.

 posted in 4 Elements II on Oct 2, 13 1:35 AM
LVGrammy wrote:I love this type of game but I dont understand the objective. I get past the levels but really don't understand how I am doing it. Anybody able to explain this game to me and its objectives. I can't use the shovel anywhere. why not?

Me too! I don't get it, what it means by things like "point energy to (?) to activate" the arrows bob around, it seems to move forward for no reason...what is a "long string?" It suddenly seems to scroll up. All the other posts on this forum seem to have subjects I've never seen on the game.
feel like a total idiot after killing myself to get it to stop crashing from 2 different vendors!
 posted in Joining Hands on Jul 6, 12 5:51 AM

*Yes, ME! Games constantly need reloading.
* some simply crash repeatedly when I try to play for the first time.
*some glitch like w/ JH,
right side is cut short,
I cannot progress...little numbered locks just click 2 when I click 1, etc., one up.
No upper left dots to log out so have to shut down iMac to get away from it.
*4 Elements II shows me a white screen w/o any blocks to connect after directions.
*I cannot square my payments w/ my purchased games since I don't happen to know or have any clue where I could find the games by those MONSTER numbers.
"Help" always seem surprised at my complaints and respond quickly within their hours of work yet my issues are mostly listed under the FAQ!! Indicate total resolution is possible, yet, gotta say, over time? Nothing improves.
 posted in Jewel Match 2 on Sep 13, 10 8:19 AM
Yep, me too, w/ Mac Intell. Had to quit a higher level in the middle for small urgency and when I returned, clicked on return to same game, it went to the first. That is intolerably boring. If I can't move up a couple of castles, well, that'll be the end of that game for me.
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