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 posted in Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition on Jul 18, 14 10:19 AM
snapnhiss wrote:How could anyone not like Mr Jenkins!?!

The artwork in this is very good, with unexpected animation when you move your cursor over a book or curtain and the depictions of animals are probably the best I've ever seen. Mr Jenkins moves, looks and sounds like a real (and very beautiful) long hair Siamese and his "playroom" is not in the least 'cutesy' since it's also very realistically drawn and he interacts with the items the way a real cat would. None of the tasks he performs for you are unrealistic either. I'm not sure where the animosity toward this character is coming from, he's delightful.

I really like the hidden object scenes, they're very interactive and require some thought to see what goes where.

The voice acting isn't bad at all, it's just that some of the comments are delivered in an odd way given some of the situations. I'm not sure if they were going for ironic but I found some of the comments mildly amusing.

A very attractive and well made game that I'm enjoying quite a bit. And let me repeat, it's not in the least cutesy unless you think realistic looking animated cats are too precious for your tastes. I personally love Mr Jenkins.

I agree with you 100%!! I LOVE Mr. Jenkins. He looks a lot like my Reuben, except Reuben has dark brown paws. Mr. Jenkins is a big reason I love the game and had to have it. I love the interactive hidden object scenes, too. Over all, the game is fantastic!!!
 posted in Agency 33 on Jun 17, 14 2:17 PM
I agree with you, VTCT. I don't see the point in these games. I tried playing one of them and found it thoroughly confusing. I'll stick to the games that I know and love-those that were here long before these "free-to-play" games came out.
 posted in Grim Facade: A Wealth of Betrayal Collector's Edition on Apr 24, 14 2:44 PM
I, too, am so disappointed that BF took away our "Pond" I used to post fairly often and loved to read the posts and to encourage and/or pray for those who where having a tough time but we can't do that anymore and it's SO SAD! It was a way to meet some wonderful people. Now, I just come here to see what new games there are, read the few reviews that remain and to purchase games I like. I'm still a member but I enjoyed it here so much more when we still had the "Pond".
 posted in Off the Record: The Italian Affair Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 14 9:51 AM
The hint doesn't work for me, either-says "not yet". Faces blurring on the left hand side at the bottom. I sure hope these problems are corrected, soon as this looks like a great game.
 posted in Shadow Shelter on Feb 2, 14 3:02 PM
After exiting the game to post my problem with the hint button, I opened the game again. Now the hint button works.
 posted in Shadow Shelter on Feb 2, 14 2:40 PM
As several others have said, I can't get the hint to work. It remains half full no matter what setting I select for the game.

joyce2121: Thank you for the type but putting the hint button all the way to the right didn't help.
I, too, would like to see a carry-over of the punch codes from month to month. I have been a member off and on since 2006 and as much as I LOVE , I was deeply saddened by some of the changes that were made recently.
I haven't written a review for quite sometime, mainly because my feeble attempts at doing so pale in comparison to those of many others (ie. Valdy, JustTheFacts, to name just two). However, I just had to say a few words about "Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol".

I purchased the CE and I am so glad I did! This game is, in my opinion, one of the very few BEAUTIFUL and ENTERTAINING games Big Fish has offered!! I just finished the main game and I loved every minute of it! The puzzles were different and fun, those I was able to do, anyway, and the game had an interesting plot, varying a bit from the traditional story, yet still keeping to it overall. The voice-overs were well done, too. Another aspect that one me over was the addition of . As a lover, I always enjoy seeing in games.

I LOVE everything about this game and, if I were voting for game of the year, this would definitely rank number 1. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is truly a wonderful game!!! BIG KUDOS to the developers!!!
 posted in Botanica: Earthbound Collector's Edition on Dec 14, 13 12:47 PM
bpurdum2 wrote:I liked the game until I got to the HOS/Puzzles. This is a no buy for me. Having to do puzzles to get through a hidden object scene is too much and is boring besides time consuming. It means I have to us the HINT button more often which I do not like to do. Too bad all devs are copying each other in putting these puzzles into the HOS. I know there are lots of people that do like a lot of puzzles in a game but I do not. Sorry.

I agree with what bpurdum2 said above. I prefer HOGS/IHOGS to puzzles. If the puzzles offered are easy enough, I don't mind a few but I usually end up having to click the "skip" button in order to get on with the game. Even worse is requiring the player to do the puzzles before you can complete the hidden object scene. In my opinion that doesn't make the game appeal to me.
 posted in Myths of the World: Stolen Spring Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 13 3:05 PM
I played the demo and enjoyed it. I was surprised to find so many who didn't like it. The game is really colorful and I loved the cute little white ermine! As far as ease of play, this game is just the kind I like-not difficult and good hints that are really helpful plus the map that takes you where you need to go.

What really sold me on the game, other than the ease of play, etc., was quarrelsqueen's wonderful review. Thank you quarrelsqueen!!
 posted in Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition on Sep 12, 13 8:57 AM
This looks like it will be a great game. I'd much rather have a game like this than all the occult type games we've been bombarded with!! At least there doesn't appear to be anything bad in this one. Thank you, ERS for giving us something without all the demonic characters, pentagrams, etc.!!!
I didn't have any trouble with downloading or installing the game. However, it seems the "hint" isn't working. I have clicked on it several times and nothing happens. Is it a glitch in the game?
 posted in 100% Hidden Objects on Apr 14, 13 1:02 PM
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 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake on Apr 3, 13 12:04 PM
I was looking around at the products available at the Big Fish Gear store. I wanted to take advantage of the 50% off sale so I added three items to my cart. When I started the checkout, I discovered that the shipping cost was nearly twice the cost of the items wanted!! The total for the items I selected came to $5.00 and change but the shipping cost was over $9.00!!! Sorry, Big Fish , when the shipping is nearly twice the items' total that, to me, is too much, especially when it is shipped by the regular US Postal Service. The small items I wanted weigh next to nothing and take up very little room. In my opinion, the shipping should be no more than $3.99. Lower your shipping cost to a sensible amount and I'll be glad to purchase items from your store.
 posted in Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition on Mar 7, 13 12:09 PM
Joyfulllady, thank you for an excellent review, one that was a joy to read!

Based on your review, I will play the trial. I never got in to the first Azada games. They just didn't interest me but this one sounds different. I guess with the first two, it was all the puzzles that I didn't care for. I like it that this one has HOGS and even a pet you can choose, name, dress, etc.
 posted in Film Fatale: Lights, Camera, Madness! on Mar 6, 13 2:10 PM
Thank you, calsmom2001, for taking the time to let us know that there are no occult themes. Those of us wanting to know really appreciate it!
 posted in Barn Yarn on Mar 5, 13 6:44 PM
I did play the trial and while it's a really cute game and very colorful, I was a bit disappointed in the actual gameplay. While not timed, that I could see, it does encourage speed in finding items in the hogs and if you click too much, you are fined $5.00, I believe it said. Also, I did have some trouble finding some of the items on the list. For those reasons, I found the game on the stressful side which I certainly don't need. There is enough stress in real life. I play games to get away from all that! Sorry, but I don't think this game is for me.
 posted in Matchmaker: Curse of Deserted Bride on Mar 5, 13 1:17 PM
"I would have called it a nice light game to play but, for those looking for a game void of the occult, this one will not be it. The blurb tells of a cursed town and
Spoiler Alert: Voodoo dolls have been used to curse the town. Some dolls will be the collectibles for the game. They need to be found with a special glowing, amulet cursor. End Spoiler

I thought it was an odd choice and out of place for this kind of light hearted game."

(The above quote is part of Avgspock's review). Thank you so much, Avgspock, for letting us know about the occult theme in this game. I appreciate the warning so much. I just wish occult warnings would be revealed more often. Sherryah and I, along with others, always appreciate it when someone takes the time to forewarn potential players.
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame Collector's Edition on Feb 25, 13 1:41 PM
"Good music (was quite relieved it wasn't accordion !!!)"

The above quote is taken from Poutoule's review. I just listened to the vieo sample and I did detect accordion music, which I very much enjoyed. I guess that's because my mom used to play the accordion. I played the demo and, as others have said, the graphics are very good. The music, over all is very nice, too. The game-play is good but I haven't made up my mind about the game. I think I'll wait to check out the SE before I decide. I rarely do reviews anymore because so many of you write far better ones than I could ever do.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake on Dec 2, 12 4:09 PM
kristidumplin wrote:Great looking stuff...but $31.95 for a t-shirt?? Stuff seems a bit spendy for me, but, if you have a healthy bank account, or a credit card that isn't maxed from buying games, there is some really neat stuff in the store.

I agree with you, kristidumplin! Way too expensive for me, as well. Even if I had the money, $31.95 is an awful lot for just a t-shirt!
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