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 posted in Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 on Jul 31, 13 1:03 PM
I'm gong crazy with the repetition of playing this over and over and over againl I'm stuck on Classic, # 96. I immediately bypass the first game in this set because it's just unwinnable...I play the rest of them over and over again, and never fail to get shut down with the "no more moves" message. It's ridiculous!
Maybe I'm just manic in wanting to have this particular game finished, because all the others in classic have been done and checked. This #96 is destroying what's left of my sanity because I want to win and finish all of them!!! Any advice, suggestions, hints, clues????? Thanks in advance for any help!
 posted in Flip Words 2 on Apr 11, 10 9:15 AM
[b] I've had FlipWords 2 for some time and LOVE it, but when I first started using/playing it, it would add new phrases nearly every time I logged on. Now, it acts as though it's trying to get new ones, but then a message pops up saying "no new phrases available" and that I've played through 34% of the available ones.
I've 'created' many, many phrases and sent them in.....surely I can't be the only one doing that!!
Do you have to reach a certain percentage of phrases used before it downloads more? Is there a trick to all this that I don't know about? Do I have to get down to 0% before new phrases will download??
Just want to know!
 posted in Unexpected Journey on Mar 26, 10 2:02 PM
[b] I had the same problem.....swore it was a '7' and tried it repeatedly, with no luck!
Thanks to you good people, I finally got out of the bedroom and onto the pier! I'm having a hard time finding the oar and the last lifesaver, so I decided to put the game aside for a while.
I do like it though. The graphics are nice, and the plot is different. My big complaint with it is that the hint thingy does not give hints!!! I'm having to do it all on my own, which is fine, if only they wouldn't dangle the hint button in front of me!
 posted in Unexpected Journey on Mar 25, 10 10:07 PM
[b]I too am in the minority.....I like what I've done in the demo so far, but am stuck trying to figure out the password on the computer! I looked in her little notebook in the drawer and tried that number as the password many luck! I looked in every drawer and whatever that I thought might hide the password.....still no luck!
If someone has a clue for me on that, I'd be most grateful!!!
Love reading your comments! (and you're right...her clothes are ugly! I wouldn't take any of them on a trip unless I was stopping by a dumpster on the way!)
 posted in The Broken Clues on Apr 3, 09 8:34 PM
Hi fellow "Fish" lovers,
I'm glad to see it isn't just me having problems with Broken Clues. Always when it starts, it's like the television sets of old.......a colorful test pattern that lasts for 45 seconds! I'm patient though, and am very impressed with the graphics and was anxious to enjoy this game.
HOWEVER!!!......I have no earthly idea what I'm to be looking for; only know I've found it when I hear a "bing" sound; there are no instructions on how to get hints; for the most part, there ARE no hints!!; the slaughter of the English language is pitiful; and as much as I hate to be quitter, it's hard to conquer a game with no hints, no instructions, no options to 'fix' what isn't working, and I'm [/u]extremely[u]
unhappy that I paid for this game without trying it first!
I'm so used to finding such wonderful HO games on BFG, I just took it for granted that this would be another.......NOT!!
Thanks for letting me rant!
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