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 posted in Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff on Sep 2, 10 5:16 PM
Coronanana wrote:I've been enjoying the storyline in this game. I have a problem. My husband walked in as I finished chapter 6 and started talking. Since at the upper left of the screen were the words replay I thought I could let him say what he wanted. What he had to say was trivial and I missed the story at that point. I am "frosted" to say the least. Can any one tell me what happens right before chapter 7 starts. Thanks, you may just save a marriage

You should have entered the portal. Check out the W/T if in doubt so you can save your husband.
 posted in Annabel on Apr 22, 09 9:04 PM
I absoluty love this game. I'm not a big Hidden Object fan but this makes it all worthwhile with all the other options available. If you haven't tried Annabel, give the demo a try to see if you like it. I'm waiting for a sequel but since it seemed to have an ending, who knows. I keep playing it again and again when I can't find a new one I like as well. :.)
 posted in Annabel on Apr 22, 09 8:59 PM
laurah65 wrote:Hi,

I played the demo and liked it, I juist purchased the game today and have reached a mini game where I am stuck and can't go any further until I play it because can not skip it. Can someone tell me how to play this mini game it is the one where it says:" remember where the colored balls are positioned in the top row and copy the sequence in the bottom row" I have done this over and over and nothing happen, is there a strategy to this mini game that I do not know please someone tell me i have made it this far and can't move. Thanks in advance!!

Piece of cake.......write down what you see on the top row so you can match the not to leave memory to chance. :>
 posted in Annabel on Apr 22, 09 8:56 PM
sgc2009 wrote:I too, am stuck on the cuicuit board minigame. got the first one but not the second . I've tried and tried but can't get passed it and then to think there is a third one. AGGH!!!!!!!! Any help will be appreciated.

Hey there, try connecting all the outside circuits before you hook up the center one............seriously, it works.
 posted in Annabel on Apr 22, 09 8:53 PM
shacka wrote:I'm glad I'm not alone on the mini game with pipe on the ship - somehow I managed to pass the first 2 but can't see to find solution to the third one. I've turned the piped everyway they can go and then then some don't reach the middle. I've read everyone post in the forum and we all seem to be having the same problem. I can get one side but the other side the pipes don't reach. Any helpful suggestions?

Hey there............try connecting all the outside ones before you do the center one.
 posted in Annabel on Apr 22, 09 8:48 PM
Hey Sandi,

Did you get the circuit game figured out as yet. I got frustrated until I figured out it was better to connnect everything except the middle piece and then figure out where it needed to go to make it all work because it only has one connection. Good luck!
 posted in Annabel on Mar 27, 09 9:07 PM
This is a great game but I didn't think so when I first started. I've played it 4 times now and found that all the places where you get stuck change each time so that any walk-throughs won't work for you.

The best hint for the very last mini is working from right to left. You might run out of time the first time but just match the far right third row with the fourth row and then move left as each group drops.

The circuit board changes each time so you just have to think about how to connect all the outside circuits before deciding how to connect the middle one when you get to the third grouping.

For the lights, write down the top row to match the bottom.

For the tiles across, match the first one and write it down and do the same for the rest across the row........then put them all in place.

The dominos should not be a problem if you just match the opposite colors of the same image and not try to connect it at the end.

Any other questions, give a holler.
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