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 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective on Mar 18, 17 11:00 AM
Never mind, got it.

Had to laugh - as I have mentioned, my reaction time is slow. The game at the end took me a long time and many tries to win because I kept getting all the battle squares. When I finally lucked out, Aion says "I've never seen a player like you." Hahaha.
 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective on Mar 18, 17 8:13 AM
The second item is the battery - I got the first thing, which was a "bulb." I see the battery, I click on the battery, nothing happens. I tried the Hint and it highlights the battery. There appears to be nothing to pick up or apply to the battery to get it out. Clicked on and all around it. Am I missing something?
 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective on Mar 18, 17 8:11 AM
When you are the almost-last bit, there are two passages off to the right, and you need to make sure you take the second passage. They are close and the cursor will change when you move it from the first to the second. It sounds like you're taking the first. HTH
 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective on Mar 18, 17 8:07 AM
If you can shoot them fast enough they don't damage you. My reflexes were too slow and I had to skip it, too, although I did get two of the buggers!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 14, 16 2:23 PM
Thanks, bfgPanthalassa, that is the strategy I've been using. Just can't get enough turquoise gummies on the board, but at least I know I'm not missing anything.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 9, 16 11:57 AM
I am having problems with the only two levels I need to "complete all levels at Master level": the infamous 113-1 and 115-3. I have found the tip for 113-1 that I will try (actually, keep trying; it hasn't worked for me yet), but I don't see anything here for 115-3 - am I missing something here, or missing something simple in the game? Thanks!

Okay, got 113-1 yay! As a reminder, 115-3 is the one where the game starts with a row of the turquoise shooters across the bottom row. Is there a boost that will get rid of those, or relocate them or something. Despite all my efforts to move the souvenirs over to the left, I have yet to come close to getting this one - help!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Jul 18, 16 7:47 AM
Okay, what gimmick am I missing on LA level 77, please?
 posted in Farm Up on May 31, 16 5:48 AM
I did an advanced search on this forum but didn't see any other report - of course I might not have searched on the right words, but there are so many entries here I'm just going to post this anyway.

Last night when I stopped playing, everything was fine. This morning when I brought the game up, all the characters except grandpa had vanished. Grandpa seemed to be caught in some sort of loop, as he was walking in place into a decoration. When I clicked on the reward suitcase for a truck city quest, grandpa promptly turned and headed for it. I then clicked on the food that was ready at the cafe, and got the sound meaning it could not be assigned - meaning that the game believed grandpa was the only character available - and the game froze.

Further update - when I bring the game up and click on anything grandpa cannot do, the game freezes.

I rebooted and tried again, same thing. I deleted and re-downloaded the game - same thing. Any ideas anyone?
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 30, 16 2:38 AM
I finished Barcelona a while ago, but had a daily challenge there today. Just a warning on level 55, be careful not to clear the "out-arrow" blocker and the top second "in-arrow" blocker without leaving a path in the latter's row that goes lower than the out-arrow square, or else the game goes into an infinite loop , with the track from the in- to the out-arrow back to the in-arrow feeding endlessly.

I expect this doesn't happen often and it isn't a software bug, it's a design bug. You still lose a life getting out of it, though!
 posted in Emerland Solitaire: Endless Journey on Mar 19, 16 10:10 AM
Another update - thought they'd written PC off, glad to see this one!
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Jan 19, 16 1:20 AM
I had a little trouble finding all the pieces, too, but resorted to the brute force search method - that is, I slowly ran the cursor all over the screen, left to right, top to bottom, focusing on it and not what was underneath it, until it turned into a hand. That worked for me, but darned if I can remember where all the pieces were placed. I hope you all have found those elusive buggers by now. If I play this game again I'll try to map out where the pieces were but, beware, the placement may be randomly generated!
 posted in Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition on Jan 8, 16 4:33 PM
I found the make-up puzzle impossible - asking for help here on the forum but no answers yet - it's extremely touchy. I skipped it in order to get on with things.

Other than that, it was enjoyable and up-to-standard on graphics and sound. Not spectacular. Plot was predictable. Bonus game was good. Collectibles were fun as usual. Morphing animals were fun to read about.

3.5 out of 5 and I concur with many others here - demo it first!
 posted in Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition on Jan 6, 16 12:40 PM
On the main screen, upper left, click on Bonus Content.
On the Bonus Content screen, the reflection in the mirror contains a scene and, right underneath, click on the PLAY button.
 posted in Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 16 6:51 AM
I lucked out and got the hair without a problem, but I cannot get the five circles...what part of the brush needs to be where and can I only do the circles when they are actually present on the locations?
 posted in Big City Adventure: Shanghai on Dec 25, 15 12:34 PM
That's very impressive! I am curious - did you have any special strategy for using the coins (or not using them)?
 posted in Big City Adventure: Shanghai on Dec 25, 15 12:32 PM
I don't use them much either. They can be used during the hidden object phase for location "hints" (hardly a hint as it highlights the object for you!); adding time to the timer, which will end up boosting your score for time left; and adding points. During the games, you can use the coin to skip the game.

You can accumulate up to five coins of each type. If you go below five of a hint or time-boost coin, the next hidden object screen(s) will have those coins in them. If you are at five coins for each type, then the only coins in the hidden object scene are for bonus points and awarded as soon as you find them. During the scoring, you get points for each coin you had going into the round but did not use.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 22, 15 1:18 PM
Absanfran wrote:I can't figure out how to put the puzzles together. I have all the pieces but nothing I do allows me to rotate them so they are right side up. I've tried the arrows but no luck. I'm sure I'm missing something simple.

Okay, there are four arrows at the bottom. The middle two moves you from puzzle to puzzle. The outer two are curved and you need to bring the puzzle piece over top of them, then click on it, in order to rotate the piece.

 posted in Big City Adventure: Shanghai on Dec 22, 15 4:18 AM
I'm a little disappointed because of the heavy use of repeating scenes and repeating puzzles and repeating music. About halfway through I was thinking, "This game must have cost about 3 bucks to develop, nice profit margin there!" Plus the repeating scenes made the hidden objects ever-easier to find. Replay value is zero given the replays already in the game. It's okay as a sort of solitaire time-passer, but I won't be buying any more of these unless they crop up in the $2.99 bucket someday.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 20, 15 5:56 AM
gpj53 wrote:And a 62yr old as well - I loved it especially after just completing the two MCF Ravenhearsts and the darkness of them. I really needed something light and cheerful and the cute kitties suited me perfectly. I've enjoyed all the Christmas Stories and look forward to more in the future.

SO funny - I am also 62 and had finished the first most recent Ravenhearst and am about halfway through Unlocked and was saying to self, "Too much, darkness overload" so got this one.

Review earlier seemed startled this wasn't Eipix. Wonder why?

Opinions say more about the person holding them than they do about their subject matter (of course, this is an opinion LOL) - hence I wonder about the age of the people calling this too cute and too young. I know when I was a teenager I wanted so much to be treated as an adult (not that I always acted like one) and was quite sensitive about anything or anyone treating me as a child. Now I am old enough to enjoy and not to be worried or insulted by cute or childlike things. I love this game. Bolshoe spasibo once again, Elephant and BF!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Dec 5, 15 5:08 AM
1up_ wrote:Pretty nifty....except for the bit where there's SNOW falling in Sydney. You know, where it's SUMMER this time of year??? (Southern Hemisphere, people!! somebody knock the programmers' heads together!) Yes, there's decorations with "snow" on them, but it really won't be falling from the sky in December...

Heck with dat, please fix the known and multiple-times reported bugs in the PC version and I will happily go without decorations.
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