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 posted in Luxor Bundle Pack on Apr 24, 09 12:56 PM
Just downloaded the Luxor triology of games and get 'out of range' error on Luxor. I've been working with CS for weeks on this. I've updated all drivers and softwares possible and still get the OOR on Luxor. I've even tried adjusting monitor size long enough to boot game and turn off the full screen option- no luck. CS has no more suggestions for me.

What's frustrating is I could have purchased these games from Yahoo and never had a problem. I had free credits on BFG and always get problems. I notice others get this same error-- maybe BFG should look at this if people keep getting this error with their games-just a thought. Guess I get what I pay for.

 posted in Journey to the Center of the Earth on Apr 24, 09 12:47 PM
I get the 'out of range' error with most of the BF games. I've updated all drivers possible and been in email communications with CS for over a week. We're at a point where nothing can be done anymore (even spent the day adjusting monitor size). I get games from Yahoo have never have a problem. Wish I knew what to do and why this only happens with BF games.

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