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The magnify button is useless, it causes misclicks so much that I don't even know why they put it in the first place. Also I really don't like that there is no Custom difficulty. I tried playing but it lasted a full 3 minutes, now I'm uninstalling. Sorry to the developers, it seems you worked a lot, from the look of the graphics and everything, but these two things are deal breakers for me. A pity, because they would've been so easy to include in the game.
I only blame cheerleaders, that's only SOME of the fishies, not all. If you feel offended, then there must be indeed something to be offended.

I found out that I can cancel my membership and keep all my old games.

So, bye bye to all of "you" BFG cheerladers, bye bye since now several months cow-milking BFG business practices!

Happy BFG membership!
Thanks redrosesdz, I also decided to boycott CE's forever.

Actually I was so upset 2 days ago I first cancelled my membership, but then came back because I wasn't sure I would still have access to couple of hundreds I've already bought in the past and which I don't keep on my PC. Could they still be accessed even if the membership would be closed, I don't know?.. I'm still thinking of canceling it. This lake starts to get quite contaminated with cheerleaders, and games are not offered in a quite honest way either.
"Oh, I wouldn't attempt to try and answer this question. The whiplash from your complaints about "whiners" ---those who have an issue or concern--yesterday and this thread is just too great.

But thanks for the LOL. BTW, I don't buy CEs, when I do (rarely these days) for wallpaper, concept art, music tidbits, etc. I only buy for extended gameplay. But hey, that's just one opinion.

Bye now! Happy gaming! Enjoy your BFG membership! "

@Pepper010: You're absolutely right! Thanks for writing EXACTLY how I feel and what I think about this whiplash.

And @bamlink:

"I don't understand why people are complaining.

I've read the other CE threads and in each one, BFG members jump in to crow about how they are happy to pay more for a game, how they want to support the developers, how they want BFG to make more money, how they feel oh, so, special having a bit more play than the lower (paying) class, how they need to have immediate access to new games. The message has clearly been heard by the company: the price of casual games can be raised (slowly) with little opposition. "

Right on point! What were people expecting?

Also, I want to underline this again:

"Welcome to the new normal, CREATED BY THE BFG fan base."

 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon on Mar 5, 11 10:10 AM
I'm definitely buying no more CE either. Boycotting!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it's good that they finally brought this SE. Finally BFG.
BFG, why did you keep only this thread and deleted the ones against CE's?
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Aug 18, 10 2:52 AM
Hi bfg,

Can we have a large game once in a while ? Pleeease?
 posted in Simajo: The Travel Mystery Game on Jul 20, 10 3:39 AM
Coronagold, this is not a reason to put HOG's only?
 posted in Simajo: The Travel Mystery Game on Jul 20, 10 3:31 AM

Can we please have any other game than a HOG? It's been ages since you offered a large file game.. Or you simply won't offer them anymore? Please tell it once for all so that I won't need to visit the lake everyday to see if there's anything else but tons of HOG's back-to-back..

 posted in Vacation Mogul on Jan 21, 10 5:10 AM
klmcknight5804 wrote:
ASForbes wrote:I guess I'm probably so starved for a TM game that I'll play anything right now. I'm a BAL fan, but I'm not going to compare the two. That being said, Vacation Mogul is not a great game, but it is not as bad as previously mentioned. Just don't go into it thinking that you are going to get BAL caliber. Taken on its own value, it's kind of fun.

Funny you should mention "Starved"! Do you know how many times I have sent in complaints about the over abundance of Hidden Object games per month? I even sent in the total number of **** games vs the TM's and other Genre's! I am SO completely bored with ****'s I barely check for new games no more than 2-3 times a month now. I used to be on this site daily! It is sad! I LOVE TM games, and I even bought the game. I am not jerky, but I agree it is a LOT like BAL's. I am a little stuck though! It says I need a 3 star hotel and a 3 star bar. I have check marks on the blueprints for both a 3 star hotel and a 3 star bar and the catamaran (sp?). But it will not let me move on to play the next level! Ugh!!!

I agree. There are way too many HOG's here, and I tend to visit the site less and less since months. A TM game is a welcome change, whatever the small differences in quality, because we ARE starved.

BFG, give us only 5 HOG's in February for a change!
 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on May 31, 09 5:40 AM
Very, very frustrasting. Nothing works, I can't move the bucket. I managed to move once but that was all. I'll uninstall the game. Bye bye 6,99 USD.
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