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 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Mar 17, 12 6:18 PM
I am stuck with the mechanical secretary. I got all the cogs except the one in the prop room inside the flowers on the table. She talked once. I cannot retrieve the vial over her heart so I can get the fluid I made; therefore, I can't get the spring I need to lower the table in the prop room. I've exhausted all my hints in the hint jar, and I've been to the walkthrough. Any ideas what I may have done wrong?
 posted in Jewel Quest Heritage on Nov 4, 10 9:29 PM
rjae1965 wrote:How do you save your game? Everytime I leave the game I have to start over.

I would like to know this information, also, especially as I play for long periods of time. The game will lock up on me just when I've almost completed a puzzle with extra time given, and I have to go back to the beginning of the puzzle. Ugh.

Thanks for any and all help.
 posted in Jewel Quest Heritage on Nov 1, 10 6:41 PM
I found the missing piece for Francesca de la Cueva. It is in the puzzles of Don Pedro Moctezuma. Good Luck, All!
 posted in Jewel Quest Heritage on Oct 30, 10 7:39 PM
I am stuck also on Francesca de la Cueva. I don't have the last piece to her dress for the puzzle. If anyone can help, please post here as I see I am not the only player with this frustrating problem.
 posted in Be Richer on Sep 13, 09 2:54 PM
Thanks, margeryk! You rock!
 posted in Be Richer on Sep 13, 09 2:22 PM
I've built 3 HR's on three premium lots. For the life of me I can't find the 4th premium lot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

 posted in DQ Tycoon on Mar 29, 09 9:55 PM
Why do the cool cones disappear when I click on them? And if they do end up on my bonus bar, how am I supposed to utilize them?

Thanks to all who answer.

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