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 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jul 31, 17 12:57 PM
So? What is the general consensus regarding the 'VULTURES' ???(Raiders is too gentle a word!)
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jul 22, 17 7:03 AM
TMGamer99 thankyou very much for the reassurance, thought I had done something radically wrong...(wouldn't be the first time)...
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jul 22, 17 6:42 AM
Help!! just produced the two gold rings requested by a villager in a white shirt, and the purple witch appeared, said something nasty, and now the rings have disappeared... where have they gone?? (on level 48)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 29, 16 10:58 AM
37 mins to go........................ Oh dear, what a shame..........given more team spirit I am sure we could have done it!! We need to WIN the next mini-event!! Let's go for it (please)? love to all who participated, Boz.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 29, 16 3:57 AM
managed another 75 -now got a sore mouse finger! Good luck everyone!! boz.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 28, 16 1:58 AM
Managed 27 over the 75 in about 40 mins, hope this helps,keep going everyone, good luck - might manage a few more this evening.

just realised I am now a jellyfish!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 9, 16 11:24 AM
I am happy to be your friend my ID is 360079 - send me an invite!!! x boz
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 9, 16 11:02 AM
This happened last year with an Edgar Allen Poe game (HOS based) and the same thing seems to be happening here - I DO HOPE NOT - I LOVE MC!!) Reassurance needed here for a scared player .... anybody out there??? Boz
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 9, 16 10:38 AM
i have an awful feeling that this game may be grinding to a halt? I have been playing almost from the start, and just recently, having reached Level 71, the amount of 'event's, 'fillers' etc., seem to have increased, side issues that have nothing or very little to do with the progression of the 'story'. For me this would be a very, very, sad outcome, I value this game, it is a very, very well constructed, well thought out and totally absorbing game, for it to grind to a halt would be so sad - anyone else have thoughts on the matter?? Boz.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 28, 16 10:48 AM
Please keep going everyone, we can do it!! We can do it. I am on CET so it is 8pm., here, after a good night's sleep, I CAN do another 105 HOS's within the time limits!!! Good luck everyone!!! xx
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 11, 16 10:55 AM

I very rarely post, but well done teams for sorting out the probs for Windows 10 users!!! I think, in three days, you did a magnificent job - I waited patiently, but managed in the meantime to get a lot of spring-cleaning done!! I knew you could do it!! I tried in the interim to uninstall/reinstall the game, and the Game Manager, but to no avail... Beyond my capabilities??¡¡ SO nice to be able to continue with the game (on level69) My best wishes to you all for a job efficiently and well done!!
Way to go - love the Castle xx

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 22, 15 10:48 AM
Oh Wow! Just got a cordless mouse!, Oh the speed, the flexibility, I am romping round the castle like a five year old!!. HOWEVER - just a note to all my friends, new and old, I have got family visiting tomorrow for a couple of weeks (I live in Andalucia, southern Spain), it's a good holiday destination for Brits, so Granny Lyn will be incognito for a couple of weeks, catch up with you all later in August!! Happy castle roaming everyone!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 19, 15 9:50 AM
Had a good chuckle that they locked the senior friends thread, yes we were getting way off topic! However, that discussion has given me five new and generous friends, who I am happy to have, and we are gifting each other like mad, as we are all on different levels, therefore have different needs, which is a brilliant way to play this game, (which I thoroughly enjoy), to help and be helped is extremely satisfying, You never know WHAT is coming next. I am at level 33 and No don't tell me - I like surprises!.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 18, 15 9:13 AM
Oops! I am new to this posting process (perhaps you could guess!)
My friend code is 360079, don't be put off by my avatar, I am actually a little old lady of 71, and would be delighted to have new friends!
Incidentally, I am a Brit and still think the Beatles were the best thing since 'sliced bread' Who can remember that being a novelty??
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 16, 15 12:36 PM
Hey you guys out there, I only have 'just john' and 'a.n.other' who is not very giving as a friend! I am a 'senior' 71, slightly slow- ish, and at level 32, and would love some new friends, it does get lonely wandering around the castle by yourself!! Love the game - and at my age, have the patience to progress slowly!! Good luck to everyone.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 10, 15 2:31 PM
Hi, please can someone tell me what are the steering wheels for?? (love the game!)
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 30, 14 11:36 AM
many thanks for the reply! Thought I was getting early Alzheimer's or else needed new glasses!
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 29, 14 10:14 AM
I have been playing Farm up for over a year, eventually reaching level 51, and have started a new game on another computer - it's the one with the roulette wheel!
I have noticed, when harvesting crops, I am only getting 1 in three blue jars, or at most one in two, although the moles seem to be much more active, and the butterflies more productive of blue jars. Is this 'normal' for this upgrade? (I don't like it). Any advice would be helpful - thanks in advance.
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