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 posted in Aquascapes on Feb 22, 17 11:56 PM
I have just spent the 21 minutes loading and reloading Aquascapes because it keeps blowing out of the game and back to Big Fish. I haven't even successfully cleaned the 7 aquariums much less played tonight. It seems to be getting worse the longer I play. It didn't blow up with just 2 aquariums but has ever since! If this can't be fixed, I want my money back! I just bought this game!
 posted in Fix-it-up: Kate`s Adventure on Mar 28, 09 9:31 PM
peutetre wrote:If I remember correctly, you have to employ 8 new employees on that level. I had the same problem because I couldn't remember how many I'd started out with so I just had to keep hiring until that task was checked off . .

Thank you so much for your help!
 posted in Fix-it-up: Kate`s Adventure on Mar 28, 09 2:33 AM
Obviously lots of people have finished this game! I'm stuck and just can't figure it out. I'm on the Sea Shore level 3: I employ 8 workers, but it doesn't give me credit for it. Do I need to have them working for the whole level? How do I do that constantly? I'm so frustrated.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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