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 posted in Toy Factory on Jan 14, 15 6:46 PM
Unfortunately the tutorial is so bad that it's hard to figure out how to start the game. That being said this is quite a cute game that I'm enjoying. Once you drag the bikers/bikes that scroll into the bottom of the screen into a vacant parking space the elves will get off the bikes and you put them at the tables to serve them goodies. Also the bikers will order toys for you to make and deliver to them. Once all the toys are delivered to the bikers the elves will get back in the bike and leave.

I am actually enjoying this game. It's very different yet challenging. It took me awhile to figure out that first part but once I did it was pretty smooth sailing.

It's too bad that the directions are so poor at the beginning. This was a buy for me.
 posted in Toy Factory on Jan 14, 15 6:38 PM
The tutorial is very poor but they mean for you to drag the bikers at the bottom of screen that scroll in to a vacant parking space. Once you do this the elves will get off the bike and you put them at the table to serve them The bikers at the bottom will order toys for you to make. It's a fun little game once you figure it out. Hope this makes sense.
 posted in Clutter IV: Minigame Madness Tour on Oct 26, 14 7:40 AM
Mouse crashed on first game retry. Can't replay the game without being able to select. Will not buy until problems fixed. I really love this series but this one has issues. Using windows 8.
 posted in Dino R-r-age Defense on Sep 14, 14 12:47 PM
This game is extremely difficult. I had to replay the first level to get 3 stars because there was no way to defend with the small amount of money given. I've restarted the game 3 times hoping to improve my play but it's not making much difference. I am only playing the easy mode but believe me it's not easy.

You only need to have one enemy get through to lose having 3 stars so you end up having to use what looks like DNA molecules to build enough just to get by on the first round of siege.

I did purchase the game because I originally found it a challenge but now on only level 8 I'm finding it much too difficult. Maybe some others will come in and give some insight to the levels.

Edit: If you fail to defend and have to start over it only stands to reason that you should start again with the same money and units you had the first time. I just blew all of my units - over 30 trying to defend level 9. It was absolutely ridiculous and I am 100% sorry I bought this game - why create a game where the only solution is failure!
 posted in Hometown Poker Hero on Aug 20, 14 1:13 PM
That's exactly how I finally beat him Dee. It take much patience for sure.
 posted in Hometown Poker Hero on Aug 18, 14 4:20 PM
The tip of the glasses didn't work for me. I can't get past this guy. I've played at least 10 or so times. Even when I'm way up and have a straight he ends up winning with a with a last minute full house or something. I'm tired of trying at this point. Very disappointing. If I was playing bad and making bad bets it would be one thing but that's just not the case.
 posted in Hometown Poker Hero on Aug 18, 14 4:17 PM
You can still play the game - it just deducts from you after the game. I don't know how far in the hole it will let you go because I always ended up to the good.
 posted in Tales of Empire: Rome on Apr 7, 14 6:42 PM
Is it bothering any other fishies that the board gets wavy and distorted. This is keeping me from purchasing the game right now. Is there a way to turn this off or avoid it? It makes me feel sick. Unfortunately I wasted a lot of time due to lack of direction on clicking the exact word BUY to get my buildings. Why not have a button BUY on the description when it comes up. It seems others had the same issue.

This game needs some work.
 posted in Tales of Empire: Rome on Apr 7, 14 6:26 PM
I honestly can't stand the distortion on the match three board while I'm trying to play. It is literally making me sick. I don't understand what the purpose is for such a thing. This is not a buy for me unless I can turn that off.
 posted in DinerMania on Apr 6, 14 1:06 PM
I finally figured out that there were several types of match games you have to play to get the specials. One is a match three where you swap items next to each other to make the match and the other is a click on two of the same matches to select the items. I did buy the game and start over so that I could follow the directions better.
 posted in DinerMania on Apr 5, 14 8:10 AM
I was wondering the same thing about the ending of this game. There doesn't seem to be one.

You have to serve the food ordered by the gangsters with hot pepper on it so they get mad and leave. Pretty stupid part of the game in my opinion.

Edit - Yes the game does end after all. Once you get all three stars for each restaurant you finish the game. I went back and looked at each restaurant and realized that I really hadn't completed all the stars before I moved forward to the next place. So I played until I got all the stars and the game was over.
 posted in DinerMania on Apr 4, 14 1:16 PM
I have played the entire trial but am debating this purchase because the match 3 daily specials are a bit weird. Maybe it's just me but the pop around so fast I can't ever seem to get a match. Does anyone of the few who bought this game have a suggestion? I may purchase if I could figure that out. I made it to the 2nd restaurant in the trial.
 posted in Fable of Dwarfs on Feb 26, 14 4:15 PM
I really enjoyed this game even though I could not get gold on most levels. I usually got silver and the game was really fun to play. Only didn't finish once and had to restart that level but got it the second time.

I recommend this game - give it a try.
 posted in Fable of Dwarfs on Feb 26, 14 4:08 PM
I think you have to demolish the saw mill and build a market to get food for this level. I don't believe you are referring to the level with the tracks because it does not take 8 workers to repair the next level with the tracks. I think that's what you are asking.
 posted in Fable of Dwarfs on Feb 26, 14 4:02 PM
The brakes are at the bottom of the screen on the tracks. They are very hard to see but they are under the buildings.
 posted in Fable of Dwarfs on Feb 26, 14 3:19 PM
Thank you Csustar but the rent shows up so fast, which is not a bad thing, it is distracting and takes a lot of motion. Some games allow you to build a hut for or to hire a tax/rent/material collector. I was so hoping for such a being. LOL

Not sure I want to buy this game. I found it very difficult to get 3 stars but did manage to finish all levels until my trial was about to expire. I am very good at these games so I'm a bit hesitant.

This site has so few TM games any more. Probably because few devs are making them so when one shows up, I'm all about it. This one causes me pause.
 posted in Fable of Dwarfs on Feb 26, 14 10:35 AM
Does anyone know if there is a rent collector that shows up in this game? I find that having to pick up all the rent, which is so very often, annoying. It's hard to concentrate on the tasks because of this. I am also finding it very difficult to get all gold stars.
 posted in Farm to Fork on Feb 24, 14 9:22 PM
I am finding this game to be very enjoyable. The best way to play is to work on the goals given. I don't care for the bird but it's not too bad so far. Almost done with the 2nd farm. Gold is very difficult in my opinion but am getting silver on most levels.

Good game.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess IV on Feb 8, 14 3:31 PM
Just finished the game. No I did not get gold on every level. I wanted to pop in and say that I loved this game. Yes there is a time but it is very generous. I had to play a few levels over and over to get but there are some wonderful fishies here who know how to play those difficult levels and give great advice.

Many have given negative and positive opinions. I think this is an excellent game. It's full of challenge and new things to do.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess IV on Feb 8, 14 2:57 PM
Thanks for the tips zonnegroet! Finished the game. Didn't get gold but felt good to finish. Going back now to see about gold on certain levels.

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