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 posted in Vampire Mansion: A Linda Hyde Mystery on Jun 5, 11 2:17 AM
this game not play it all over the place it a from me you all take care now besstan
 posted in Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend on Jun 3, 11 1:54 AM
this game will not play come on what going on i going to uninstall it besstan
 posted in Wild West Billy on May 31, 11 9:23 AM
GeorgeXXIII wrote:I lasted 13 minutes before i deleted it.
me too i thought it be good at the price no way besstan
 posted in Tearstone on May 30, 11 1:12 AM
need time to get used to this game but it looks good to me very diffrant but i will keep going besstan
 posted in Dream Inn: Driftwood on May 29, 11 1:03 AM
this game not for me slow to get to the play and that womans voice well what a pain uninstalled after 10 min the game i like escape to thunder island much more of a challange hope you all ok in the pond besstan
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Amber Maiden on May 28, 11 1:07 AM
has this game been on before and can you please tell me what ce and se means i confused or mybe just stupid besstan
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Amber Maiden on May 28, 11 1:05 AM
mamajay wrote:Nope - a wee bit longer - April 21. I peeked, lol. Even so, I do remember trying the CE, but couldn't decided whether to get it or not. Now I will try the SE and see if I can actually make up my mind for a change, lol

has this game been out before and can you tell what ce and se means please i confused besstan
 posted in Escape from Thunder Island on May 22, 11 2:46 AM
pixielily wrote:The sense of humor in this game is great! Some people like snarky comments well they should like this game, just make a few wrong moves.

I have to agree that a few of the HOs were hard to see, but other than that this is a very fun game and I love the monkey!

Now just waiting to see the length and if it is a good one I will buy it.

So far a 4 out of 5
i agree this worth my credit besstan
 posted in Escape from Thunder Island on May 22, 11 2:44 AM
i like this game using a credit for it the hint recharges quick to not got stuck yet but going to look at the walkthrou to see how long it is yes some objects hard to find and as say the hint button does not take long 10 and 1o all have a great day now besstan
 posted in Emma and the Inventor on May 20, 11 1:40 AM
goofyduck77 wrote:Uh oh, shadow - I liked it! Despite the whole grandfather thing. It kind of reminds me of the mirror games, not too hard, and I didn't wear out my sneakers. Oops, forgot to mention that in my review lol

The only thing was that I didn't see a skip button. I clicked on Help and Hint both and got nothing. So either it was somewhere else, and I didn't see it, or there wasn't one. Which makes me nervous. Because one puzzle, it too me awhile to figure out what was needed and I got it, but if there are harder ones down the road . . . that wouldn't be good. Unless there is a walkthrough, which there probably will be. At least I hope so. I got that coupon left that's burning a hole in my inbox lol
i also trying thes game as i got a credit but i can not sort out the first puzzel the bike i going to try again see you all soon love to all in the pond besstan
 posted in Emma and the Inventor on May 20, 11 1:36 AM
i am trying this game but got stuck on puzzel what i like there is no walk through as yeti go try again see if i can sort out the sliding puzzle on the bike take care my dear friend
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 15, 11 2:24 AM
i would like to try this game again but get stuck on the numbers what are they i have tried elimenating the number but got stuck again so i going to download again and why does the hint button not work when you got all the flies help besstan
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 15, 11 1:09 AM
megwoman25 wrote:you know thats just your personal opinion n to make this a forum is disrespectful because now people will see this title & not give it a try. Yah it doesn't have directions n the story line isn't really there but its still a good game. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean someone else won't love it. I know I loved it n I usually only go for those big value games but this one is delightful in its own way once you get used to it.
i am sorry but i could not get on with this but i hope you enjoy it besstan
 posted in PuppetShow: Lost Town on Apr 14, 11 1:29 AM
dear fishies has this game been on before as i seem to have seen and tried it can you help besstan
 posted in Around the World in 80 Days on Feb 4, 11 9:05 AM
played this game 4 times still stuck in japan but wont give up i love it just wish
timer was longer but i get there in the end besstan
 posted in The Secret Legacy: A Kate Brooks Adventure on Jan 23, 11 2:26 AM
this game not for me sorry besstan
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 12, 11 2:02 AM
if you have not tried this game i think it great the graphics are good the hint button good
it well worth playing it so different
as you make up potions besstan
 posted in Tamara the 13th on Dec 28, 10 1:26 AM
played 5 min of this game come on let us have some good games for new year besstan
 posted in Christmas Wonderland on Dec 23, 10 2:03 AM
i like this game it fun nice graphics good mini games and a great change thank you cant wait for tomorrows game wishing you all the best besstan
 posted in Jewelry Secret: Mystery Stones on Dec 12, 10 1:46 AM
grabbinbugs wrote:Can't even get this game to play in administrator. Game stalls at the profile page with no response from "play" button. This is a first for me and I have played many many games here. Think will wait on this and see if others have same issue.
game wont play the curioser is all over the place come on help out besstan
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