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 posted in Annie's Millions on Mar 10, 10 6:04 AM
Cute game, similar to the Big City Adventure series, but extremely short - I bought it, but was done in an hour and 20 minutes. I thought it would be much longer, especially since by the time my hour demo was up the heroine had spent less than 10% of her million. After the demo ended and I paid, within just a couple of chapters the game came to a rather abrupt end - it was a satisfying and expected "solution" but it just wrapped up abruptly.

The artwork was nice and bright (a great bonus after the gloom of working with a flashlight through all of Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills) but the objects were hard to spot because everything was just a bit too fuzzy and out-of-focus looking. That's inherent to the game, not my monitor, because the foreground characters were sharp and clear.

If the game was longer, it would have been worth it - but at this length, it was a waste of money. The ending said there will be a sequel, but I won't be buying that one unless it is much, much longer.

Oh well, it took me longer to finish the game than it would have to finish a fast food combo meal, at about the same price and with less damage to my waistline. Gotta think positive!
 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 4, 10 7:55 PM
divegal wrote:I see so many people complaining that it's not a HOG, but gosh, it's not advertised as one --- it's a large file with puzzles/minigames listed above HOG scenes.

Actually, it IS advertised as an HOG game - the description states:
Tricky puzzles and minigames
Exciting Hidden Object scenes
Find the treasure of Akua!

So far, the only HOG parts I've run across are a couple of find-the-pieces of torn-up papers, the rest are endless mini-games. It's quite a stretch to call the two HOG scenes "exciting" because the pieces were in plain sight. I did use a game credit on it because there hasn't been much else available in a good hidden object game lately. Lots of HOGs, just not very good ones. I did expect this to be a HOG by the product description, but by the time I finished the demo I knew it wasn't.
 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 4, 10 7:49 PM
You're getting a lot of views with no answers. Can you elaborate on the problem??
 posted in Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout on Mar 3, 10 11:54 AM
I would have expected to see more Chicago in a game of this name - maybe a few recognizable landmarks like the Navy Pier or Grant Park area. This could have taken place anywhere - in fact, one other thread identifies the el as a scene from Toronto and the zoo in another city.

I do like the fact that you can re-play when you get to the end so you can look for a few notes that you forgot to click on the first time through, even though you do have to play through the whole game to find the ones you missed. It makes it easier to unlock the unlimited mode, because on the second time through, when I started a new chapter I opened each map location to check to see if I was missing any notes, and found the notes before I looked for any items.

It is a short game, but there is re-play possibilities because there is a new items list the second play-through, and you also get the unlimited seek-and-find when you find all the notes.

The main drawbacks I see are the lack of identifying characteristics for a well-known city, an obvious lack of American money in an American city, and an extremely lame story line. The game play is fun, though, with nice twists on what items are called. Skip buttons on games would have been nice, and hints that showed you where the "put this thing here" items went would have helped.
 posted in Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout on Mar 3, 10 11:41 AM
mema23kids wrote:I think I'm near the end, but can't find where to put the man walking in front of the hotel. Can anyone help?

For some unfathomable reason, he goes inside the life preserver ring on the left of the screen.
 posted in Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout on Mar 3, 10 11:25 AM
Thanks for the tip - that one got me, too. I thought I had placed him everywhere!
 posted in Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout on Mar 3, 10 11:23 AM
There is a circle with a red slash in it, toward the left side of the screen. It goes there to form a "no smoking" sign.
 posted in Epic Adventures: La Jangada on Feb 6, 10 6:46 AM
scarlet_11dy6 wrote:..... Hint reloaded pretty fast & unlimited.....which is good when one is looking for shrooms & berries to treat snakebite in the middle of the night in the jungle. Whoever did that scene was a sadist who secretly despises HOGgers ROFL .....quote]

I completely agree! As you get toward the end of the game, there are more times you need to use the hint button, because the objects seem to get smaller and smaller. I think I used 4 or 5 hints for that mushrooms and berries scene, and that was after chancing upon a few of them through random clicking. Luckily, they are not too tough on random clicks - you have to do quite a few before the curser starts jiggling around to let you know you went too far, but then it jiggles for several seconds.

Overall, I enjoyed the game and the story line. No junk piles, and the items fit the scenes. It was a bit disconcerting to hear an English accent from a young lady who should have had a Spanish accent (it is South America, after all, and all the names and places were Spanish) but it wasn't annoying. The music was nice. The first thing I do whenever I load a new game is to go into Options and turn the music volume down to almost nothing, because even at the lowest volume setting on my computer the games play very loudly. This time I went back in and turned it up just a bit, because it fit the theme so well.

I'm glad I made the purchase, and it's nice to see a string of HOG this week instead of all the Time Management games.

Julie S.
 posted in 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad on Jan 27, 10 7:25 AM
If you don't click on the item that is sparkling, it will continue to show that item. Just let it - and find everything else on the list. That way you get to find the items instead of chasing the sparkle around the screen.

Julie S.
 posted in 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad on Jan 27, 10 7:15 AM
This is a very good HOG game, provided you have a large monitor! The items are tiny, and some are well-hidden in shadows. Overall, the artwork is great but rather dark. There is a very helpful twinkle that indicates an item if you haven't clicked on anything for a while (it gets annoying, in fact), and it is forgiving of random clicks. The hint system reloads slowly, so you aren't tempted to rely on it too much. Chances are, you won't need it much unless you are playing on a small monitor.

I love the varitey in this game. Nothing earth-shattering-ly new, but a pleasant twist on familiar HOG types. The mini-games don't require a PhD, or even intense concentration, but they are fun - and isn't that why we play these games? I even enjoyed the Simon-like colored gems, and I hate, hate, hate that type of mini-game. The game play follows the theme nicely, too.

When I purchased the game, it didn't save my demo progress so I had to start over. I don't think there will be a lot of replay value, because the list of things to find was identical when I replayed, but I think it will take about 4 hours to get through. Not too bad for the price, and I'm glad I made the purchase.

Julie S
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 20, 10 5:32 AM
Go to the bottom right coner of this screen, and click "We're Here to Help." The people who post on this site can't help with tech issues, and the tech experts at Big Fish can't read every post to see if someone has a problem. Just click that link, fill out the form, and Customer Support will contact you within a day or so - usually within a day.

You will find that Customer Support on this site is second to none - I've never had better service or dealt with more helpful and knowledgable techies.

Julie S.
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 20, 10 5:20 AM
I finally waded my way through this game, and I can give my opinion of it. Everyone who posted "it sucks" is right.

The artwork is very good, it's sharp and clear. Navigation is also very good - I like being able to navigate using a map instead of endlessly "walking" back and forth between locations. Voice-overs and printed dialog is clear, makes sense, and there are few if any grammer errors.

That's the good stuff. Pretty short list.

I had to use the walkthrough constantly throughout the game. It doesn't have in-game help, and it is impossible to guess what the heck you are supposed to be doing next. The simple inclusion of a task list or a minor hint system would have solved most of the frustration problems that the gamers have experienced.

About half way through, my game started locking up on me. SAVE OFTEN. I got lax about that, and it always seemed to lock up when I had forgotten to save for an hour or more. My fault for not saving, their fault for the game freezing up constantly, especially since it locked up more frequently at the end of the game. In one of the scenes very late in the game it locked up after every second task I performed, so I had to save after every action. Just so you realize how much the game itself disappointed, the lock-up issue was only a minor irritation.

The developers have a very bizaar notion of American law. The boys broke law after law, the Chief of Police praised them for it, and the general assumtion was that every bit of evidence they collected, no matter how it was obtained or how tenuous the connection was to the case, was conclusive proof that the perpetrator was guilty. In my opinion, the boys should have been charged for an injury they caused to a guard and for manslaughter, at the very least, in the way their actions contributed to the death of one character. Extremely unsatisfying.

This game had the potential to be interesting and fun. It had a great basic storyline, interesting characters, a nice navigation system, and very good graphics. I'm not going to ask for my money back since I did actually play the game - but unless they get a new team to develop the next Hardy Boys game I won't be buying it.

Julie S.
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 18, 10 4:36 AM
You need to contact Customer Service - just click on the "We're here to help" link in the lower right-hand corner of this page. They are very helpful and will be sure to solve your problem.

Julie S.
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 18, 10 4:32 AM
yorkshiresrose wrote:I get a little p*****ed off when i save my game credits for a really good game like the collectors edition of mcf dire grove and i can't use them BFG should allow us to use game credits on any game collectors edition or not ......BFG please let us use game credits for all games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

You can get a credit three ways: buy purchasing them, by getting a credit for purchasing 5 games in a month (Thank you, BF!!), and by getting a credit from Customer Service for a game that didn't work on your computer. There is no distinction between these types of credits - one credit equals another.

If you were able to buy a CE game with a game credit, anybody that wanted to get the CE would simply have to purchase a $6.99 game credit and use it to purchase the $19.99 game.

That doesn't seem very fair, does it?

It's like having a fast food coupon for a free item off the dollar menu, and expecting them to give you the $3.99 burger instead. The credit you are using only has a value of $6.99, so you should only expect to "trade" it for something that is also valued at $6.99.

Julie S
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 18, 10 4:10 AM
I learned to always check the forums or search the web for a walk-thru before buying large file games. I can't handle the 360 degree format because I get motion sickness from it, so I have purchased few LF games that I just can't play.

If you can't test a game first, always - ALWAYS - check the forums to see what people are saying about it, and if you don't get the answer you are looking for do a web search to see if you can find a walk-thru or comments on another site.

 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 18, 10 4:04 AM
As you can see, it doesn't matter where the link leads, the blanket policy is no links allowed. It's for the protection of all of us, so I heartily endorse that policy. All you have to do is put the site name, leaving off the "com", and it is OK to post it. You just have to trust that the other readers know enough to type your site name and add their own "com."

Julie S.
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 18, 10 3:52 AM
GarthV8der wrote:yeah yeah i know all that, and i got the walkthrough, what i need to know is where on the steps to click and when, every time i've tried i get caught and have to start all over again...this is stupid.. i'm about to throw this game in the garbage bin...

Start by putting Frank at the top of the stairs (one screen past their bedroom hallway), then switch to Joe. Get Joe on the front porch and have him push the doorbell - he will automatically ring the bell and run away. Switch to Frank, and immediately click on the bottom right of the screen, where the curser changes to footprints. He will go downstairs. Immediately click on the bowl with the keys, and he will grab them. Then immediately click about halfway up the stairs, where the curser changes to footprints.

The key is to watch where the curser changes, and click there. Randomly clicking on the stairs or the bowl will lose you precious time - if you have trouble, play the sequence through without worrying about getting through it - just have four bits of sticky notes ready, numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4. Put the #1 in the top right corner of the screen to remind you to switch quickly to Frank, and when you switch to Frank put the bits of sticky notes on your monitor in order to show you where to click for going down the stairs, grabbing the keys, then going back up the stairs.

Julie S
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 17, 10 7:19 AM
There is a great walk-thru at Gameboomers that you can use until BigFish posts one. Unlike the first Hardy Boys game that was on BF a few months ago, this one is purely an Adventure game. It is similar to Nancy Drew for fans of that genre, but unlike ND you can see the characters of Frank and Joe walking around. The art work is not up to the ND standards, either.

It does leave a lot to be desired in the "logic" area - I, too, was completely stuck once the opening sequence played out. I don't mind using a walk-thru occasionally, but I am finding myself checking it all the time because I have a vague idea of what needs to be done but there are no visual or story-line clues to point me in the right direction. Something as simple as a task list, so you know what you are supposed to be doing (ie: find a way out) might be enough to make this a more enjoyable game.

For the problem of Frank getting caught all the time, position him at the end of the hall, so that the boys' bedroom still shows in the top right, with Frank near the bottom right. Then switch to Joe - if you let Frank take one more step he ends up going down the stairs and gets caught each time. Once Joe's done his thing (I don't like giving spoilers - check Gameboomers if you need help here)) it will automatically switch back to Frank, and you will have enough time .

Julie S.
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd Collector`s Edition on Jan 16, 10 5:27 AM
pocojazz wrote:I have bought the collectors edition for dire grove and the poe game. Dire Grove definitely worth it. I wish there had been one for return to ravenhearst. I love the integrated strategy guide because you don't have to go all the way out of the game or print things out to get hints if you need them.

When I use the walk-thru, I just Alt-Tab between the game and the walk-thru. Occasionally, when there is a complex puzzle to solve that I'm just NOT getting, I will print just tht part of the walk-thru so I don't have to toggle.

On the worth of a CE issue:
One other poster gave a breakdown of the cost of a CE, with the game $6.99, the strategy guide $6.99, and the extras $6.01. I think most of us see it more as $6.99 for the game and $13 for the extras, because the strategy guides just are NOT worth buying. You can always find a walk-thru somewhere on the internet if BFG does not have one (FOR FREE) listed for a game.

For me, the CE just is not worth it. It could be worth it if it included a CD of the game, but paying nearly 3 times as much for the CE just doesn't seem reasonable. Do you get nearly 3 times as much game play, or even twice as much? Never. And does anybody use the wallpapers? I like my Grand Canyon wallpaper from a family trip there, which replaced a Tooth of Time from a trip a few years ago - a game wallpaper is just useless fluff to me.

So, IMHO, I won't be buying any CE's unless the rules change and they either include a backup CE in the cost or they drop the price to no more than twice the original version price.

Julie S.
 posted in The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 on Jan 10, 10 2:02 PM
The hints only work in the "search" mode, that is if you are searching for something like the parts of the pulleys or the bits of the stone tablet. Then, it only works in the "room" where the objects are located. For example, if you are in the pit and need to find the baskets, you need to exit the pit to another area before you get the list of things to find and the hints.

Julie S.
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