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 posted in Hobby Farm on May 30, 11 2:56 PM
You have to buy the shell necklace machine. Then you put a shell and a feather in the machine. Then you take that to the store room
 posted in Great Chocolate Chase on Feb 27, 11 2:57 PM
Any tips on how to get 100,000 points? I've finished all level as expert but am still way below the ultimate points.
 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 6, 10 8:03 PM
What is the difference betweeen red hearts and yellow hearts. Do you need one or the other to get a perfect score?
 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 5, 10 2:38 PM
I can't get a perfect score on day 3 no matter how many times I try. I check out 17 people all with full hearts. What am I doing wrong?
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