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 posted in Epistory: Typing Chronicles on Oct 29, 16 4:35 AM
I was bored, not much gameplay,spent most of the time wandering around, which would be OK if I enjoyed the scenery alot and if there was a lot of collecting to do. Good idea but game play was not there for me. The graphics were OK, but I cannot even see this if I brought it as a replayable game for me. I enjoy spending my time, looking at stuff ie Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings, but this didn't have that.
 posted in 3 Days - Amulet Secret on Sep 2, 15 12:27 AM
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 posted in 'dillos on Sep 2, 15 12:24 AM
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 posted in 3 Days - Amulet Secret on Sep 2, 15 12:22 AM
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 posted in Mahjong Epic 2 on Jun 16, 15 6:49 PM
So its been over 2 weeks that I purchased this game, still enjoying it. I have successfully completed 19 stages out of 360, so it'll probably take me a whole year to finish.

I don't mind replaying the stages to manage to get 3 stars before I decide to move on. Still playing with the food tiles too.

Happy gaming

 posted in Mahjong Epic 2 on May 29, 15 6:53 AM
I brought this game for mainly 2 reasons;-

- it has a modern touch, with tiles that include tea and food tiles
- it includes background to change, I went for the for the silver polished surface.

So the silver, polished surface, and the beverages tiles sold it to me.

So even though it is promoted as a traditional one, it has more features with the alphabet tiles, flag tiles, couple hundred boards. Along with trophies to win.

When you enter the game, it takes you straightaway to a board to play, but you have the option to select board and choose which one you want to play, and see what you have earned.

I prefer Mahjongg with a more modern, vibrant feel, so after playing Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe (the first one), this is perfect, so I would agree that this is a top Mahjongg game to play.

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 posted in Mystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold on Mar 9, 15 2:29 PM
I have finished playing the demo, this is an excellent game where the scenes have all been enjoyable, ie being in the streets, some games its just bland, and you feel you would rather get off the streets and go somewhere else, but here, I don't mind. All the artwork has been enjoyable, every detail interesting, ie the water moving, the ice coming down in between scenes.

This is one of the games where it doesn't seem boring doing the trivial tasks ie getting keys, doorknobs, so the gameplay was well thought out. Where in other games it just seems boring, but here not, as getting in the story was not a problem. I haven't played Mystery of the Ancients before so may give other games ago, but like well lit scenery.

I did get a bit confused on closing my journal book, where it shows the task, there was no x there, but spent a bit of time moving the arrow on the side of the books and then at the bottom to exit. I think this is one of the games that I can see myself playing with family. Her friend's voice was a bit shrilly, but I think that is OK, as you don't want bland voices that don't just blend it sometimes, so it was OK.

This is on my list to may buy. Why? Only because I usually buy games that I would play many times, ie Snark Busters 1&2, Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings, here I have played these games several times. Not saying that I don't purchase games that I don't usually play once, ie Maestro, Dire Grove, but I wanted to be on the look out for a game to play again. But it is likely that I would be purchasing this game in future. It is a neat game, that I know that I would enjoy showing to family.
 posted in Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose on Jan 7, 15 10:37 AM
erma711 wrote:Thanks for your reply. I have been away and just got home. I have progressed so far.......from Castle Gate to Main Hall to up landing to upper hall to Music room then to the Cabinet................I have found all the items except the star fish. However no matter how many times I click on the star fish it will not work. The last inventory item was a yellow ribbon. Thanks for your help

The hidden object scene in the music room is where you can't pick up the starfish which is on the chair. It would have been because the fly squatter is in the way-and try to pick up that first, but as you said that you have already picked up all items, it could mean that you need to contact technical team.

I hope that you are able to complete the game soon.
 posted in Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover™ on Dec 25, 14 4:36 PM
As this game is similar to the game Mansion memories, what with the kids room and the green house (I think that maybe made from the same producers??), I declined to purchase this game, purely for that reason as I prefer different scenes and not just changed according to view on screen angle.
 posted in Patricia's Quest for Sun on Dec 25, 14 4:32 PM
I do have one technical issue when its starting up the screen goes fuzzy with about 2 line going through. The first screen comes up with the menu and I am able to select the screen size from normal -and then the screen corrects itself, here I can switch with the different screen sizes coming up with the picture normally.

Anyhow, having trialed this game twice (came back after a year I think), I am still on the fence whether to purchase it or not. Its a good game, the idea, the storyline, the graphics or fine and well done. As I am more prone to buying with games with a more vibrant, bold colours ie Snark Busters 1 and 2, Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings. Normally if they where more vibrant colours I would have purchased straightaway. I noticed from other reviews that this is the same producers who produced Jig Art Quest-I declined to purchase that game simply because of the number of puzzles, which where only on the first page.

I think that having played other mobile games for jigsaw puzzles where you can get specific genres ie in chocolate jigsaws, home decoration jigsaws and desserts etc, it would be a good idea for to create a jigsaw puzzle game where you achieve items to complete your house scene etc.

I think that you have lead a way with making jigsaw games better, but as above unfortunately it hasn't just been enough.
 posted in Magic Griddlers on Nov 22, 14 4:38 PM
Its just unlocking the pictures of the creatures and nothing more. It was good puzzle play. Of course you buy further hints and able to buy the option of making up to 6 mistakes rather then the 2 that you start with (where you start again). The are the trophies to unlock too.

As the review section has been closed, I like to add my review having completed the whole game.

It was a good puzzle game. The lady at the front was meaningless. There was no dialogue-could have even placed sentence here and there and about releasing the creatures or perhaps gaining puzzle pieces of the creature and then do the jigsaw at the end, and see them at home or some sort of setting-so just even a bit of addition to the game could have made it an experience. The shopping, the trophy collecting was good. I must say that the last creature was a let down, having waiting to see what that would be, (I actually thought it might change into something else at the end of the game).

All in all a good game recommended for people who just like puzzles to do.
 posted in Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose on Nov 12, 14 3:00 PM
I'm sorry but I don't recall picking up starfish, please tell us more ie which room in which house or is it the castle? What did you do before-like what have you last received on your inventory.

 posted in Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose on Nov 12, 14 2:58 PM
The librarian as I recall provides the last book, when she comes alive after you insert the gems which I think were jewels.

I hope that answers your question.

I don't know why the review section was closed, but I like to say that this game had good scenery, characters, voice overs, but it was tedious having to go from one section to another for trivial things. I didn't think the game play was engaging enough, to which I found tedious.
 posted in Runaway Express Mystery on Oct 19, 14 5:07 PM
I am also one of those stuck on the bank vault, after going through other posts, it has been mentioned that I may have not done some things in order, but hearing of someone playingit 3 times over, and still stuck, I treat this as a technical issue. It maybe due to programming issue where I am not getting some sort of picture as I only need the last clue to find out what happened in Budapest.

I am disappointed, I won't deny that this game was well put together, what with the voice overs, artwork, characters, it was fun and engaging. I'm on the fence about what to do, don't know if I will probably play over again to see if that works, as I don't particularly wish to do that.

 posted in Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune on May 15, 14 8:46 AM
debraljensen wrote:ok question ?
Is there a game that has better graphics or as cute as this for adults.
im buying

I have brought this game, as it funny, enjoyable graphics and its engaging what with the characters, settings and gameplay. It can be time consuming finding other games similar with graphics so here's a few that I have brought;-

Lost Souls : Enchanted Paintings,
Snark Busters 1 & 2
The Tiny Bang Story

Happy gaming
 posted in Lost Souls: Timeless Fables Collector's Edition on May 11, 14 6:44 AM
As a huge fan of the 1st Lost Souls (Enchanted Paintings), this is a huge disappointment.

Anyone can say that it was "childlike graphics" in the first, but actually there were excellent graphics in a well thought out scenes and worlds. It was original (where I agree with the previous poster bored with the missing relatives thing). It was mentioned a while ago that quite a lot of games are not replayed. Well this dark, boring game, I don't think if I brought, I would ever replay. I have replayed Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings over 10 times, and enjoy going back there.

As an individual who has promoted Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings many times, I will not be doing so with this. What they have done is no different to what has been done to Snark Busters were the 3rd installment High Society was made into a boring typical hidden objects adventure-perhaps they are going down this route for as they may see it more money. But I think replays of games, originality ie like The Tiny Bang Story is what developers would be remembered for, not going down the status quo. Its a shame we don't have much information on why they choose to go down this route as you can do with movies.

I like to just thank the developers once more for Lost Souls:Enchanted Paintings. For an incredible, brilliant, lovely game. Thank-you.
 posted in Mahjong Secrets on May 10, 14 4:09 AM
Brought this game, and have finished playing it.

It's a lovely summer game, nice graphics, with some surprising turns as facing a sea monster to the twist at the end. It feels like a simple mahjongg game, only because when you shuffle the cards, you only end up with usually one match, before you have to repeatedly shuffle, but it is possible to complete boards without needing to shuffle.

The tiles and background was good, it was the bright, good artwork (saying that, I don't think cheese island was the best background out of all of them) that got me to buy this game. I don't regret buying it, and I don't usually buy Mahjongg games (the only other one I have is Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe). But I would look forward to trying out another game with an adventure. The hidden objects, I felt didn't really add to the game (it was also difficult to know what some objects were), I would have preferred jigsaws (up the gameplay). The dialogue was good. All in all a good game.

Happy gaming
 posted in Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession on Apr 21, 14 3:44 AM
I have brought this game, but after playing it for a while decided to dump it after the freezer section, couldn't be bothered to complete it as its so boring. You spend so much time doing trivial things, ie opening locked places etc, even though other games have that too, but the way that gameplay is done is that it doesn't give you a sense of doing boring thing-it just dragged, ie with the fire hydrant etc. There was no excitement, couldn't care less who the killer was or what happened.
 posted in Violett on Apr 21, 14 3:34 AM
This is an awful game.

1. What the developers should remember is that just because people are finding it difficult to play that doesn't make it a "hard, brain teaser" kind of game, but rather that its stupidly made that doesn't make much sense ie;-

-in the first (after seeing a wasp I believe being dismembered) where I was moving the cages, even though it doesn't offer you much help you still need to be told that you have to move the cages first, then fix some wires together for spark then you magically appear outside without having any sense that you done anything. Don't know what happened to the other freed fly, or where they where trapped in the first place.

-with the bottle and the fly, I trapped the fly, with again no sense of purpose I was able to walk up the stairs without getting steamed. Don't understand why I was collecting the beads.

- when I entered the next stage there were only clouds so I was just clicking anywhere and the Violett was going nowhere, so then I decided to search for the walkthrough, realising that I should have had some stairs and doors there and not just a sky.

It was poor "gameplay" graphics were OK, idea of setting was interesting but again gameplay was so awful. It reminds me of the Tiny Bang Story game which didn't not have many hints, but the game play was executed fine that you knew what you were collecting and why and carrying onto the next stage. The controls where awful, it made you think that controlling the character was disjointed, as if it was hit and miss on what you could get Violett to do.

Unfortunately its a no buy for me,
 posted in Puppetshow: Return to Joyville on May 25, 13 6:24 AM
Thanks for the reply (SeaBamboo) and this thread (katielu88), I too didn't know the order, I'm not into puppets, but the scenery was nice so going to try the game again.


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