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 posted in Black Rainbow on May 13, 14 6:24 AM
kathey12 wrote:I am receiving error code 1404. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game manager three (3) times. Windows 7, 64 bit.
I've also tried downloading from purchase history both website and game manager, to no avail.

I've tried signing in and out, to no avail.

When I try to download from the purchase history of the game manager, it automatically signs me out, and gives error code 1404.

When I try downloading from my account/purchase history on the website, the game will not download.

I have rebooted, lowered all security, cleared SSL, checked certificates, "advanced options" under tools, all to no avail.

I've searched big fish errors, and only 1401, and 1402 are available for the 1400 category. I've tried the "alternate method" of downloading to no avail. I've searched forums fro 1404 error, and only three responses, but no solutions.


i just downloaded the game on my Windows 7 64 bit and it ran beautiful. I noticed you said you uninstalled and re-installed the game manager 3 times, but did you uninstall and re-install the actual game? Also it sounds like a dead horse but make sure that Java, Adobe Flash Player, and Shockwave is up to date as well as your vid drivers.

Also there is one other thing I learned which really helps the performance of my PC is this and it has to do with clearing out the full caches not just the temp files.

1. Click on the 'RUN' command and in the white field in the run command type: %temp% (just like I have here) and hit enter. That brings up all the temp files in that folder.
2. Then hit CTRL-A and that will highlight all the files in that folder.
3. Then hit delete (and a dialogue box will pop up asking "Are you sure you want to delete all these files?") hit Enter or click YES to delete them. The ones it don't delete means that Windows 7 is using them at the present time and won't delete them.


1. Click on RUN again and this time type in the field 'temp' (no quotes) and hit enter. This will bring up all your temp files.
2. Hit CTRL-A to highlight all files
3. Hit Delete and then Enter. Same as before, Windows will not delete the files in use.


1. Click on RUN again and this time in the file type 'prefetch' (no quotes) and hit enter. This will bring up all your prefetch files.
2. Hit CTRL-A and it will highlight all your prefetch files.
3. Hit delete and enter and all your prefetch files will be deleted.

Now your cache is totally clean
 posted in Black Rainbow on May 13, 14 5:17 AM
yvonnehoho wrote:I didnot like the beginning...with the knife etc.
so many terrible things happen in the world and I play these games to enjoy and relax, and the beginning of this game didnot give me that impression, I'm sorry to say.
But nevertheless I wil play the demo

Trust me nothing happens to that guy as I stated in my review. Looks can be deceiving. Play the demo and you will see.
 posted in Black Rainbow on May 13, 14 5:13 AM
behavorial wrote:game goes black at beginnig og game and does not come back. i have a pc windows vista. help

Try uninstalling and re-installing the game, maybe that helps.
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I guarantee there is no virus in any of Cateia's or BF's games. For a short bit if you want to, disable Norton, download and install the game, then enable Norton again. To me Norton and McAfee are known for giving false positives. I have Kaspersky and never had a bit of a problem.
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Like Ivan said make sure you have the compass from the plane and also go to the right to a dead end. At the dead end look to the left and you will see bamboo shoots. Grab them. Click on the first aid kit in the water and in the little circles put the bamboo shoots and the tape in them to get the first aid kit so her headache stops.
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One can only hope
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Just one question Ivan. If you make a sequel to this game would it be a CE? In sight it would make an awesome one!
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ivanbral wrote:
sassylassie wrote:Hi Ivanbral,

I want to say as of to date, this is my favorite game. I hope you all make a sequel. I had a lot of fun with this game. I wrote a review on the game so I pretty much summed it up in there. Kudos to your team for such a wonderful game. What a ride that one was! Thank you for such a great game.


Hi sassylassie,
thanks! It's always wonderful to hear people enjoy playing our games!
and thank you very much for such a nice review!

You are so very welcome I enjoy them very much. I bought everyone to date except like I mentioned that I played Black Rainbow on another site. When I see that Cateia Games put out the game I hit the exit and buy it. Be safe guys.
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Hi Ivanbral,

I want to say as of to date, this is my favorite game. I hope you all make a sequel. I had a lot of fun with this game. I wrote a review on the game so I pretty much summed it up in there. Kudos to your team for such a wonderful game. What a ride that one was! Thank you for such a great game.

 posted in Black Rainbow on May 13, 14 1:42 AM
On my HD monitor they look perfectly lifelike. Crisp, clear and sharp. I played their other games on the same said monitor and the graphics were still crisp.
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Please let me clarify one thing. This game was never made into a CE. There is no CE of this game. I just happened to play the full version on another site. Do not let the first scene veer you off. It doesn't turn out the way it seems. I played the full version on another site and I totally loved this game and I hope Cateia Games makes a sequel. This is as to date my favorite game. What a fun long adventure you go on. The game itself is not short. No 3 to 4 hours and boom your done. I started the game in the morning, played the CE and finished it and finished this game the next day because I was falling asleep at the keyboard. The main character Helen is such a delightful character. I loved that main character. She is so modest and wanting to do everything right. The VO's are done exceptionally well in this game. Really fits the characters that you will encounter.

Story: You play Helen who's village is got invaded by the dark evil warriors so you only have a small amount of time to get your plane fueled and ready to go. Once you gathered everything you need you hop in the plane and take off. During mid flight you run into a thunderstorm and your plane is hit by lightning. You end up on this island with a splitting headache but turn out fine and you run into this warrior who becomes your ally. You become the Chosen One to restore the balance of the world. Poor Helen can't quite comprehend what she is to do at first, but she gets the hang of it. Be prepared for a long adventure full of intrigue and mystery.

Graphics: Outstanding. Everything looks so lifelike. Superb job done the art team.

Mini Games: I didn't skip any. They weren't overly challenging but not easy. Just down right fun. Truly enjoyed them.

Hint System: Awesome! One of the best I have seen in a game. Not only does it tell you where to go, it also transports you to the exact place you need to go. It also shows you what item you need to use in your inventory by show you a picture of it on your cursor.

Map: Jump map and extremely well done.

Music: Fits the game to a tee. Very well done by the music department.

To me this game rocked! I had a lot of fun with this one and I hope you do too. Kudos to the Cateia team for a job very well done.
Well ERS finally put their bunny to work. I played the beta version of this game and it was truly awesome! To me ERS did a superb job with this one. The main character of the game is truly funny. She's one of my favorite main characters to date. The VO's are done very well and fit the character to a tee. Note: If you use the black bar tips, the main character I noticed sometimes the main character gives hints on what item to use where. Example: With the vines on the clam shell, she says: "I will have to 'claw' my way through this one". Use the claw you find to cut the vine. The cutscenes are awesome.

Story: Well the old librarian calls for you to take a look at a book and the next thing you know you are sucked into it. Your greeted by a talking rabbit named Liev who is the kings servant and he gives you a brief synopsis on what is going on. Then you go further down the road and meet the king's mom. While you are talking to her to the Dark dude breaks in and tells the mom if you don't do as he says by a certain time, he will kill her son. So now it's up to us to get rid of the Dark dude and save the king.

H0GS: I only have ran into the silhouettes which is one of my favorite type. They are interactive. On some of the H0GS you can do a puzzle instead.

Graphics: Simply beautiful as always with this team. They're one of the teams with an art team that can't be beat.

Map: The question mark shows there is something to do and the glasses show that's your positon. It is a jump map.

Music: Beautifully done. It fits the game well and pleasant to listen to.

Mini Games: In this game totally original of the ones I ran into. Not frustrating to me, just fun.

Well, back to saving the king from that awful Eldor. Hope you all have fun playing like I am. Kudos to the bunny team was again
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 posted in Fantasy Mosaics on May 6, 14 1:14 AM
Another boring game from , yay! These mosaic games for me have got to be the worst. Doing puzzle after puzzle after puzzle. That in itself is enough to drive nuts. Graphics: Reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons.

Nope, definitely not buying.
mimikins wrote:game starts up normal and then when you hit play its all messed up, can't see pics just a bunch of different colored squares and stuff, no picture.

Try uninstalling and re-installing which helps sometimes.
From the demo:

I truly love the game and bought it. One note: if you pick expert mode and see sparkles in the game, check your options again because you might have to re-tick the expert mode, I did. The VO's are awesome and fit the characters well. The main character has a great sense of humor which makes the game more pleasant. There achievements and collectibles in the game as well as a bonus chapter.

Story: You have to return to Iowa Island to find out who murdered Prof. Ashmore the person who raised you as his own. So far they do have on suspect and you want to go find this suspect to see what exactly happened and if he is the culprit or not.

Graphics: To me are beautifully done, but I do have a new HD monitor and a high end comp. I didn't see nothing wrong at all with them.

Mini Games: Yes we have seen them before but these are the kind I love. Not the kind where it takes umpteen steps to finish alas BX4, DX6 etc.

Hint Button: Works great for both in and out of H0GS. I enjoy going for the achievements so I don't use it in the H0G scenes.

Map: You get a '?' on where you have to go next, and yes it's a jump map.

Music: Done just right kudos to the team. It fits the game just right

Game Modes: There is 'casual' and 'expert'. If you check expert in the main menu before you start the game, make sure it's still checked when you go in game. Note: in game you can switch between Expert and Casual if you wish.

There is a bonus game "The Dream" after the main game. All in all this team did an awesome job and kudos to them. I am looking forward to the rest of the game. Btw, I live in Iowa, I wonder if we have an Iowa Island.
 posted in Deponia: The Puzzle on Apr 29, 14 3:05 AM
I too hate timed games and I tried this one and it's boring as all heck. To me this is not a game but a nightmare. And my God if you hit the Game Over screen, could you make it large enough please so people could see it? Doh!
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0161 wrote:Running windows 8 pc. Download fine, go to put my name into the box and nothing happens can't put my name in the box. Got rid, downloaded again same problem.
I've been with Big Fish for a good few years now but don't post much.
What I will say is there is a noticeable deterioration in the standard of games produced and testing of such. Very disappointing.
It's a no buy for me until B.F. fix the error, I don't bother with the B.F. fix list as it rarely works and it is Big Fishes responsibility to test these games properly and fix any problems BEFORE release!

I am running Windows 8 64-bit and the game is running as smooth as silk. No problems here what so ever. And I didn't have a problem with the House of the Usher either.
 posted in Grim Facade: A Wealth of Betrayal Collector's Edition on Apr 24, 14 3:22 AM
I'm the opposite of the previous reviewer as I bought the game. I have a brand new HD monitor and I don't find nothing wrong at all with the graphics and they don't looked washed. I bought the 3 previous ones, and I know ERS has not with any game disappointed me yet. As for no introductory scene that is not a big deal as Eipix and a few other teams have done the same. I feel you don't need an introductory scene or VO's to make a great game. I know people love the collective and morphing objects of games, but it doesn't matter to me cause I always end up missing some as I am too much into the game usually. But in this one if you want an uptown bull, collecting the butterflies gives the tokens to do just that. Black bar tips are funny. Always have them on. But it confused me at the beginning where you saw a male detective and it's a female in the game.

And to me in the main menu it looks like Dupin is sitting in the audience even though that guy has glasses.

Graphics: As mentioned above, they looked perfectly fine to me and the ERS style that everyone seems to love. To me the graphics look hand painted.

H0GS: There is a variety of H0GS which is one thing I love. The objects to me were very clear. There's the type to put things back, riddle types, so on. There is a Mahjong Game if you don't want to do the H0GS.

Mini Games: I didn't find the mini games too difficult or easy as they were fine for me. But for me I only need a little instruction as I usually get the idea what to do. I thought the instructions were fine.

Music: Fit perfectly with the game. I always loved ERS's style of music. Kudos to the music team.

Map: It's a jump map. But I don't know if you would have to play on a certain mode because there isn't no objectives on it. The red exclamation points is what I usually follow instead of the guide.

All in all I recommend this game. Great story which I want to see to the end. Game play is just fun. Kudos to ERS for this game.
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