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Tried re installing. Peculiarly enough after I reinstalled my previous profile was still there. Tried a new profile and got as far as the car and THEN froze. It happens just as you click on the object that hides the final match- you can hear a "movement" but it totally freezes up. Of course it TOTALLY must be MY computer at fault.< sarcasm.

Sad in' it? ya pays yer money and ya don't get whut u payed fer. Nice.
Crapped out w the final raven in the alternate. |Not sure its worth the trouble to try and fix)

Congrats to the team at Big Fish- my LAST purchase.

I missed the disaster that was b4 Fates Carnival ( I will not even admit it as part of the MCF series) but do agree that the quality has deteriorated mightily from therein. MCF is the only game I buy now and really will consider this the last one unless things improve. MCF used to be something really special but w BF move to the online gambling and Play for Free, Things have changed. MCF is now just another game yes w hard puzzles but really so many have that now. Elephant Games does it's job but just enough- there is nothing special any more. The Dalimar connection has become SO strung out now does anyone rally care anymore?

I don't consider the sale of BF as a good portent- the home company's history is in the gambling industry not casual gaming.

Funny, years ago I warned about going back to the well too often in a series- eventually all u get is muck.
Where one goes can the other be far behind? spoiler or Victor?
This is definitely a bit odd. Count me among the resets an come back group. The SG
does show the correct move but I'm still not too shure how I got there!
This one is frustrating me- I have angled the clown according to both the ballerina, strategy guide & walkthru. nothing seems to trigger it. *sigh*

In da woids of Ralph Kramden-

"BABY you're the greatest!"

Thanks 4 all u do!
Wierd- the coupon gave me FC @ 1/2 priece and the other collectors game @ full price. AND couldn't use my gift certificates.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 11, 13 8:28 PM
Where is the "new Pond"?

Also Hondo has also gone w the old pond too.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Oct 18, 13 7:35 PM
I wondered when the cost of maintaining the chit chat board w all the mods (AND the dang bandwith!) would finally be seen as not part of the main purpose of this site- which is to sell games. I guess they feel the FB & the Twitter and the Pintrest et all will do it better and not on their dime.
Funny thing- i haven't been buying much games at all recently- it just all feels like it's been done b4. Had thought about getting the new MCF but still waiting for new puter and now that Windows 8.1 is coming will wait til then and MAybe get the new MCF. We'll see...
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake on Dec 25, 12 3:29 PM
No. Just. No. Sad
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 8:18 PM
Really shocked at the lack of love for Ms Thompson in this thread.

I have said it b4 when BF has used "live" perfomances and I stand by it:

An actor is only as good as a) the material they are given to work with, b) the directionthey are given. If she seems "over the top" u can bet THAT was how she was told to play it- " It's not a film, it's a movie". This aint Ibsen its a frickin' Casual Game. When they get Meryl Streep to play the Master Detective in the "filum"version then complain!!

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Just wanted to deke in to the thread b4 it gets locked and congratulate all the fishies whut made it thru the MCF 2012 Cyberspace Gumball Rally

Esp kudos to them special smartie fins that figured out DA CLUES!

And of course all the poets and songsters ( excluding moi- which would be egotestical and I don't wear skin tight blue jeans )

My pore lil 'puter barely managed the SE of EFR so I will wait til the SE of Shadow Lake b4 I chance a DL.

Oh, and Hondo - u have joined Picman in that special "brotherhood" as a




Till next year fishies & fiends_

*said in BESt Patrick McGoohan voice*

"Be Seeing You!"
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Rainbow as always the poet with the Moet ( et Chandon )
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 17, 12 12:25 PM
MY hope is that their Yankee crew can finally get Thanksgiving off w THEIR families.

Just remember tho- that 1st release has usually had some reeeel bugs.Be Prepared.
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dogmama wrote:This is OT but in response to a post and a couple of responses from earlier today and I feel the need to say it. BFG has given us a wonderful by hosting this Spec Thread. Think about it, the number of posters here is miniscule compared to the number of people who will buy this game. It doen't sell more games for them as I'm sure each of us would buy it anyway (or at least try it to see if it's something we like). It's a that makes it so much more fun for the very few who post here. A tremendous amount of work goes into creating and sustaining the thread. Geez, think about how much time Hondo has to set aside to read each and every post. Sure, he's paid for it, but by BFG who wants US to have a good time. So if they post clues on FB, Twitter or even Mars, I'll go there because it's so much fun---for all of us.

THANK YOU for caring so much about those in your Pond !

Thank u dogmama for your post which has crystallized the "problem" I am having w the Spec thread. Why do we do it? Why does BF do it? Cos it's fun! BUT not for "all of us" and that is the issue. I have made a personal & philosophical choice not to be a Facebook-ie and Twitter-ite. That choice automatically excludes me from participating in the bulk of the Speculation. I feel as if I am at this great concert or play and everyone is standing around oohing and ahhing and laughing and clapping at what THEY see but all I can see is their backs and behinds. I have concluded then there is no place for me here now in the Spec thread. and will therefore remove myself. It was fun while it lasted- but it lasted a lot longer than it was fun. Enjoy fishies. G*d bless.

Sabre - Out
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 10, 12 10:27 AM
Fargosis-- WELL DONE!!!!

shorenuf- u said it very well. I too am on the knifes edge about continuing.
Simply too awkward.
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Eoarod wrote:Mornin' all! Welp - I've now caught the bug that's been going around the lake very odd - we're dropping like flies!!

Vultraz - though a lot's been said - can't say too much! Don't let folks ever make you feel bad about what you like! I play console games and PC games (and board games, and, and... lol) each platform has its own appeal! Folks will have a "favorite" - in other forums PS3, XBox & PC gamers war over which platform is better for the same darn game! Folks just like to "argure" about what's best! Best dressed, best movie, best book...and look out when it's best sports team !!! What's truly "best" is what YOU enjoy!!!

again on Moria (yes, cadfael you spelled it right) - if they gave PhDs for Tolkien...I'd have one & *I* didn't make that connection! Tie that with "Tak" (btw - that's from Stephen King's Desperation ) & we see that "Freed buried evil" is a common enough literary theme - and a good one!!

Today I'm liking theories like dogmama's - buried evil freed by shaking! We do also seem to have a mix of decades in the poster & other art. Ghost hunting TV shows - very modern...but there is a very 40s or 50s look to other players.

I also agree - we haven't yet followed the path allll of yesterday's clues are leading us down! It's hard when we get so many clues at once (but it's GREAT!) it's like letting a pack of foxes loose before the hounds LOL - we don't know which scent trail to follow!!!

Things particularly nagging me: "The beginning or the end?", the differences in the two Ravenhearst pics and "Shake" - yep...easy enough initial answer, but it must lead to more!

Now...where'd I put that Robatussin???

Robitussion w a dram of vodka & some ice is really nice!
MCF 2012- The Name of Game- ( apologies to Mr. S.J. Sondheim)
Play nice, ‘tec
You have to pay their price, ‘tec!
Mods like to give advice,’tec!
Don't think about it twice, ‘tecl!
Speculation isn't easy
Even when you're hot.
Theorizing on clews is easy.
Solving them is not!

A vision's just a vision if it's only in your head!
If no one gets to see it, it's as good as dead!
It has to come to life!
Bit by bit, putting it together
Piece by piece, only way to solve the Speculation
Every moment makes a contribution
Every little detail plays a part
Having just a vision's no solution
Everything depends on execution
Putting it together, that's what counts!
Ounce by ounce, putting in together
Small amounts, adding up to make a M’stry Case File
First of all you need a Master Detective
Otherwise it's risky from the start
Takes a little ghostly invective
But without the proper directives
Wondering if a talon’s radioactive
Everything depends on being suggestive
The technique of Speculation
Is putting it together, bit by bit

Link by link, making the connections,
Drink by drink, taking every comment as it interwove
Learning how to play your intuition

Like you played Return to Ravenhearst, 13th Skull & Dire Grove
Otherwise you'll find your Speculation
Is gonna be just one big deception

Speculation isn't easy
Every minor detail is a major decision
Have to keep things in scale
Have to hold to a vision

Dot by dot, building up the image
Shot by shot, keeping at a distance may not play
Still if you remember your objective
Is to get the game on Thanksgiving Day

A little bit of hype can be effective
As long as you can keep it in perspective
Even when you get some recognition
Everything you do you still assumption
Speculation isn’t easy
Overnight you’ve found a trend
You’ve found the right combination
Then the trend's at an end
Suddenly it’s last year's sensation!
Always seems like repetition
And we’ll never know all Hondo knows

Gotta keep a link with the Pond’s tradition
Gotta learn to loose your inhibition
While you re-establish your position
So that you can be on exhibit...
So that your theories can be on exhibition!

Think new, ‘tecl!
They tell you till they're blue, ‘tec!
You're new, or else you're through ’tec!
And even if it's true, ‘tec,
You do what you can do!
Bit by bit, Putting it together
Piece by piece, working on the Spec Thread night and day
All it takes is time and perseverance
With a little luck along the way
Picman puts in a personal appearance
Gathering supporters and adherents...
Mapping out the clews but in addition
Hoping the moves are not a pain
Balancing the part that's all Facebook
With the part that's strictly Big Fish Games
Balancing the Twitter with the mission
Till you have the perfect orchestration

Even if you do have the suspicion
That it's taking all your concentration
The tech of Speculation
Is putting it together, bit by bit
Beat by beat, part by part
Frame by frame, chart by chart
Track by track, bit by bit,
Claim by claim, pout by pout
Whew by whew, snit by snit,
Clew by clew shout by shout
Deal by deal, spat by spat
Shpiel by shpiel, doubt by doubt
Cos that Aim... Is the Name of the Game!
Reely limited in action not being FB Twitter or mobile app/phone- affied.

But I am wondering- why a cube? It's is a 3 dimensional object in what is essentially a 2 dimensional medium.

For some reason it reminds me of the dice u usta throw in the D & D games which gave u directions to wherever/whatever was to be done next.

Oh and the Medical Doctor just put me on an inhaler.

Back to my sickbed fishies.

Hope the other fishies r getting better esp Purple' lil bunny

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