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So, at the end of the main game, I said "no" when the fortune teller asked me if I wanted her to read my palm again...and the game just ended.

If you say yes, what does she tell you?
I liked this game even though it kind of goes off the formula for Redemption Cemetery.

Oddly, RC is one series with an almost bulletproof formula that could just go on and on forever. You go to the magic cemetery and you solve mysteries to save souls from the past. I don't think it really needed a "Big Bad" to fight, but this installment gives us one.

Still, it played well and was reasonably interesting. And unlike some games, the bonus game was well related to the story. My only real quibble is that the bonus game had a lot of quality glitches for me. Things would just go dead and refuse to be picked up or interacted with until I would go out of the scene and come back...a lot. I'm guessing there wasn't much beta testing for the bonus game.
I don't know why I still buy MCF games sight unseen, because they aren't Mystery Case Files anymore. The wit, the humor, the cleverness are all gone. The genre expanding new techniques went with them. So, I didn't love 13th skull. At least it was interesting and the live actors did add something to it. I can't remember the last time one of these games tried something new.

These newer games just don't have any spark. I don't even remember what Black Veil was about and about all I remember about Broken Hour is that there was a clock tower. At least I might remember Zombie Fonzie but I don't know that this says much about the quality of the game.

It was...ordinary.

I think the sad part about this one is that it could've been so much better than it was. I mean any game that has a rubber chicken grappling hook could've given us more humor.

Oh well. Maybe next year.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 23, 17 8:35 AM
If there are any IOS players that need another friend, my code is 89 1986.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 18, 17 4:28 PM
A reminder to anyone playing on IOS: If you upgrade to IOS 11, this game won't run anymore since it hasn't been upgraded to 64 bit.

So, make your upgrade decisions accordingly.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 4, 17 8:44 PM
I tried adding both of your codes but it told me they were invalid codes. Does it make a difference if I'm playing on an iPad?

I tried a few others from the linked thread and they didn't work either. So maybe it's just me or the game's post office is down. If anybody wants to try to add me, it says my friend code is 89 1986.
 posted in Subject 13 on Aug 9, 17 6:32 PM
That didn't help.

But, I went out of the game and came back after dinner and it was a place that didn't click before.

I think maybe it's just touchy at different resolutions.

If I still have a free game coupon, I think I'll keep playing.
 posted in Subject 13 on Aug 9, 17 5:16 PM
I still haven't found the second testamony. I'm not sure my controls are working because the only thing I found I could manipulate was the stand with the stool on it and it doesn't completely spin.

Where is the second one?
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Mar 25, 17 9:09 PM
Spoilers if you haven't played the bonus game yet!

Thanks Burf90 for trying to make sense of the bonus game. I don't know that I believe it, but at least it was a try (more than the story writers gave us).

I still don't know who the music guy was, who wanted to poke out who's eyeballs, or who killed whoever else. Or why. I mean, if Alden wanted to be in "my" (who was I, Richard?) body, why did he try to poison it?

Or if the Master Detective is immortal now, or if the "Madam Fate" reference was a reference to the past or the future.

And, I'm kind of sad because it was an okay game, but there just wasn't any MCF fun in it. I wanted crazy puzzles and some humor. Or maybe even something new. A player can dream, right?
 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie Collector's Edition on Nov 25, 16 8:19 PM
I don't know if this will work for everyone or not, but if you are stuck on the broom and you are trying to fix it indoors, go outdoors and try to fix it again. I got past it that way.
 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 16 12:13 AM
I know the PuppetShow series probably "jumped the shark" about 5 games back, but I always still buy and play them. At this point, it seems like any would-be villain can get their hands on living puppets. Apparently, we don't need the old puppet maker or his daughter anymore. Presumably, baddies can just order these things from ACME Evil Puppets Inc now.

The last game wasn't great, but I at least enjoyed it. This one was a slog. There was no flow to the game. By the time I stood there and got gassed while contemplating finding a finger for a puppet (why? why would I know I need to find a finger for a puppet that isn't even a main puppet?), then woke up to find the madman and the puppet gone...only to STILL need to find a finger for the puppet's hand that the madman conveniently left behind because...well, BECAUSE, I was sort of fed up. (Fed up whilst walking around with a wooden fish that I had no idea why I picked up either.) The logic and flow for this game just seemed non-existent to me.

I didn't love the "helper" either or the picture taking gimmick.

So, my rating for this game is "blehhh" (C minus).

 posted in PuppetShow: Her Cruel Collection Collector's Edition on Sep 23, 16 10:23 PM
Valdy wrote:

At the very end of the bonus chapter, you are given a choice as to what to do. I don't know whether the outcome would have been differently if I had chosen the other option. Hmmm...

I'm guessing it would've been the same outcome, since the outcome didn't seem to match my choice.
I restarted with a new profile to get past the bandage issue, then played that scene very carefully.

On the master switch I had problems but got it to work by pretty much tossing it at every place on the screen. It finally stuck somewhere. But it wasn't where you would think it belongs.

With Elf in the balloon you have to shoot a balloon with your dart. Then He should be able to get out.

Hope that helps.
I was giving the dad first aid and clicked in the wrong place (dropped out of the scene) and now I don't have the bandage for his head.

Is there any way to fix this or do I have to restart?
I'm stuck in the chapel too. Windows 8.1. It ran fine up to that point. I also went into the secret room when I pulled the lever, then backed out and went on to find the picture. I'm not going to start over.
 posted in PuppetShow: The Face of Humanity Collector's Edition on Jan 25, 16 7:35 PM
abbyD wrote:Thank you for posting this. I thought it was a glitch and I would have to start all over again.

Me too. Thanks.
The game sounds like something I'll pass on, but I had to laugh about the zipper pull. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.

I especially hate them when I'm standing there with a knife or some other cutting tool and I have to find the stupid zipper pull to open a cloth or leather bag.

I got almost to the end of the bonus game. I only needed the flower from the prickly bush. When I picked it, it disappeared and I was stuck and had nothing in inventory. When I went out and back in, it told me the game save was corrupted and that I need to start completely over with a new profile. Aaaggghhhhhh!!!!
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 15 2:57 PM
For a bonus, I didn't think it was on the long side. But, it wasn't as short as some I've played.

I agree about the darkness. I had to turn the brightness up for the bonus and the bonus mini games. I never did see the chess piece in the final bonus mini game. I just lucky clicked on it.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 15 2:54 PM
I played the bonus chapter and then went back and watched the alternate ending. I was kind of hoping that my last collectible was there since I missed one (it wasn't).

I didn't like the alternate ending. I'm glad they didn't use it.
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